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off trail
private property
7 hours ago

The beach was great however the trail map goes through a private property I couldn’t access. It’s easy enough to go around. Be weary of doing this in flat soles or sandals. The ground is very smooth and next to a cliff for much of the path.

1 day ago

From Manoa Falls, I went up Aihualama. At the end of Aihualama where it meets Pauoa Flats, I took the right and headed towards a lookout point with a bench. Once past Manoa Falls, I hardly came across anyone.

Nice waterfall, but many people.

yo to be honest is the easiest hike I've done in hawaii even if you're a inexperienced hiker it migth be a bit slippery but still good hike, very short and great views

3 days ago

This is not an easy hike! Several older hikers had to turn back. AllTrails has a tendency to underestimate the hikes. The falls at the top are tall but not too much water. It’s not Yosemite falls. You’re not suppose to go in the small pool at the bottom of the falls. Lots of steps to the top make it strenuous. When it’s flat then it’s easy. Very slippery and muddy because the trail is in shadow.

Beautiful scenery! We all loved this hike! The light mist was refreshing!

This is one of 3 parts of croching lion they all connect. If you stay to the trail to the far left it will only take about 30 mins to the first platform over looking the bay, keep going up theyre many more peaks over looking it and well worth it. The higher the more dangerous especially for kids or people not good with heights. People have died here so be careful. Stay off if the wind picks up or rain rolls in.

Remember bug spray or cover your skin.

This is the place to be for sunrise. Skip the crowds down low at the parking lot and take this short trek to the top instead.

Great trail for beginners and children! Be prepared to get a little muddy, but the views are great!!! At the waterfall it was crowded when we went but someone had a memorial going on!

Very crowded

10 days ago

Easy hike for all ages. Path is covered with crushed rock in several parts so even on a wet day it won't be ridiculously muddy. Plus most of the incline has stairs built in to make it any easier hike. Falls at the end are well worth the quick trip.

11 days ago

very quick and rewarding hike. it's definitely slick and muddy in some parts so come prepared with the right footwear. It can get crowded at times as well.

Gorgeous views all along the trail and a beautiful waterfall at the end. Not too incredibly challenging but very slippery, overall a very fun experience!

on Manoa Falls Trail

12 days ago

Fairly easy hike, very slippery when wet. Prepare for a little rain as you hike up in the mountains. So green and beautiful the whole way up! We hiked on New Year’s Eve and there were many tourists and extra people.

13 days ago

Loved this little hike. Easy so it’s perfect for just about everyone. Stunning views of the ocean. You can go off the path safely here and there and really get some nice perspectives that you don’t see from the path. But be careful because there are no safety fences and looking down at the drops is a bit stomach-turning! We found the Ohai Trail Road quite an adventure as well. Started out at Kihei where we are staying and took the 30N route (past Maui Tropical Plantation). Kind of a Road to Hana type drive with twists and turns, one lane roads and bridges, and beautiful scenic stops along the way. A couple of art galleries and local food vendors, too. Exited the road by Kapalua. Really great way to spend a day!

Easy, short, scenic hike to the the beautiful falls! Plan ahead for muddy trails with appropriate footwear. The falls and surrounding pool are supposed to be off limits and the water is said to cause some illness, but we saw several people ignoring the signs. Will definitely do this trail again!

Beautiful and easy hike! I’m a beginner and am not super athletic and I had no trouble at all. If you have time for one hike while in Oahu, this is a great choice!

Lots of families and fellow tourists but people were mostly quiet and very courteous. You’ll often find yourself alone on the trail or can hop off on a side path for some quiet time in nature.

16 days ago

Probably best when enjoyed early in the morning before the masses get there. I felt that we were dodging those on a Sunday stroll when we wanted to get our heart rates up for this hike. We def worked up a good sweat with the humidity, though!

The falls are truly a shared experience and you should expect to see a selfie stick or two.

Do yourself a favor and keep going on the trail above the falls into the bamboo run. On a windy day you get a symphony of haunting clicks as they hit each other while they sway.

Wear your dark or old shoes, expect to get mud on them, but know you can hose them off at the end. Bring a plastic bag to protect your car.

Easy hike. Falls aren't that impressive. A lot of tourists

amazing views

We ventured on this trail after a heavy rain so the falls were in full force. Trail was a bit slippery however didn't have any issues in or out

18 days ago

Heavily trafficked, but everyone was respectful and stood the the side to share the trail. There also plenty of people along the hike that can take your picture if you take theirs as well. :)

great and easy hike

Very Easy.

20 days ago

I love doing this hike in the rain the waterfall really flows!

kids loved it.

21 days ago

Very muddy but fun and I would not recommend for small children or elderly. Very slippery due to mud and NO railings!

Easy trail, kid friendly but very muddy when raining (don’t wear good shoes)

Very easy hike. Kid-friendly. 15-30 mins and done! There are a few approaches to the first and second summit. Both summits are very pretty.


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