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It’s a great hike with great views! Be sure to take water because it can get very hot.
The hike can be done as an out and back or a loop by continuing past Pillbox #2 and hiking the ridge. The trail will dump you out on Luika Place. CAUTION!!! The trail gets really steep and narrow, the last 1000 feet or so. If it recently rained, forget about going as the trail will get slick and muddy.

Completed this hike 3 days ago with my mom! So proud of us.

very fun trail. it can be very muddy and dangerous. great views and a nice challenge

Awesome but there are sketchy spots and difficult when muddy
Fun though!

Gorgeous hike got lost at the top of the crater. Don’t if you don’t want to go all the way around once you get to the top hang a left of the creek before the crater and it will take you back down.

This was a really great hike very worth it for the views at the top. It is definitely no joke, especially if you complete the crater and don’t take the shortcut after the third waterfall.

If you take the back trail it is more of a challenge and tales longer, but the views are amazing!

3 days ago

Parking - we had to park about 0.7 miles away on the street. We hit the trailhead at 1pm. We only expected to be able to accomplish 1 peak (we are very experienced hikers but have heard how crazy this hike is and were actually scared to even do it), but ended up doing all 3!! It took us 6 hours from when we left my car to when we got back, we were stuck in the dark on the way back using flashlights on our phone, so start early!!

People hesitate to do the third peak because they see the drop down from the second peak, and it’s sort of an optical illusion. It does look like you drop off the cliff with a rope but don’t worry there are rock edges to put your feet the whole way down. I will say though, coming back from the third peak and back up the second peak was terrifying. You are bouldering, and I saw my life flash a few times. We also saw a trail of blood the whole way back up.

Just getting to the top of the first peak is a grueling hike in itself and has the best views of the hike, so if you’re uneasy I think you should stick to the first and feel accomplished of all of your hard work!

Takes a little effort to find the trail after getting to the arch but well worth the uphill hike for the view at the top. DON’T climb over the arch unless you have climbing equipment or are an adrenaline junky

This is my favorite hike on Oahu.
Gona do this one again tomorrow morning!

no shade
4 days ago

Love this hike.

I first reached the summit with my wife on our wedding anniversary.

I did it on New Year's day with my friend and my son. We only went halfway.

This past Saturday i did it with my friends and we tried to be there at Sunrise! Well worth it

trail running
4 days ago

Steep climb on an old train track. Great workout with very rewarding views

4 days ago

The loop should be done if (1) you’re an advanced hiker (2) you have decent navigation skills outdoors (3) you’re up for an adventure, a solid workout, and getting a little dirty.

If not, you can do the trail starting clockwise (go left) out and back for a good workout and amazing views. The trail is quite safe on this part. Even easier, start at Hawaii Loa which starts much higher up the ridge.

I did not find this hike as dangerous as some people are saying. I even did it clockwise. If you’ve explored ridge hikes here, it’s nothing too intense.

Caution: It’s easy to get lost on this trail. Pretty overgrown and the dense forest can make it difficult to navigate the trail.

Tips and Stats: (1) The trail splits into the two directions at a dirt opening just after the tall grass and the forest section (2) AllTrails app marked my hike as ~7.6 mi (3) 4.5 hour trip for an advanced hiker going at a relaxed pace with lots of stops for pictures and snacks

Steep quick hike with amazing views at the top. Cool WWII bunkers as well. Crowded and exposed so bring sunscreen and water.

Awesome views! Some slippery spots, wear your climbing shoes/boots!

Amazing view at the top! It’s a steep climb! Enjoy!

Went right after Christmas cause my friend said there was a Christmas tree up there. Finally made it up the damn stairs and sure enough, there was a Christmas tree. The trail up is hard but manageable, some of the steps where there are no rails are almost half my height (im short so yes its possible) and where very hard climbing over. There are alot of people closer to the afternoon so it will get crowded and not everyone is nice for those that go slower. But the view.... wow the views are so worth it. The way down, made it beyond HARD though. I hope in the future they do what Colorado did for their incline and add a separate trail for those going down so they don't have to crowd the narrow rails anymore. All in all, loved the view but not enough to do this again unless tricked into it lol

Great hike, very short and simple to the first 2 peaks. If you’re worried about the 3rd peak, you can see the difficulty going down the 2nd so you can assess right away whether or not you’re comfortable doing it. A note on parking: I would recommend to NOT park on the street. We saw multiple smashed in car windows. We parked at the lot for the park with the washrooms and it was fine. Took us 5hr round trip from there to do the 3 peaks.

The hike is really hard and sometimes dangerous, but it’s so worth it! It gets very crowded byt the afternoon so it’s better to go in the morning.

Just finished it! Amazing!!


7 days ago

Admittedly, I only made it a mile in on this hike. It is definitely a more difficult one with inclines the entire way and a technical terrain. I threw in the towel when I got to the steep rock climbing wall with a rope.

The view is insane! The trail is not so hard but with the heat it could be rrally difficult for some. Bring a lot of water!

Awesome place to watch the sunrise. Pretty heavily trafficked at times but the views are worth it.

Omg this was the most beautiful hike we have ever done! We are casual hikers usually doing 3-4 hour moderate trails. This was challenging for me. I’d say moderate to the waterfalls some rope climbing which I thought was kinda fun. Then the waterfall and ridge came. The 3rd waterfall you climb looks easy from the bottom, and it’s not hard, it’s just a lot longer then you expect like it doesn’t end! Then the ridge towards the top some parts i couldn’t get up without my husband boosting me. It is so slippery!!! Even when it’s dry the lil foot holds you have there is lil pebbly dirt that slips out from underneath you. I’d say you definitely should wear some sort of shoe grip just to make life easy. I had Nike’s. But when we got to the top the view is like 360 all sides all the way out to Honolulu and the opposite coast. So amazing! We had to hurry back so no as much time up there as we liked. But I highly recommend NOT going back down the waterfall, the other ridge was much easier and u can go down on you butt if needed. Lots of roots towards the bottom but I used the trees for balance. We were slow so it was like 7 hours total for us. Views were so worth it!

Quick, easy, and amazing views (especially for sunrise)! Recommend to anyone hiking in Hawaii. There are a couple parts that could be a little slick if wet, but just make sure you have decent shoes and this hike will be no problem.

Enjoyed the waterfall and jumping in. We got to the waterfall around 10:30 and it was a bit crowded. As people have mentioned, it was muddy, but with the streams to cross, you can kind of wash off. Very pretty hike. We enjoyed the views along the way.

8 days ago

Hi There, looking to hike this trail on Tuesday the 8th in the morning if anyone would like to join feel free to message me on Insta chef_stucameron
happy hiking :)

Great Hike !!!

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