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6 days ago

The trail page is a bit misleading. The URL says Kalamazoo Nature Center Trails, but the trail listing is the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail. These are not the same. The KRVT allows dogs and is a divided paved trail for walkers, joggers, and bikers. No motorized traffic is allowed. The KRVT has 22 of 35 miles constructed and starts at D avenue, ending in Galesburg. Parking is free at all 12 designated parking spots. It has moderately heavy traffic and runs a variety of programs. The trail winds through a beech maple forest, crosses through some prairie grasslands, runs in front of the Kalamazoo Nature Center (where there is free up front parking for the trail but you cannot enter the KNC), and then back into some more woods before rejoining the river and running along the river into downtown Kalamazoo.

The Kalamazoo Nature Center requires paid admission unless you're a member (we are, it's worth it, but not just for the trails). Their trails are unpaved and wind through a variety of habitats. You can experience hills, bogs, and a variety of difficulty levels there. These trails are not handicap accessible, and do not allow dogs at all. The nature center does have bathrooms and water, so you can cool off and use the facilities with paid admission.

With the Dunes State Park trails becoming crowded ... We're hiking The Calumet Trail more and more. it's not a bad trek. With just enough historical sites, changes in types of terrain and elevations to not make this boring. But be prepared for the humidity, ticks and mosquitoes ... Permethrin treated clothing and repellent should be a used.

With no supervision visible anywhere on site .. A big problem developing is the amount of dogs with owners not picking up after them on the trails ... Where it is clearly posted No Dogs... Another is the increasing amount of people on bicycles flying around blind corners or narrow pathways..

Even with the rudeness of some ... There is a peace and serenity here, which hikers love. But unfortunately it is broken by the High Tension Wires and Trains that remind you ... that you are still in NW Indiana ...

But even with the modern distractions ... We still feel fortunate to have this gem here ...

pick up after yourselves and leave only footprints ...

20 days ago

This is a very beautiful area. The warped and scattered trees are amazing. Great workout as well.

on Atwater Loop Trail

1 month ago

Follow the lookout trail to the land bridge to cross over to the North hiking trails. No bikes allowed. Well marked trails with colored arrows but parts were pretty overgrown.

park at D Ave it's free. it's a perfect work out for me after my heart attack and three stents.

Great trail
But make sure you bring insect repellent

on Asylum Lake Trail

1 month ago

I really liked this trail! Lots of wildlife and black raspberries bushes along the North side of the lake.

If you actually want to do the loop around the lake, stick with the smaller trail that hugs the shoreline. Parts of it are a little overgrown and the last bit before you hit the road was really muddy. You have to walk along the road for just a bit but then you can cut back in to the trails.

on Atwater Loop Trail

1 month ago

Pretty trails. Not super well marked, lots of off-shoots. Most of the time I wasn't actually on the official trails. The app kept me going in the right direction though!

parking at entrance of Nature Center. trail along Westnedge is paved

great, short hike in Kalamazoo

Easy trail. Great for a good long walk. Bring mosquito repellent!

Loved this trail the kids had an amazing time and we learned about all kinds of new plants and flowers. Your foot wear will get wet so have a back up pair at the car.

Great workout and views

A great hike for bird watching, and the views are gorgeous. I was married here in these woods. I met an owl here once as well. Sanctuary Woods is one of my faves.

Stroller friendly. Bathrooms available. Kid friendly. Great walk.

Dogs not allowed. Great for stroller and young kids!

3 months ago

Boot Lake nature preserve is a work in progress. It used to be an area where the city dumped “sludge”. It is a peaty muck flat and there are some endangered flora and I saw a Sandhill Crane which are also an endangered species and rare to this area. The walk was flat and well cleared. Most of it was a wooded path with some of the trail near some homes and a grassy prairie area. The AllTrails map is not quite accurate. The view at the lake was gorgeous and a great spot to take photos. There is no entrance fee. There were a couple of nice ladies with a toddler in a stroller I spoke with along the path but otherwise it was pretty quiet until around noon when there was more traffic. No public restrooms and only about 6 parking spots. A nice length trail for a quick hike.

Driving on highways. Not sure how this counts as a trail. Yuck.

3 months ago

Great trail mostly flat mostly sunny beautiful lake consider it unmarked. Without the app I don't believe I could have made it back to the car lol. #truth

Wonderful trail! You get to hike along the river and past multiple historic buildings and right into the middle of a farm with animals everywhere!

The information is a bit misleading. I went today and inquired about the trails in the nature center. The girl at the entrance booth said there are 12 miles of walking trails, the cost per vehicle is 7.00$ and no dogs allowed. The trail I assume the description is talking about is the paved walkway that runs along westnedge in front of the nature center which she said is 3 miles in either direction. They will let you park for free at the center if you walk the outer trail.

Beautiful place for a hike! There’s the main trial around the lake and many other small trails off of that if you want to explore a bit more. Will definitely go back.

3 months ago

A great area in Kalamazoo to go stretch your legs and soak up nature. Visit the lake or meander through the woods. We used to live across the street and walk this daily. Our dog loved it! Off the main trail of you stick to the north side of the lake there is another small beach that not as many people stop at. Perfect for letting your dog enjoy the water.

4 months ago

Great walk to get your heart rate up (those stairs!) and see nature all around. Stumbled upon an owl once perched under one of the bridges - amazing!

4 months ago

Nice walk with a bit of adventure. Trail is pretty much all boardwalk across the bog and could use a bit of maintenance. Chance of feet getting wet in a couple of spots with just my 205 lbs on some of the floating portion. Over all with the drive for something different. I will come back in spring or summer.

This trail is pretty awesome! Everything is very well maintained and the trails are clearly marked! One of the scenic overlooks was closed due to a high water level but the other two were beautiful. Your feet will probably get wet.

4 months ago

It was a decent hike. Flat. Gave the dog and me some exercise. at least. The trail markings were horrible.

No trail markings. Muddy at times. Fairly busy.

5 months ago

This is a pretty legit trail. Lots of really nice people, beautiful scenery and trash cans places every so often. A ton of litter up near the Winchell Way apartments and the trails were poorly marked. Sorta hard to follow but luckily I had this app. I will probably return.

Two friends and I did a shake-down hike here. Very beautiful but the trails were not marked very well. We got lost and had to navigate out. Trails are well-enough maintained but needs improvement with trail marking.

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