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Tough hike but beautiful

14 hours ago

Really fun trail and has beautiful views. Went on morning hike and it was raining the entire hike up. No views on the way up. Just rain and clouds, but the hike was still fun! Very slippery b/c much of the ground is either red clay, rock or both. It can also be very muddy. The path can be both straight or winding; uphill and downhill; muddy and rocky. My downhill trek had more views because the clouds were dispersing. I almost ran back to the top, but the summit still had no visibility. Heading downhill in the wet conditions was tough. Take your time and be careful because some parts are narrow. Was able to see the waterfalls and river on my descent. Beautiful hike with benches at vista points along the way.

This is an amazing hike! I try to make a point to do it everytime I'm on the Big Island.

This is a tough hike for most people so please make sure you are prepared for it. Its not a crowded trail at all which means if you get hurt, there may not be someone there to help.

Now that being said... the hike is beautiful and well worth the 11 miles RT. Towards the top you'll even feel like you're Mars!


Wow wow wow! A must in Maui. Breathtaking, humbling views. We went on some pretty cool hikes on the island but this was the most amazing. It is more challenging but very doable for many fitness levels. Wear good shoes though!

on Pololu Trail

5 days ago

Wow. Just wow. Worth it to keep hiking up the mountain past the beach

6 days ago

Amazing views! Great way to see the ridge line of the mountains. You’ll see long range views of a waterfall and the coastline as well. It’s about a 1,600 foot elevation gain, prepare to sweat, but the views are worth it. I would wear hiking boots as well. The trail is very slick.


Amazing view from the top! Be sure to bring hiking shoes and not tennis shoes especially if it’s been rainy. I went and it was extremely muddy but worth the trek to the top

There are a lot of stairs towards the end, so be prepared for a fun and challenging incline! It's worth the effort to get to the top.

Hiked many times, one of the best summit views on the island, both the south east Corner all the way to Honolulu, and valley view North East side out to Kailua and Kaneohe...a must hike! Wet, dry, or tacky trail will as always, will affect the experience...the top half is a bit challenging, with 3 steep hills just before the 400 stairs to top.

We began the hike at 4am and were the only people on the mountain on a Friday morning. It was peaceful but weird hearing all of the noises you can’t see. When we got to the top we waited for the sun to come up and It was actually chilly which was fine by us! Very beautiful and multiple places to take beautiful pictures. I didn’t believe the reviews when it said “you’ll know when you’re at the top” because it only said 3 sets of stairs (there are about 5 sets with breaks in between) but yes you know when you’re at the top because it says “end of trail”. Not a challenging hike just long because we did it with a flash light. 1 hour and 15ish minutes and about an hour or less going down. There are a lot of short cuts you can take up the mountain and down but we didn’t because of the darkness. Did get lost on the way down during the wide open pin needle part, but going up, stay to your left and going down the pine needles, stay to your right! ENJOY!

This was an amazing trail with the most amazing views! The hike starts in a tropical like jungle, descends through a lava field, back into the woods, and then finally you arrive at the prize! Turn left at marker 8 to find the monument and snorkel bay. Warning: The grass gets extremely thick and overgrown at times. I recommend wearing a long sleeve shirt to protect your arms. My daughter got cut in the face and neck by the blades. But this was only for maybe 1/3 of the trip. If you have hiking boots, bring them. I promise you will be glad you did. Lastly, PLEASE bring enough water to last both ways. I wouldnt dare try this hike after 7am. The hike back up in the October sun was brutal.

This is not a hike but it is a pretty Falls. You cannot get down to the actual water. There are rails to prevent that.

Awesome views!

this hike gives you a good workout. the first part is harder with elevation gain and the second part might be challenging if you have altitude sickness.
The view on the top is worth the hike, which can be achieved by driving to the top as well. overall the hike is more of a workout than enjoyment as you are 100% exposed to sun and the cold wind.

Okay falls, no hiking allowed

17 days ago

did this hike last week. pretty easy. gets the heart pumping but nothing crazy. can get slippery and muddy. recommend hiking boots unless you want your sneakers ruined. unfortunately it was very cloudy and had to wait between breaks in clouds to see the coast but it was still pretty awesome when you'd get a glimpse of it. might want to do some research as to when the best time of day is to hike due to clouds. this was about a 4 hour hike for us, stopped a handful of times to rest a couple mins and drink water, spent around 20 mins at top. good shade coverage. husband got bit by Mosquitoes so consider bug spray.

Great trail even for my second visit I enjoyed the trail. As other reviews mention, proper foot wear is important as is can get a bit muddy after some rain. At a decent pace it's about an hour to the top with great views along the way. Don't be disappointed if you reach the top and are surrounded by clouds, the trip is well worth it as you are likely to meet great people along the way as my fiancee and I did this go around. Mahalo, Beto.

Excellent hike with excellent views! Bring your water and a camera.

Awesome trail! Very lush and incredible scenery at every turn. Can’t wait to do it again.

19 days ago

Great hike. Views were amazing. Too bad the clouds rolled in when we hit the top. Accurately rated as moderate. Took us 2 hours. Great workout too.

Great trail, bring a lot of water, like a lot of water. Easy to go down, super hard to go up.

22 days ago

Great trail! The start is a steep incline on a paved sidewalk.... A few feet afterwards you go through a trail gate and the real hike begins. There were some spots where the incline was steep but nothing too slippery or difficult. There are spots with seats or outlooks to rest. Make sure you have water for hydration.

23 days ago

Gorgeous views! Can’t wait to do it again!

Magical beach, absolute worth spending a full day at with lunch and beers. Hike through exposed black lava fields so lather up on sunscreen in/out.

This was a great hike with a mini Koko Head at the top of the trail. Best views of the island!

This trail is cool if you want to access to a nice snorckelling spot, first part in the forest and second part in the stones decor with nice view on the ocean, if you go at 17:00-18:00 you can see a wonderdul sunset !!

Tips: take lots of water (I drank 6 liters); start early in the morning (I started at 8:45); go West to reach the farthest west of the valley and cross at the sandbar where it is only thigh deep; go east to see Kuluahine Falls—hug the coastline until you reach it (it will go out of view before you get there); take your time going back up to take in the fauna and views and if you’re lucky (like I was) you’ll see wild horses

Loved it. Did this hike with my 34!year old daughter and 14 year old granddaughter. First part was the hardest. Great views

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