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Not enough memory on the phone for so many pictures. never seen that many varieties of orchids before. Stop and read the amazing traditional legend's along the way.

Enjoyable loop. Lots to see, so nobody complained about the climb coming out.

18 days ago

Enjoyable trail to visit and easily accessible -

20 days ago

Really nicely maintained trail with paved paths through lush and beautiful rainforest. It was a short trail, but I think it's a must-do if you're visiting Hawaii. You can only see the falls from a distance though, so don't expect to get too close... You won't get wet.

Cool if you've never seen a lava tube before.

29 days ago

A family friendly hike, super easy walk. Very lush and green, waterfall is breath taking.

1 month ago

Short and beautiful. No rain .

This place is everything you picture Hawaii to look, smell, and feel like! I’m in shape and a regular hiker, but that hill was very challenging up and down; however, it’s very beautiful and absolutely worth it. Down in the valley is peaceful and gorgeous. Go left at the bottom of the hill for great views of Hi’ilawe Falls at the back of the valley. Do not trespass on anyone’s property, especially the trail that leads to the falls. Come back and take the other fork to the black sand beach. Road down and beach are accessible by foot and 4WD ONLY, but if you want to go down to the far end of the beach, come at low tide so you can cross the freshwater stream by foot. No cars are allowed to ford the stream. Look for 2 waterfalls pouring into the sea, within view of the beach, one on either side. PRO TIP: get there early as day use parking is limited, have suitable footwear, and be prepared for spontaneous downpours!

Great experience- the trail is more of a road, but we hiked down- out to as close to the falls as we could and then back to the beach- over all wonderful- great views and people- would do it again!!

This is the second time I’ve done this hike. It’s very steep going down from the lookout and a lung buster going back up, but it’s a great workout! The valley floor is beautiful territory for exploring with lush tropical forest, a river that meets the sea, and black sand beach. Some drive jeeps down, which is a good way to go if you want more time and energy on the coast.
We hiked Pololu Valley that morning and drove over to do Waipi’o in the late afternoon. Then hit Waimea for dinner!

I had a blast hiking this trail! The hike back up the steep incline was definitely the hardest part. This trail does not allow you to get close to the waterfalls. Myself and some of the other hikers I spoke to were unsure of how close the trail could actually get to the falls. Still beautiful views tho! Much of Waipio Valley is private property, with gates and No Trespassing signs blocking off much of the valley. If you follow the much longer trail into Waimanu Valley (which I did not do this time around) you can explore the whole valley and get right up next to the falls.

I walked about a mile of the trail from Waipio to Waimanu and turned around as it was getting late and I did not have a camping permit. This consisted of about a quarter mile up very steep narrow staircase, some amazing views from the other side of Waipio Valley, a beautiful walk through the woods, and three small waterfalls. From the little that I experienced I definitely want to go back and do the whole trek to Waimanu!

One thing to note is if you do want to hike to Waimanu or to the other side of the Waipio Valley, you have to cross a river, maybe 10 feet across? On the way there, the water level of the river was at my hip level and a couple hours later in the evening the water level was up to my chest. So be prepared... You will get wet! :P Well worth it tho!

on Akaka Falls Trail

1 month ago

well maintained path to the fall. great views on you way and at the fall. worth a trip.
often overcast and rainy though
gives you a rainforest feeling

2 months ago

5/27/2018-This was a nice place to visit and easy to walk through. It was overcast and rained on us towards the end but it was awesome. Parking in the lot is $5.00 and admission is waived for Hawai’i residents with driver’s license.

This is a quick and easy loop on a paved trail. Once you hit the junction you can either go left or right, doesn’t matter. Left is directly to the falls. The falls are monstrous!

Beautiful area & local folklore of the river explained on boards. Hiking area closed is though.

Strongly recommend driving down to the beach if you have a 4 wheel drive. The 2 miles to get down are on a paved road and not as scenic as you can get once you start the hike from the beach.
Great views saw 3 waterfalls!!! Also go early because as the tide goes up it gets its harder to cross over the water that goes into the valley to start the hike.

2 months ago

5/26/2018-It wasn’t a lazy river today! However not enough rain has fallen lately to get it to really boil either. Still, we enjoyed our visit!

steep hike down into the valley but totally worth it. we kept going on the trail through the flooded roads and ended up at the horse stables. the beaches are beautiful and i imagine would be a great place for surfing. be careful and watch out for passing trucks and locals speeding by. bring plenty of water

2 months ago

Good hiking once you get down the steep grade paved road. If we would go again, definitely drive our Jeep down the road to the beach and begin the hiking adventure from there.

You will remember this hike for days - as in the aches and pains in your legs! It was beautiful though. We arrived as the tide was rising so we chose not to navigate the large rocks on the beach. It's definitely a fascinating experience.

This trail surpassed by expectations, traveling through lush rain forest and across the crater floor, which I at first thought would not be that exciting. But it was fascinating to see the cracked earth up close, and the new plants that are coming in. Bonus - we were there the morning of May 4, right before the big earthquakes struck, so we got to experience it before the park closed.

It had been dry for a week so nothing really to see. Just peekaboo views of the river and the pots I imagine would have been really cool the day we left since it had rained for 24 hrs. It looks like there used to be a trail that would give you better views that was closed off.

3 months ago

Quick walk to a beautiful waterfall

Easy trail. Gorgeous views!

Not to be missed on a trip to the park. A major stop for the tour busses so if you can go earlier. It isn’t lit before 10 am so bring a light, even the light on your phone will work. Follow the tube through to the other side and the trail will loop back.

Having seen this place on an organized tour, I was determined that one day I would come back and do this hike, Well today was that day. Fantastic little hike with amazing views of the crater below while walking through the rain forest, then down into the crater floor, to bed of lava that took years to cool. Just imagine the raw power of nature around you. The steam vents serve as a reminder that there is still hot molten magma flowing in the area. Great for a small couple hour morning hike.

It’s a gorgeous and sacred place! The steep road isn’t that hard if you’re in ok shape. Please pack out what you pack in, that includes fruit peels and anything that wasn’t there before you got there. It’s infuriating as a visitor to see trash. Not to mention how the locals feel about it! Respect the locals and private land. Do not trespass to get a better Instagram picture! Respect nature and it’s forces. If the river is too high and fast, don’t try to cross it.
We counted 7 waterfalls in the valley! I’m talking massive waterfalls!

beautiful hike. rainforest and young crater bed all in one...

Great hike - not too challenging, my boyfriend's parents (around 60, and one with a bionic hip) enjoyed doing this trail with yes and how sister. amazing mix of exposed volcanic rock and jungle. I wish it had been chat the whole day since we couldn't see all the way out from the lookout, but we did get a brief glimpse before we started and the view was amazing. easily done within a couple of hours (could probably compete in an hour if you're in good shape)

4 months ago

Beautiful little walk.

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