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great morning hike. good shoes, sunglasses, and water are a must.
well marked, moderate hike.

The GPD says you’re there but you’re at the parking lot and there’s no trailhead in sight. The parking attendant said there is no trail, just the scenic walk. Parking there was $5, nice views but no trail.

6 days ago

Great trail. Be prepared for mud and plenty mountain bikers.

Definitely a hike worth doing if you’re in town. It’s close to civilization, but makes you feel like you’re deep in the jungle! As you keep hiking up you get some pretty nice views of the ocean. Warning, there are some areas of overgrowth (tall foliage) on the trail, which may cause extra fine cuts to arms & legs; I survived. Proper outerwear is recommended, as well as appropriate shoes with good traction -lots of moisture on the ground. We didn’t make it the arboretum because of the confusing signage atop, but will definitely plan to do it again, someday!

good trail, gentle switch back. longer than it says. took a 3 month old puppy. he made it but was very tired.

22 days ago

This was a great trail but we had lots of fresh trees down across the trail which made it a touch difficult in spots. Quite foggy in spots but beautiful. I was very short and running shoes and had no problem at all other than with the downed trees. With the up and down it gives you a bit of a workout at time. Highly recommend.

1 month ago

I would say 4WD is for the muddy days only, but it is a dirt road for at least / almost 2 mi up to the trailhead. WOW for a mystical forest experience, this is the one! Trail is uncrowded just because of how far up it is. You do drop down, and into the rain forest where all the plants are dripping wet, even if it's not raining. Very misty in here. Beautiful views. There are also many more trail options that are not listed here.

beautiful run down the switch back trail. goats at the bottom. we went clockwise. recommend it.

Beautiful views and rocky

Loved this trail, it was beautiful. Not difficult at all, some hilly points but easy to complete. Great to get steps in and your heart rate up.

1 month ago

Enjoyed this hike very much. Went up on a day when it was misting or raining for 90% of the hike, but that made it more enjoyable. Trail was a bit hard to follow in a couple of places so keep your eyes on the signs. Was good to have the gps to see when I was off track. Great flora on the way and loved it all.

Fog limited the visibility, but overall was a great and beautiful hike.

My family did this hike today. The 4x4 road is no joke, so park at the hunting check in station. it was beautiful in the trees with the mist. We set off around 0900 and were very comfortable. We saw 4 other people throughout the hike. A solid moderate hike with some elevation changes and slippery loose lava and leaves. The trail is maintaned very well. My kids are 8 & 4 and completed the hike with only minor complaints from younger one. We stopped at the Kula farmers market on the way back for some treats. A good break from the beach.

2 months ago

The trail is long, but not too strenuous. There are some steep areas but the view at the top is beautiful and so worth it.

Lot of loose rocks you’ll have to concentrate on. You climb up, you climb down. Did the whole thing from one end to another. If you have to choose, I’d say go with the ma’alaea side. It offers beautiful vieuws of Kihei. Indeed very sunny trail, no shades.

Nothing i would recommend someone doing!
No nice views, no nice path!

We went up 7/9/18. It was partly cloudy with a gentle breeze in the upper section of the trail. I would say it was moderate in difficulty, but it was uphill all the way until we came back of course. Some of the signage for the trail had been blocked by plants so it made it difficult to find the second half of the trail, but we eventually did. If you are wanting many beautiful vistas this is probably not the trail for you. There are some but they are few and far between. If you like walking through a forested area this a great trail. There are many different species of plants and trees to see. You may want to bring some bug spray. There were some biting bugs, but nothing horrible. Overall, I would rate this trail good. It has a wide variety of plants to see that I found interesting to look at. We saw six other hikers on the trail during the 4-5 hours we were there, so it is not a crowded trail.

on Mahana Ridge Trail

2 months ago

Good challenge in 90 degree weather and humidity. Overall nice hike but was expecting a better payoff (views) at the end. The muddy sections sucked, but got a solid workout.

Quite the disappointment
Really tough to run this trail and there's not much to see.
The pristine beach at the end of the trail is a campers dump with beer bottles and quasi permanent tents.
The light house is not what you think - it's not an east coast light house - it's more like a street sign.
Too many other great places in Maui to go - recommend to avoid.

trail running
2 months ago

Awesome trail! If you have ever visited the Pacific Northwest, this forest reserve feels very similar. It’s very shaded, so it felt cool the entire run.

I recommend decent trail running shoes, there was one area where I slipped for about two and a half feet on the way down.

I went early (7am), and I ran into very few people... until the last mile of my run.

I ran the west/east loop. The run is divided into two parts: the way UP and the way DOWN (the way down seemed way more fun lol.) I’m a runner, but I have been out of practice for about two years. There was a couple places on the way UP that I walked (not proud lol).. but the trail is actually really easy in hindsight.

2 months ago

Beautiful area, and not overly difficult. We saw no other people or wild pigs on the trail. I would recommend bug spray and at least one trekking pole as there were loose rocks and a few slippery areas. Park at the hunting shack and walk in .7 to trailhead. Good for families.

This was a great trail! Shade, cool, ups and downs, loop, no wind. Loved it. Recommend going clockwise. Agree with others in parking by the 4WD sign - walk 0.7 miles till the start of the loop. I used my apple watch to gps the hike and it gave me 4.4 miles from that 4WD sign round trip, not 3.5. The loop itself is about 3.0 miles.

We’ve hiked this twice. I prefer the inland trail as opposed to the coast because it ends at a pretty beach where we could eat lunch under some shade trees. It’s very beautiful.

Advice: Start early, before 9 is smart. It heats up quick. Be smart and wear over the ankle boots. Real easy to twist an ankle; most of the journey is traveling over loose and very course rock. Bring more than a store bought water bottle. Bring a hat if you don’t want to burn. There’s no place to hide from sun once out in the open. Get there and park in the opposite direction of the sun. You’ll appreciate a cooler car upon returning.

Highlights: Beach at the end of interior trail. Awesome landscape that looks lunar. Ocean views spectacular. Feels remote and peaceful.

Nice workout; you climb up; you climb down. Environment is constantly the same though. There’s trees, trees & trees. Bring your mountain bike, there are some extra trails if you go biking

Definitely worth the trip. Hiking through the lava field provides very interesting scenery but it gets extremely hot so bring plenty of water and start early. Closed toe shoes are a must but hiking boots aren't 100% necessary. Keep left to the Kings Highway to get to the beach. Doing this again I would skip the lamp post and head straight to the beach. Getting in the water at the beach at the end of Kings Highway is very rocky so wear shoes you don't mind getting wet.

trail running
3 months ago

My "home" trail. I try to get there as soon as gates open at 7. Dogs and I start out to the left. Fongs Ridge Road goes straight up kinda steep towards the end. Otherwise it is a nice go up through the different veg zones if you take the normal loop. Fongs joins the loop at the top, going straight through, you can run down the drier southern part of the loop with less concern of slipping. The invasive (but beautiful) torch ginger section is a treat at the halfway point.

trail running
3 months ago

Beautiful Trails!

trail running
3 months ago

This trail is not about the beginning or end it’s about everything in between. This is a tremendous hike (run for me) and it seems to have three separate eco systems. The tall grass helps focus and take you away from everyday life Next up is an amazing climb up 182 stone steps and with each step you rise closer to a an awaiting tropical forest. The trail underfoot thus far is dry and stable and well marked. Moving along now you are in lush growth with peek a boo views of a beautiful valley. The plants change from grasses, to pine to bamboo and many other plants. It’s a run where time and distance don’t matter as it’s a journey. Soon the trail turns to a wonderful wet squishy red mud and with each step it’s getting more real. You rise through more deep and dark growth and enter the watershed. From there the mud was above my shoes and the pace slowed but hey it’s fun! I opted to turn right and hit the overlook - wow! I pivoted back and made it out of the each easily 50% faster than going up.

The first day I hiked 3’miles with my teenage daughters and they loved it. It felt like a safari to them and the high grasses became a game.

We didn't do the whole thing because of time. the tall grass was no joke, but wasn't painful or problematic. We parked near the golf course but there were a couple parking lots closer to the trail head that we would have preferred in retrospect (specifically we would have parked close to the beach). The trail was moderate and we were the only ones out there. Would have liked to do the whole thing.

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