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3 hours ago

Great hike. Pay attention to the weather. Bring lots of water and some snacks. I wore running shoes and they worked just fine. Be safe!

I went pre- closure last year and it was a struggle if you didn't have the right footwear! Very slippery and steep at the beginning and end. Saw lots of people fall including myself! Loads of rubble! The top view from the pillboxes were worth it!

Not an ounce of shade on this trail but worth it for a great view of the ocean and coast! Easy and paved!

I almost died on this trek in August 2017 - I was not the fittest at the time! But it was totally worth it for the amazing view. If you are going in August, don't go at midday, super hot! Amazing exercise though. Take plenty of water!

11 hours ago

Incredible! The biodiversity as you move up the steep mountainside is spectacular. It’s my favorite hike to date!

A great work out, probably 1000 steps total

Going non stop with few breaks completed in 24 minutes and 31 seconds

Beautiful views!! Paved road the entire way, it’s exposed so it will be hot to walk on during the middle of the day.

Great hike. Second waterfall is the best. You’ll be in the clouds around the crater depending on time of day. Great views.
5.4 miles, 3 hours without a pack or water, minimal stopping and some light jogging. Wear Trail running/water shoes with good grip as it’s extremely muddy, slippery, and you will have to cross the stream multiple times.
This hike is not for beginners. If you don’t have the upper body strength to use a rope to help pull yourself up a steep incline...steer clear. You’ll have to hike up the third waterfall to get to the ridge around the crater. It uses ropes almost all the way up. Those who take 6 hours have a full pack and are walking the trail slowly.
If you’re tracking your movement on All Trails you will not get lost.

2 days ago

The beginning of this trail doesn’t not start where the directions take you. Park on Auloa Rd, walk 0.85 miles to the actual start of the trail. Go along the interstate towards the royal Hawaiian golf course, the beginning of the trail is about 0.5 miles pass the guard shack. Overall the hike is a great work out however there is a good bit of rock climbing in order to get to the peaks! Some are literally a straight climb up the side of rocks, very thankful for the lovely souls who incorporated the ropes! This hike is not for everyone, depending on your mobility you may be limited to how far you can go. Views are great but if you can go out a clear day they will be even better!

Excellent hike. A great workout and the view are crazy. If you fear heights, don’t go all the way up.

Lots of hikers walking to the trail, lots of hikers turned away by the guard.

Perfect training and conditioning hill, will do at least 2 x in a row per trip. I see others doing 3 or 4. Great trail for those wanting the quad, hamstring, and but burn. Offers almost 1000 ft elevation gain and relief under 2 Miles so definitely you’re going to get your swear on. Bring a water pack, more than a bottle. It can be slick on the railroad ties, so if not skilled, Take Your Time!! Also ¾ from the top is an area requiring strong balance and narrow stepping, I would take the side route up and back over if not confident. Not worth the fall onto the boulders!! Again, take your time, have fun, and you’ll have earned your sleep at the end of this trail!

Gorgeous views of Lanikai Beach from the top- a fairly easy hike with lots of people.

Pretty views! Go early to avoid the hot sun and to grab a parking spot in the parking lot. I suggest sunrise because it is quite beautiful as the sun peaks over the lighthouse! Mostly uphill, but completely paved. Good workout first thing in the morning!

The trailhead is to the right of the lookout behind the yellow chain link fence and sign that says “no trail”. The majority of the hike is pretty steep and has the potential to be dangerous if you make a mistake. I would recommend having a little bit of climbing experience as both the first and second notch require somewhat difficult climbs. Amazing views though, definitely worth the hike!

Wow what a hike! First of all this is all up hill and you are walking on old railroad beams. The view is worth it at the top. I do not recommend this hike to people with bad knees or ankles.

5 days ago

Dangerous hike with a huge payoff. Cliffs are steep, the trail has about 7 rope sections with the last one being the most difficult. All of that is to the first peak, didn’t go to the second or third. See other reviews for that. The words from people who have “the views aren’t any better and it just gets more dangerous”.

This is a hard hike!! Very very muddy and slippery. Before I went (7/9/18) I read comments and thought I was prepared. But it is muddy from start to finish. While hiking around the rim I had quite a few close calls with slipping and nearly falling off the ridge. You really need to give yourself time to take it slowly. I would recommend starting this hike no later than noon. My boyfriend and I started at 11:35 am and didn’t get done until 6 pm. We are in fairly good shape, but can get turned around a few times. Sometimes the bright pink or orange markers are not very clear. Keep your eyes peeled for them, near the ground tied around a tree or within eye level. I hiked the legal way to stairway a few weeks ago and thought that was much easier than this hike. Not positive if I will be doing this hike again or recommending it, especially not to people from out of state.

6 days ago

Steps upon steps! The first part isn't that steep, but it definitely picks up in the latter half. There is also a middle portion of planks that act as a bridge. This might be an issue for those who are afraid of heights. Be aware to hydrate and take breaks if necessary. The views are amazing and especially worth it at sunset.

Yes, a great hike. Must park off the golf course road and walk one half mile to trailhead. If you’re a regular hiker and in good condition with plenty of mobility, you should be ok. If you find it challenging during the first half of the hike, the second half may be too hard. Regarding the ropes and the rock scrambles, it will depend on your physical ability and mindset. This is a mostly shady hike, so good if you had too much sun the day before. Early morning would be the best time if temperature is an issue for you. As a 61 year old regular hiker with good mobility, this hike became a challenge in places. But the top was worth it. Kind of fun to see the sightseeing helicopters flying past at a lower elevation. If you’re realistic on your abilities I highly recommend this hike.

6 days ago

First part of the trail is very muddy with few flat places to rest. Be aware that it is very windy and quite narrow at the top, but great views! If you don’t feel comfortable at the first part, I’d suggest not to go all the way up because it is an out and back trail.

Talked to the guard - closed for the next 2-3 months

The Koko Head trail is a very popular hike in Oahu. While it is a relatively difficult and steep hike, you will be rewarded with a beautiful panoramic view at the top. As we went higher, the weather changed and it started raining, making it more slippery and tough to reach the top. I would suggest taking lots of water and light snack to maintain sugar level while going down. It took 45 minutes one way. The view (and the wind) blew our minds!

If we would had more water, my wife and I definitely would have gone back up! It was challenging because of the steepness both ways, but so rewarding with the veiw. So beautiful. Just take it slow and steady and you'll love the end feeling.

A great hike for your heart and legs. Perfect place to watch the sunset.

nature trips
9 days ago

By far one of my favorite hikes ever. I do this hike every year for my birthday and the views from the top never get old. Take water and be prepared for a workout. There’s is a small trail to the right of the bridge if you’re like me and afraid to climb over it. Your legs will be wobbly on the way down!

Intense hike!! Definitely a leg killer !

trail running
9 days ago

It sure looked neat but there was a guard turning people away today (7/7/18).

Hot but spectacular views.

The trail is closed for renovation. Police are posted to keep you out. July 7 2018

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