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extremely busy trail, with easy access

unfortunately over used, as evident from extensive erosion.
but makes for a quick cardio hike

i sharted so hard on the steep part, but the ppl in front on me smelled so bad that it covered for my diarrhea covered ankles.

14 hours ago

Did this hike with my 15 month old daughter in a backpack carrier. Was not bad on the way up though I would consider it a difficult hike. The way down was a bit uneasy with the extra weight off setting my balance on some of the steeper steps and made the hike slow to progress. The view at the top is well worth the trip but I do not recommend back carriers for it with kids.

This is a great hike to do if you want to see a beautiful waterfall. It is very easy to complete but can get a bit slick on some of the rock surfaces while it is raining. I suggest going while it is raining so long as you don’t mind getting wet, the waterfall is very worth it if you do.

This hike is challenging! The steep incline and constant high step stairs are a WORKOUT! The beat way to complete it is to take lots of breaks and not to rush yourself. Bring lots of water because this side of the island gets very hot and humid mid morning and on. I’m in pretty good shape I run 3 miles a day and even I get a little tired by the end.

The views are worth all 1048 stairs... it’s hard but it’s beautiful.. bring all the water!

The views at the top are so beautiful . A great place for people who want to take in a view who haven’t hiked before. It is very hot! And dry. Minimal shade.

The waterfall is beautiful but also very busy. Great hike for the kids.

Intense. Yep that's how I would describe this hike. This hike is worth every step, stumble, and sweaty goodness! The trail is not maintained, but heavily trafficked. What a view from the top!

The crater is dry and not green. You have to pay to park and walk it. Bring cash bc nothing there takes credit cards. I would park at a lookout point and walk up. It only costs a $1 if you walk through and not drive. In the heat the hike was not easy. Moderate for sure if you take the steps. More on the easy side if you take the ramp.

Nice and steep but worth the views! Recommend non-soft soled shoes. On the way down, your feet will be sore with soft soles. Great hike!

Muddiest trail of my life to date. So much mud that people were leaving shoes behind. Beautiful though.

This is a HARD trail. Challenging in every aspect but the views are well worth it

2 days ago

This was on our holiday ‘must do list’ and so pleased we did it! We completed this trail with our 9 year old, we didn’t find it challenging but our son did as it’s quite tolling on his legs and breathing with the constant stepping - lots of rests and he made it to the top and what a view from the look out as a reward! The trip down can be slippery, take your time and we found side steps and crab crawling were the best strategy. Fun adventure would highly recommend, definitely take a drink.

I got sick as soon as I got to the island and was still dealing with chest congestion when we did this hike. It was moderately demanding on the way out, but only because my lungs were heavy. Walk down til the green 6’ tall fence ends. Enter behind it and walk back towards the falls about 20 yards until you see a worn path with ropes. This is by far the easiest route in and out. There are other more difficult routes that will require a significant amount of climbing and upper body strength, but I would rate this route borderline moderate. I wore Vibrams and my fiancé wore water shoes. We had more issues with footing once we got to the falls than we did on the trek down. The short hike allowed me to cross one more thing off the bucket list. The falls were beautiful. The water was a bit murky and brisk, but very swimmable. Don’t get too close to the falls while in the water as the currents can pull a good swimmer under the falls. You can access the falls by either swimming across the left side of the lagoon or walking a rocky but manageable path around the left side of the lagoon. Don’t be tempted to walk across the giant log...jump over it and there is a narrow walking path behind it. Make sure you take something to protect you phone and camera or any other electronics. Anything you take in this area will get wet. As I stated before, take the same route out you took in. The ascent is much easier than the descent. Use the ropes and limbs to help stabilize yourself and tree roots and rocks for good footing. Enjoy your trip!

Easy trail with great views. A very nice light hike.

loved. amazing finish

Perfect combination of ocean (Napali Coast) views and stream crossings with an amazingly beautiful waterfall at the end. I was lucky regarding the weather. It took me about 5 hours in and out (including half hour stop to swim by the waterfall and replenish the calories). But I’d have done it faster if it weren’t for my not experienced friend hiking along. She fell on almost every stream crossing and was all bruised up at the end. So be aware that this isn’t a hike for unexperienced hikers or people who aren’t physically fit. There’s a lot of up and down and a little climbing on slippery rocks. It’s a moderate to advanced hike due to, also, the necessary weather knowledge and proper planning. When I was about 30 min to the end I saw a couple heading in with a baby on the carrier (about 6 months old). I hope they made it out safely since it had already begun to rain on top of the mountain and by the waterfall and the risk of flash flood was evident. Pack a lot of water (I finished up my 3 liters). At points, a walking stick might be helpful and cleats would be necessary in case of rain. It’s muddy and very slippery at many parts of the trail. I’d definitely go back!

Great views, just be prepared to be in a sheep line with the tourists on the way up and down when it’s busy. If you are athletic at all, this hike is super easy - would not call it moderate. Hop over the fence to get better shots without the railings or tourists in the way.

4 days ago

This was one of the coolest hikes I've ever done. Every waterfall is amazing and the second half through the bamboo forest was surreal! 100% would recommend for anyone in Maui

awesome hike

Went up this afternoon and on my way down I saw a rescue underway. Looks like a lady got air lifted out. I took the side trail down to avoid the jam.

I felt like I was in Fern Gully!!! It was gorgeous, surreal, and a good hike! Can be a bit slippery so wear good shoes and be ready to be in awe!!!

Arrived at about 9 AM and the lot was already full so we had to sit in a fifteen minute long waiting line. Once we got onto the trail it was a pretty moderate hike, I hiked it through with flip flops and made it easily so what ever shoes you decide to wear should be fine. After a little while there was a long strand of stairs which seemed to be the hardest part. But all in all it was a fun hike and the view was pretty

VERY challenging on the way up but totally worth the views! Some parts we had to scoot on our butts, but a dirty hike is the best hike.

4 days ago

It’s starts beautiful as there are amazing views of the rainforest and it’s fauna, but as the trail continues it gets tight with far too many people on this trail and the views never live up to the opening scene. We found our family standing and waiting 8-10 minutes due to traffic on the trail, yikes. I find the trails of Lyon Arboretum far more rewarding just above Manoa falls trailhead.

Quick climb but quite a challenge and a very rewarding view!

5 days ago

Left for the trail at about 11 AM right after it rained, then had to pay 5 dollars upfront to enter the trailhead and there was still plenty of parking space available. Because it had just recently rained there was lots of mud which made the rocks we were climbing on slippery. The hike itself was about an hour of steady hiking with a beautiful waterfall at the end.

Excellent and challenging hike for a 1.5 miler. Super busy but totally worth it for the views! Love this side of the island.

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