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12.06.18 Still closed, looking forward to doing this trail in the far off future.

Beautiful, short, relatively steep trail to the bottom. Slippery at the start, but 1/2 way down there were enough rocks & boulders to assist.

The beach was serene. Not a soul around which made it very peaceful.

7 days ago

Spectacular views! We did this in the light rain and it was muddy and slippery. Would not have been worth it in heavier rain, but as it was, we loved it. Some folks we passed found it easier to do with a walking stick. Given the mud, I thought the way down was much harder than the way up.

Easy hike. Can be hot and really windy. You can get a ride from a local on an old rust bucket for $20/person, each way, which is ridiculous for a 20 min ride, but it can be fun. My wife and I hiked in and got a ride back. The view of the green sand beach is amazing and one of a kind! At the end, the short, steep path down the hill to the beach can be a slippery due to the sand and the slope. Beach can be good for swimming depending on surf conditions which can change.

Enjoyed snorkeling in the lagoon, we saw several turtles on the beach resting/sunning, there were many feeding in the water and we even saw a couple of eagle rays here. The walk in along the beach pretty.

14 days ago

A fun stop while in the Hilo area. The lava tube cave is very interesting.

scenic driving
14 days ago

A great drive.

As of 11.23.18 this is still closed.

As of 11.23.18, this trail is still closed. We have done this trail in years past and were looking forward to it again. Maybe next time.

It was a nice walk to the beach but once you got on the beach, following the path meant walking on the sand. Actual hike was around 2.6 miles up and down.

22 days ago

one of my favorite trails, extra points if you make it muddy, challenge yourself. get a stick will help a lot.

23 days ago

Great views, of black sand beach and lush green valley. Easy trail with about six switchbacks down to the beach, can be slippery or muddy when wet ~20min down ~25min back

24 days ago

Beautiful beach at the first part - swam with a sea turtle. Black Beach was pretty but not a good place to spend the day. Saw a monk seal.

27 days ago

From the parking area, 40 min. to beach. Outstanding swimming and snorkeling area. I’ve visited this beach several times over the years and it has become quite popular but still room for some degree of privacy. Many shade opportunities too. I would advise against wearing Flip Flops during the trek in due to the lava section of the trail. Well worth the time and effort.

Loved this hike! A bit muddy but doable.

Wear a swimsuit and shoes that you don't mind getting muddy. We took the road to the left of the steep to view the falls. Then walked until we could go no further without trespassing. It was fun to explore, plus we saw a lot of horses in the road. But nothing else to see beyond the clear view of the falls. Going back towards the road to the black sand beach was very muddy. The black and beach is gorgeous and the sand is so soft. if you like to walk barefoot in the sand I suggest bringing a small towel to clean your feet before you put your sneakers back on to hike back up. The steep road down is about 1 mile , but feels like 2 miles going back up. With the humidity and getting waist deep wet to cross to the other side of the black sand beach; I was sweaty once we returned to the Waipio Lookout. I was so glad I had packed a dry pair of clothes to change into in the car. Overall we spent about 3.5 hours hiking and enjoying nature there. So beautiful!

on Pololu Trail

1 month ago

Wow. Just wow. Worth it to keep hiking up the mountain past the beach

I did this trail last year. It was cool and the rangers definitely push people towards this trail. The one across the street is far cooler. Both are closed, apparently, due to recent volcano activity.

2 months ago

Amazing experience.

Very interesting to see green sand, and yes it is really green. But you actually don't have to walk all 3 miles, the sand starts getting green way before that but the big green beach is 3 miles.

The road to the beach is extremely rough so consider well whether to take your car. Some locals also offer to take you there. We dont know how much they charge.

Very interesting to see this lava tube as it is free of charge compared to other lava tube visits that charge $25 pp. We believe this was sufficient to explore a lava tube and we went all the way to the far end which was interesting.

Magical beach, absolute worth spending a full day at with lunch and beers. Hike through exposed black lava fields so lather up on sunscreen in/out.

Tips: take lots of water (I drank 6 liters); start early in the morning (I started at 8:45); go West to reach the farthest west of the valley and cross at the sandbar where it is only thigh deep; go east to see Kuluahine Falls—hug the coastline until you reach it (it will go out of view before you get there); take your time going back up to take in the fauna and views and if you’re lucky (like I was) you’ll see wild horses

Amazing and beautiful. A must see. And check out the beautiful bench on the other side of the beach made for sunsets :)

Short trail with amazing views! Steep walk down to the shore. The surf is heavy and the beach is rocky but it really is something special to look at with all of the dramatic cliffs sides.

amazing views!

3 months ago

slippery because it rained. better go barefoot than in flip flops (as we've seen people do pin the trail). take the trail through the forest to the other end of the beach. looks like some place from Lord of the rings.

Great trail! You’re up in the clouds, so areas of the trail can be a bit slick with the dew/rain. But the hike is nice and short, and the views are gorgeous!

3 months ago

beautiful but a little intimidating when you hate steep dropoffs. I would consider it a bit dangerous for little kids, was a bit challenging if you have a bum knee....the views were breathtaking.

3 months ago

fun hike with great views, had been raining the morning of, making the trail quite slippery.

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