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This trail is all about the destination. Snorkeling here is just fabulous. The hike down is pretty basic but mongoose will take your lunch and water while you snorkel. This makes the hike back brutal in the heat. We hike a great deal in Colorado at very high altitude and figured this would be easy but the heat and lava made this more than we bargained for. Perhaps it was the lack of food and water after the hike down and two hours of snorkeling but in any case we recommend taking the boat tour. Saw many in their twenties saying the hike back was miserable. If you decide to take it on, go early , hogs and goats own the trail and take lots of water that you hide from mongoose.

Well after reading some of the reviews I set off on this trusty journey with my 5 gallons of water, a machete and my experience of hiking Everest 5 times without supplemental oxygen and fully nude. My mother was a mountain lion and father was an alpaca so hiking has been in my blood since birth. After 7 days I emerged victorious over the trail though missing my machete because what I can only assume was the king of the wild hogs took it but spared my life.

Nah but for real it was a nice little hike, 40 down, 45 minutes back up. The snorkeling at the bottom was absolutely as good as everyone says.

At a good pace, it took us 1 hour to get to the Monument. You will be in over grown jungle type trails and many types of lava rock with no shade. We encountered wild goats. The hike back is the hard part. We had a time limit and has to push hard up the trail. 3 bottles of water and soaked in sweat it took us 1.5 hours to get up. We are in fairly good shape aa we walk 3-5 miles 3 times a week. Well worth it but allow more time then we did. Can't wait to return better prepared!

Nice solid hike. Sweeping views in some places

15 days ago

Not a hike but a very pretty view. Great place for someone who wants to see a beautiful waterfall but has mobility concerns.

not much of a trail, homeless in the brush to the south..... the small beach has amazing waves for surfing.

Easy hike. Can be hot and really windy. You can get a ride from a local on an old rust bucket for $20/person, each way, which is ridiculous for a 20 min ride, but it can be fun. My wife and I hiked in and got a ride back. The view of the green sand beach is amazing and one of a kind! At the end, the short, steep path down the hill to the beach can be a slippery due to the sand and the slope. Beach can be good for swimming depending on surf conditions which can change.

The falls area beautiful, not a lot of water flowing on the day we went. Would enjoy seeing it again when the flow is higher.

19 days ago

A fun stop while in the Hilo area. The lava tube cave is very interesting.

Enjoyed this short walk out to see the petroglyphs, trail is easy to follow with the rock cairns. All the different textures of lava are quite amazing. Was a nice break on the chain of craters drive, highly recommend this one for the history.

As of 11.23.18 this is still closed.

Was very nice to swim once down. Coming back up was hard for me but worth it

The bay and snorkeling are worth the hike down. Today the heat on the way back up was brutal, we had plenty of water and it was a hard climb out after snorkeling and enjoying the water, we hike regularly in Oregon at higher elevations with no issues. Be prepared and if you’re questioning your abilities I would recommend a boat tour over the hike.

Mountain goats were a huge surprise—saw maybe two dozen of them. Once at the water, I set my pack down to go for a swim and had to come back because a Mongoose was going inside my backpack. About a dozen Mongoose showed up, so I had to hang my pack from a branch. Saw some amazing yellow fish playing in the water around Captain Cooks death memorial stone. Beautiful small finch like bird with a red head was super curious about my trail food. A little strenuous going back up, but we got hit with a monsoon like downpour which was a morale boost. Loved the trail—one of
My favorite hikes of all time. Watch out for boars too. We definitely heard them around near the upper portion of the trail in the thick grass.

Super overgrown at top of trail. Wouldn’t recommend for someone out of shape since the hike back is a strenuous one. Solid hike though and the bay is worth it.

Nice nature trail! Needed 1 hr each way

1 month ago

I’ll start by saying the beach at the end is worth it. You need to hear that because the trail itself is...not fun. My friend and I are in decent shape and hike routinely. This trail is largely rocks and roots and mud puddles that are deceptively deep. She was in day hikers and I was in Keens and we both lost a shoe at least once to foot deep mud. The mosquitoes were intense and we both came out of the jungle with numerous welts. The trail is slippery with mud, moss and decaying vegetation. But the beach is worth it. The water was cool and clear and we saw a turtle just hanging in the bay. The beach is small and in winter months the surf is extreme. Make sure you leave enough time for the hike back. We left at 3p and inside the jungle it was dark. As previous reviewers have said this trail is hard on backs, necks, knees and ankles.

1 month ago

I did this trail last year. It was cool and the rangers definitely push people towards this trail. The one across the street is far cooler. Both are closed, apparently, due to recent volcano activity.

Hike was not difficult. Parking was easy on both side of road. Signs marked the beginning of the trail and stone piles marked the trail until the wooden board walk to view the petroglyphs. We brought water. It was sunny and a light breeze sometimes. There was a warning sign about fumes but we didn’t experience any problems.

This was an amazing trail with the most amazing views! The hike starts in a tropical like jungle, descends through a lava field, back into the woods, and then finally you arrive at the prize! Turn left at marker 8 to find the monument and snorkel bay. Warning: The grass gets extremely thick and overgrown at times. I recommend wearing a long sleeve shirt to protect your arms. My daughter got cut in the face and neck by the blades. But this was only for maybe 1/3 of the trip. If you have hiking boots, bring them. I promise you will be glad you did. Lastly, PLEASE bring enough water to last both ways. I wouldnt dare try this hike after 7am. The hike back up in the October sun was brutal.

This is not a hike but it is a pretty Falls. You cannot get down to the actual water. There are rails to prevent that.

2 months ago

Amazing experience.

Very interesting to see green sand, and yes it is really green. But you actually don't have to walk all 3 miles, the sand starts getting green way before that but the big green beach is 3 miles.

The road to the beach is extremely rough so consider well whether to take your car. Some locals also offer to take you there. We dont know how much they charge.

Okay falls, no hiking allowed

Very interesting to see this lava tube as it is free of charge compared to other lava tube visits that charge $25 pp. We believe this was sufficient to explore a lava tube and we went all the way to the far end which was interesting.

Great trail, bring a lot of water, like a lot of water. Easy to go down, super hard to go up.

This is an excellent trail marked by cairns across a.hundreds-year old lava bed, which ends at a boardwalk around thousands of Petroglyphs. Well worth the stop, and bring water.

This trail is cool if you want to access to a nice snorckelling spot, first part in the forest and second part in the stones decor with nice view on the ocean, if you go at 17:00-18:00 you can see a wonderdul sunset !!

Interesting history. Took my sisters retired guide dog on a leash and was told by the ranger after we hiked that no animals are allowed in the park. Noticed on your app that it says dogs are allowed on leash. You might want to update that. Ranger was unfriendly. No aloha here.

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