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21 hours ago

Good exercise trail with some decent elevations. I could do without the road noise but I think this is as good as it gets for a trail of this type on the west side of the island. Bus service no longer available.

Great fitness hike and easy to find trail. Located near DT Fleming beach parking lot. Not a lot of views on the way up. Cool rock steps on trail. Head to beach after hike for refreshing ocean swim and boogie board!

Great short trail to a beautiful view overlooking the coast. Don’t miss this hike. Bright sun for much of the trail,so be prepared. If it has rained, can be pretty muddy.

Challenging but views are worth it.

6 days ago

amazing views! a bit muddy/slippery, but worth every step!

Super short hike down to the blowhole. I knocked off a star because of how incredibly crowded it was. I would advise hiking boots or at the very least tennis shoes, but you will see people venturing down in flip flops. Be prepared to have a few heart attacks watching children haul ass down the rocks while they're parents meander their way down, oblivious to the danger the surroundings present to their kids.

Bring shoes that grip. Muddy trail!

The blow hole is big and fun! Short hike and a neat thing to see, but there are other places that are 5 star.

Bring water and wear sun screen!

9 days ago

Beautiful views. Well worth the hike. Took me 2.5 hours round trip. In OK shape. I’d rate this as moderate.

Beautiful Views! Easy walk to scenic lookout.

Breathtaking views, great workout could be slippery in spots be careful if raining! With the time!

Super good and beautiful hike! Definitely not an easy hike, more moderate to hard with lots of inclines and crossing over streams. Way worth it though!

15 days ago

Loved this little hike. Easy so it’s perfect for just about everyone. Stunning views of the ocean. You can go off the path safely here and there and really get some nice perspectives that you don’t see from the path. But be careful because there are no safety fences and looking down at the drops is a bit stomach-turning! We found the Ohai Trail Road quite an adventure as well. Started out at Kihei where we are staying and took the 30N route (past Maui Tropical Plantation). Kind of a Road to Hana type drive with twists and turns, one lane roads and bridges, and beautiful scenic stops along the way. A couple of art galleries and local food vendors, too. Exited the road by Kapalua. Really great way to spend a day!

15 days ago

Awesome trail but not for inexperienced. Pretty steep climb up.

15 days ago

Great one, do in the nmorning to avoid clouds. Did it for sunrise - turns out the gate is locked until 7 AM, so you'll have to add 0.7 miles x 2. Worth it. Easy to follow and walk, takes about 2 hours (with the extra 1.4 miles)

15 days ago

Go jump from there

This is really short, almost too short to be called a hike, and you can do it in flip flops... but it’s incredible! The landscape is rough and rocky (what I imagine Mars is like)... at one point I brushed up against a rock and it was a good thing I was wearing pants because it would’ve been a cut up leg. We ventured down to heart rock and got some awesome shots of the rock & blowhole. People... please pay attention to the warnings... the blowhole is dangerous and can suck you in and you probably won’t survive. There was a kid there that stuck his head in and all I could do was pray for him.

I was so disappointed with this hike which I hate because I love everything Hawaii. I have to admit being from the desert this was my first hike in a tropical environment so it took some getting used to. Even with good hiking shoes I fell 3 times and slid almost the whole way back. The trails were so muddy that my shoes were just caked and I had no traction. The bamboo forest was really my favorite part even though it’s not very big. We got to the 1.1 mile mark and couldn’t find a trail and instead of trekking through the stream we had to turn around. I was really hoping to get a chance to see those waterfalls but the App just showed that we were heading the wrong direction.

My mother would not let me get too close, and by that I mean we were a solid 2 football fields away from the blowhole. But besides overprotective mothers, this is a must do! I recommend no children, as it is a pretty steep climb down nothing but rocks. Also I saw some kids about 50 ft away from the hole itself, and I will not lie, I was kinda freaking out. Super dangerous. Still, it is beautiful, and you should do it!!!!!!!

Lovely views of Islands off in the distance, Clean sandy beaches, lovely friendly people, I couldn't ask for anything else!

We did this trail a year ago, we were looking for a quick hike to do before getting on the plane to go home. the reviews that warn about proper shoes weren't posted yet. it's no joke, the slippery rocks kind of got old after a while, and after slipping a few times I just wanted to turn around. that said, it's very pretty... it's Hawaii!

Steep at first then very flat and easy, short trail. Great views feels like you are walking on mars or another planet! Blowhole is cool too

20 days ago

Great hike and one of my favorites on Maui! You definitely need hiking boots as it gets very muddy. Not extremely difficult from a climbing or elevation standpoint, but the length got to me on my last .25 mile. I made it to the river, but it started pouring rain and thundering. I figured I'd not cross with the risk of getting stranded on the other side. There's many changes of terrain and foliage throughout the hike. My favorite was the whistling pines about halfway up. Definitley a must do hike, but watch for the time. I started at 2:00pm and barely made it out before dark due to the storm and tree cover. Not a trail running trail (too muddy). Enjoy!

Great views. Start early.

Easy Trail good for all ages.

Very fun but very crowded.

22 days ago

Took my group about a hour to get up. Trail is rated moderate but I would give it somewhere between moderate and difficult if doing it in hot conditions. Quite a bit of elevation gain, slippery in areas, and we sweated the whole way up. Nice views on the way though!

Rocky area, but easy for almost everyone. Definitely recommend going early. Gets pretty crowded even at 9am

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