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Bring your snorkel stuff!! A little treacherous going down but easier going up. A definite must see. We spent 2 hours here and thAt was enough.

Beautiful hike. Must go past the picnic tables. The view is extraordinary! Put on mosquito repellent before the hike.

The trail is closed

Short and enjoyable. the highlight is the jungle greenery, which is as good as we've seen it anywhere on the island in the last 3 weeks. two very nice waterfalls, although they won't blow your mind. gorgeous flowers, vines, and vast soaring trees, though. slightly muddy but nothing to worry about.

We really enjoyed this hike which was our first in Kauai. As others have warned it was muddy, but nothing too bad. The hike included a little of everything-hiking through forests, mud and some scrambling. Lots of great views throughout the climb up. I definitely recommend continuing past the picnic tables at end for some fun scrambling to incredible views. We were the second car in the lot at the trailhead when we started at 8. Lot was full when we returned.

I did this hike on a rainy day during a weekday, I’m sure it’d be twice as amazing on a dry day. The hike itself is a great challenge. I did it solo, it gets challenging near the end but I met a couple of adventurers already at the top who helped me along the way. It was good challenge and I’d definitely do it again if I had more time.

Amazing views. Not too bad climb. But it's muddy. Better to bring a walking stick. There were few walking sticks that people used at the beginning of the trail. Find a good one and that will help you coming down.

11 days ago

Not worth going for the hike (short distance very slippery walk down and back up), but definitely worth going for the beach. Small beach with beautiful views and great snorkelling. Will go back if in north Kauai again!

An alternate way without going through security is starting the hike from Wailupe valley,and climb steeply till you hit the dirt road before the start of the steps.

I have hiked many trails in Hawaii and this view and trail is an all time favorite. The view I like even more then the super popular diamond head and koko head trails. You will hike all the way up the mountain where there is usually a big cloud of fog but if you go on a clear day the 360 view is just amazing. Its about 3 hours round trip if you take time to enjoy the views. When I first did the trail I was confused because the only way to get there is through a security gate in a private residential area. Turns out you need to go up to him tell him you are there for the trail, give your id and receive a one day pass. There is no other route to go to get there. It will get muddy but the path is wide enough such that if you position yourself properly you will likely just slip and get dirty as opposed to falling to your death. This is a must do trail here it should be full 5 stars.

18 days ago

Very steep and slippery when muddy. Worth the short trek down, small beach but quaint.

Really enjoyed this hike! It was worth going past the picnic tables for a higher view of both the ocean and Kapaa.

The hike is fun and somewhat challenging. The initial part of the hike is through a forest of gigantic trees which by itself is worth checking out. There are some funky parts of the trail you will have to climb around but getting to the series of views at the top is totally worth it. There is also a really neat wind cave just under the first peak. Don't miss it!

Good spot to snorkel- we saw turtles 2/3 times we snorkelled!. The beach was a wee bit crowded! Reasonably easy path down with ropes in the steep areas.
Edit: We returned just the next day and after rain the trail became veeery difficult and slippery! Lucky there are roses to haul yourself up and down

22 days ago

The trek down is a little steep but there is a rail/rope most of the way down. Again, trekking poles make it a breeze. The beach is secluded and the surf gentle. Its a great spot for a nice sunset.

Well worth the trip. We took the west trail and found it somewhat challenging only past the picnic tables (make sure you continue past the tables for nearly panoramic views!)

I agree with previous comments, it's not a real trail just a way to a magnificent beach. Snorkeling was very good there.

As a moderately experienced hiker I would definitely rate this a little on the harder side. It’s uphill most of the way and with the humidity it gets exhausting fast. However the multiple views of the city below and the mountains around are breathtaking. When you get to the picnic baskets DO NOT STOP GOING! That are is NOT the end of the trail. If you stop there, you’ll miss out on the most beautiful view I’ve ever seen while hiking.

23 days ago

Enjoyable trail to visit and easily accessible -

Je ne comprends pas pourquoi cette randonnée est considérée comme modérée. Très touristique sûrement mais très facile. Une belle petite plage sans plus.

Beautiful hike was accompanied by 7 other people we ended up doing both sides at the same time the top was worth the amazing full view it rained a little which made things exciting and fun!

Cool if you've never seen a lava tube before.

I would not consider this a hike, it is a path down to one of the best Beaches on the Island. The path can be quite tricky and is steep in parts so you need to watch your step. If you stay at kauaidreamer.com you will be located directly above Hideaways beach.

Hawaii Loa Ridge Trail is not on a PRIVATE property but it is a NA ALA HELE STATE TRAIL. It is just that to access you, you have to go through a security check point. All you need is an ID ( and available parking spots at the trailhead) to hike it. It is the same like Wiliwilinui.

Both Hawaii Loa Ridge and Wiliwilinui Ridge can also be hiked via Kulepeamoa in Niu valley and Wailupe in Aina Haina without having to go through the checkpoints.

Took us 1.5 hrs to reach the end of trail. A bit on the cloudy side. We could see ( with my telephoto lens) tanks and amphibious vehicles all along Bellows Beach and the tarmac area. It must be the RIMPAC exercise going on at the present moment. Quite a good cardio workout and its been awhile since we came up here the last time in 2016.
Wiliwilinui Ridge Trail is very similiar to Hawaii Loa Ridge , Kuli’ou’ou Ridge Trail and Mariner’s Ridge ( closed). A longer version of these are the Waahila Ridge Trail to Awa’awa’loa or Olympus and Mau’umae Trail to Lanipo.

Not sure what the excitement is about this trail. The water was muddy and I've seen better waterfalls and found this disappointing--along with the other 6 of us who were very hopeful. Definitely take the bug repellant and you can skip the swimming/rope into the water--too fast of water, not to mention it's not anywhere near clear, thus not safe to jump in since you wouldn't see what you are landing on. Take an extra pair of shoes for the return drive as you will get muddy.

It was a nice hike but you really have to follow the instructions on the way up! Bring a lot of water! It is really hot! It is way better if you have hiking shoes because it is really muddy sometimes! The view is really nice! You can see mountains, the sea and the town of Kapaa! It’s a 360 view! You have to make it to the top!

What an amazing beach! The hike is steep and muddy but it is really short! It’s more an easy-moderate hike!

Absolutely beautiful beach without many people around. The trail is steep and muddy but it's short and there's ropes to grab onto. Wear hiking sandals and you should be good to go!

easy but fun hike to the top and for how short it is the views are absolutely awesome not to mention being along the ridgeline up top was a blast

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