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You can’t get better views

Beautiful and worth going.

More challenging than described . Disappointed with the final lookout.

A must do on the road to Hana!

7 days ago

One of the most amazing experiences of my life! Walking around the lush Maui forest in the rain through a massive Banyan tree, waterfalls, a bamboo forest that sounded like music az it swayed in the wind and rain, all kinds of Eucalyptus, including Rainbow Gum, which is my favorite.

There are steep areas, wet and slippery areas, and lots of mud so come prepared. Many areas are not accessible.

Make sure not to get to the park before 7am! You need a reservation prior to that I didn’t know and waited outside. Also if you want to do the 11 mile loop which I highly recommend park at the Halemau’u Trailhead / Hitchhiker Parking and get a ride up to the Sliding Sands Trailhead. Otherwise you’ll have to get a ride back up.
The hike itself was pretty easy, only the way up Halemau’u was a little intense. I was able to run a lot of it and did it in just under 3:30. If you’ve hiked Bright Angel this is much easier.

I loved this trail. I had assumed it was runnable but it was mainly my chunky rocks with a few runnable sections. I did see a guy running it though. I still loved the experience. Bring more water than you think you will need and start early. There is zero shade. It took me two hours and I hike all the time.

8 days ago

Planned on running it but ended go hiking due to all the mud. It was still worth it and had amazing views.

Good work out

10 days ago

I’ve done this hike in 2014 and 2016. It goes through a cool bamboo forest and leads to a final waterfall. It is usually moderately crowded. The drive on the Road to Hana is half the fun, but I’d say don’t miss the cool side hikes. This is one I’d plan on doing bc it’s Haleakala National Park at the end of the road as a last stop before where most people turn back with their rental cars.

trail running
12 days ago

It's sooooo beautiful! just be careful, it can be really slippery!

Intéressant à voir!!

Well used, easy to follow. Very nice view of the ocean. Not hard, moderate with good shoes and good shape.

Loved this hike! A bit muddy but doable.

15 days ago

Nice relatively short hike. It gets pretty muddy so I'd recommend good shoes (probably not sandals). I'd bring hiking poles for the way down if you have them but definitely not necessary. It took about an hour to get to the top and over an hour coming back down. I went in the morning and the peak was covered in clouds (and rain) but it cleared up by the time I got back to the bottom. It was still a beautiful hike on the way up despite the clouds at the end. If you're lucky enough to have a clear day, the views should be spectacular. Oh and a bonus if you're planning to call a ride share service for the ride back to town: nearly the entire trail has cell coverage.

Love this trail! Hiked to the falls with my grandson on my back. We both really enjoyed the trek. Diverse terrain, scenic views, and bamboo forests.

Gorgeous and rewarding hike, but it makes you work for it! The initial ascent from Waipi’o Valley is relentless- extremely steep, overgrown and lots of mosquitoes and spiderwebs. But once you see the pine needles on the ground, you’re near the top and in for a lovely hike.

The trail alternates up and down between pine forests and misty jungle, with many delightful creek crossings and majestic trees. Bring mosquito defense- you’ll thank yourself. It was also quite muddy being the rainy season (October). The entire middle section is beautiful and mysterious... enjoy.

With a snack break, it took us just under 6 hours to get to Waimanu Valley. The descent into Waimanu was more worrisome than Waipi’o. It’s comically steep, slippery, and overgrown, so watch your step (and for pig poop! We saw two wild pigs in the distance on the trail). But the views into Waimanu are stunning and magical. Would do this hike again!

Wear a swimsuit and shoes that you don't mind getting muddy. We took the road to the left of the steep to view the falls. Then walked until we could go no further without trespassing. It was fun to explore, plus we saw a lot of horses in the road. But nothing else to see beyond the clear view of the falls. Going back towards the road to the black sand beach was very muddy. The black and beach is gorgeous and the sand is so soft. if you like to walk barefoot in the sand I suggest bringing a small towel to clean your feet before you put your sneakers back on to hike back up. The steep road down is about 1 mile , but feels like 2 miles going back up. With the humidity and getting waist deep wet to cross to the other side of the black sand beach; I was sweaty once we returned to the Waipio Lookout. I was so glad I had packed a dry pair of clothes to change into in the car. Overall we spent about 3.5 hours hiking and enjoying nature there. So beautiful!

Lots of great scenery and not too strenuous. Bamboo forest section is awesome. Will likely want water shoes for the last bit to get to the base of the falls

What a great way to start a day! Hitting the trail by 8 am, we were just a few that morning on this spectacular hike that has a lot of points of view to offer. The hard rating is genuine as there are many sections covered with rolling rocks and sometimes very steep as well. It was hot in the first half so the high winds at the top sections were more than welcome. If rather difficult to run climbing, the descent is just lots of fun (just watch your steps) - it took us less than 2 hours with many stops

(Oh and by the way, we met severals police force officers armed and K9 squad looking for thieves hiding in the trail - they just burned out a stolen car in the trail parking lot. Better lock and not let anything valuable)

22 days ago

My wife and I were only able to get to the bamboo forest before time constraints made us turn back around. Definitely worth it up to that point though! A beautiful waterfall with an even better one at the end (as seen in pictures) and the bamboo forest is like another world! Really cool looking tree in between the first waterfall and bamboo, like something from a fantasy movie!

22 days ago

They are not lying when they say it's hard! My wife and I hiked down the Halemau'u trail and cut over to Sliding Sands and hiked up. I can tell you it was extremely difficult for us ascending the 3000 feet, but the views were absolutely breathtaking! Inside the crater feels like you're on another planet like Mars or something! Your mileage will definitely vary depending on your fitness, which may be why it was difficult for us since we aren't in fantastic shape. Take a lot of water and snacks, you will need breaks!

Tough hike but beautiful

Another fun and beautiful hike. I started the hike at around 1pm and finished at 3:30ish. I also hiked Waihe'es Ridge Trail (amazing) before Lahaina Pali on the same day. Careful at Ukemahame Trailhead (West). A person had their car broken into as I arrived and a police officer was assisting. Apparently this is a prime spot for thieves since it is off the old highway. Difficult to find trailhead. If coming from West side, it's to the left and before the tunnel. If coming from airport (East), then it's past the tunnels at the first pullover spot with trees. The trail is easy to navigate and the signage is adequate. Like others have said, you're hiking along a mountainside that's exposed to the sun. Bring sunscreen and water. This is a great hike when you can't go on the Northside (like Waihe'es Ridge Trail). I found enough places to rest with either the shade or cool winds. I like the terrain. You'll be climbing on large and medium-size rocks and along winding ridges. Great ocean views and really cool end spot. Once you see the windmills on the hike, know your another .5 mile or so from the finish. Once you finish, you're nearly underneath the Windmills and there's a gravel road they use for maintenance, etc.. Apparently you can keep going and complete the East side but I hear the West- side of the hike is more scenic. Plus I had to finish at where I started (Ukumehame West Trailhead).

25 days ago

Really fun trail and has beautiful views. Went on morning hike and it was raining the entire hike up. No views on the way up. Just rain and clouds, but the hike was still fun! Very slippery b/c much of the ground is either red clay, rock or both. It can also be very muddy. The path can be both straight or winding; uphill and downhill; muddy and rocky. My downhill trek had more views because the clouds were dispersing. I almost ran back to the top, but the summit still had no visibility. Heading downhill in the wet conditions was tough. Take your time and be careful because some parts are narrow. Was able to see the waterfalls and river on my descent. Beautiful hike with benches at vista points along the way.

Such an amazing hike, right after a couple of days of rain the landscape transforms into nice grassy slopes! The uulei is still growing strong, and I found 6 more Aalii growing on the Mauka side of the Kaalaina gulch! And the views are so relaxing!!

Definitely need to get an early start. Great views but essentially no cover; lots of sun exposure. Bring extra water and snacks just in case. Steady climb, but nothing too steep. Be wary of stepping on a loose rock.

26 days ago

Absolutely one of the best hikes on Maui. You can go to the base of a 400 foot waterfall after walking through a bamboo forest. Just difficult and long enough to make it interesting, but not too taxing. Don’t miss doing it if you visit Maui.

Wow, this hike was amazing and made us appreciate the sunrise view with a different perspective. First, to avoid sunrise people start the trail earlier; there is a lower over look lower than popular sunrise view but still breath taking about 200 yards into the trail (flash light needed).
Took us a total 6.5 hours, 15.4 miles, with pictures and the "unmapped" Ka Lu'u o ka Oo crater trail that is mapped on all trails. You will see breathe taking views and all types of sands. We felt like we were on Mars then in Africa but still in Maui.
Definitely suggest heading north first to Halali'i because walking back looking at the summit and the 4 craters is gorgeous.

Finally, a big FYI is that they have a "hiker pick up area" at Halemau'u trail head, that cars heading to the summit will, hopefully, pick you up. To avoid the tough hike back up to the summit via Keonehe'ehe'e trail (sliding sands).

I am a 23 year old male. Pretty active and don’t hike normally. It took me one hour 15 minutes to get up to the top coming from the west side. The first 30-45 is stepping rock to rock, climbing in certain spots. The second half is a little smoother more trails less rocks and incline. The way down took me hour 25. Keep in mind I did his solo so I didn’t have anyone to slow me down. I started at 8am, spent 20 mins at the top and was back by 11am. I read some views before that kinda made me reconsider going but here’s what you should know. For the most part it’s big rocks you’re stepping on. Some sections has very loose rock. Some parts get extremely narrow but for the most part it’s smooth. There’s like 2 sketchy ridges with big drop offs but I never once felt scared or worried. Some spots you have to almost climb up. The weather was super hot for the first 45 and cools off a bit at top. There are more shade spots than you think and I went on day that was 79 and sunny. I brought 2 water bottles and a Gatorade and that was plenty. Also I wore nike skateboarding shoes and that wasn’t an issue. It’s not an easy hike that’s for sure but if you take your time and make sure you have your next two steps planned it will go smoothly. That being said my legs are gonna be sore tomorrow.

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