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Great hike. What a fantastic 360 degree view at the summit.

Nice length and difficulty with a beautiful view at the top. Not as heavily trafficked as other trails in the area with the leaf peepers. My GPS put it at 5 miles round trip.

It was a nice trail. Shaded parts and also parts in the sun. Nice views way up high. Fun hike overall.

Definitely not a clear trail to follow, but the navigation and steep incline can be a fun challenge. Lots of loose gravel, I definitely fell on my butt twice and slid down. The 2 other people I saw coming down had trekking poles which would probably really help on the decent. Hiked it with my husky and had to help him up some of the scrambling and loose gravel areas.

Lots of slick dirt on downhill

I just saw a mountain lion. Luckily I was on higher ground and it did not see me. Should the parks and wildlife be called and notified?

9/9/18. If you're looking for a shortish challenging hike this is great. I have a labrador and had him off leash pretty much the whole time. There aren't any scramblers but there are a couple spots that are close. My girlfriend and I are around 30 years old and had no problem completing it in a half day. I wouldn't recommend using hiking poles unless you don't feel your physically up to a challenging hike. There are plenty of rocks and small trees to balance with, poles would have just gotten in the way. NOW, here's the part that wasn't great, once you get to the dirt road the crystal trail technically ends, it doesn't go all the way to the reservoir. luckily I downloaded the area map via google and used it as a compass and made our own trail until we found pikes peak tollway, once you find that you can find the reservoir. I recommend NOT stopping at the dirt road! keep toughing it to the reservoir, totally worth it!

A great hike through lots of terrain to get some miles in without a lot of elevation.

Great hike. Cool waterfalls and great views from the top.

17 days ago

Good little incline near the top. Be careful of the switch backs, I continued straight up off the trail not realizing there was a switch back to the left. The summit is on the smaller side.

19 days ago

Excellent, challenging hike / climb / scramble. Here are the key things to note:

1. The trail can get a bit hard to follow. I recommend looking through some recent recordings and loading one of those up in the app to keep you on track.

2. Quite a bit of scrambling and loose rock, so this is likely not a good hike for young kids or folks that struggle with balance or steep scrambles.

3. It is intense elevation gain in a short distance, so a great hike to use in prep for a 14er. If you prefer switchbacks or a well-designed trail this may be a disappointment.

I hiked it yesterday and ran into many encouraging people on the way. I was determined to make the summit and it was well worth the hike. I’ll definitely do it again. Very beautiful hike.

20 days ago

The drive up doesn't require 4WD, but high clearance is helpful. Decent shade and sweet views. As noted, the trail is steep and washed out due to lack of water bars, which can make the descent slippery in dry conditions.

Great trail- loved the diverse terrain. Well marked. Even spotted some Ute sacred trees. Beautiful views of Piles Peak. Easy to access and not crowded.

good hike short and sweet.

Beautiful trail, lots of shade. It's fun walking the perimeter of the summit for a view on all sides.

26 days ago

Nice trail with a lot of shade. The views are worth the trip to the top.

27 days ago

Awesome elevation gain if you are looking for a challenge. The trail is not clearly defined so you end up hiking back up and forth at times that's why gave it 3 stars. the trail should be maintained. The summit overlook is not visible until the very end but at the top the view is rewarding

well we were shooting for the Thomas trail and ended up on the Crystal trail. Beautiful trail but much harder

To whoever built the rock towers lining the trail to the peak, you are my hero! I would still be wondering aimlessly up there if it weren't for them! The reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is because the path should be more defined, I found many false trails leading me to nowhere until I stumbled on the rock towers along the actual path.

1 month ago

The hike is very pretty with a great view at the top. However, the trail is a bit too steep without good water bars in place. This means there’s a lot of uneven ground from erosion, as the trail looks like a very steep stream bed.

1 month ago

Went up with my 70 lb dog today. Saw lots of wild life. Tougher but very doable hike
Wear sturdy shoes and bring extra water

1 month ago

We didn't quite make it to the peak - did some other hiking first and ran out of time. Mount Herman Rd was a bit difficult to navigate due to the recent heavy rains. A low profile vehicle will have trouble until the road is re-graded. We drove an Outback and managed, but went very slow due to the washed out areas and exposed rocks. Several rocks were difficult to avoid and might damage the underside of a low profile car.

1 month ago

The incline was closed when I went so I ended up using the free parking and walking a mile to Spring St (since the shuttle wasn't running) before reaching Intemann trail. It's a short walk to the trailhead for Red Mountain and a mile up from there. The views on the way to the summit were pretty good but once you reach the top it's a gorgeous view and a nice little area to explore. Not including time you might spend at the top you can easily hike this trail in under 1.5 hours. There were only a few other people on the trail when I went on a Sunday morning.

Fun trail! Good for a day hike for the whole family. Mostly wide walking trails, marked very clearly, great views with the smell of spruce trees the entire way. This trail should be deemed "easy" not " moderate"

Great hike that only takes a couple hours to complete. Not too challenging for beginners and, as others have said, the view is well worth the climb.

This hike is short, yet potent, but certainly doable if you are decently fit or at very least have determination. It can be a bit dangerous at parts, specifically because of the loose scree. I came here to say that if you are interested in spicing this hike up, different than the normal route, I suggest this:

Follow the main wide trail and turn left at the sign for Pikes National Forest Hummingbird trail. This will take you to a fork. Right for continuing hummingbird trail (the typical blodgett route) or left toward the Gamble Oak trail. Turn left. Follow this until you get to the junction of the Douglas Fir trail, turn right there. Take this all the way down until you encounter a stream. Cross the stream (it is very narrow) and you'll see a trail that runs both left and right. Turn left there (it is the uphill direction) and you will continue up Douglas Fir trail. This part a moderate hike. At the end of this trail, you will be on the summit of a small foothill, and you can clearly see blodgett peak from here. if you continue to look around, you will see cairns which will take you up to the top of the nearest foothill. once at the top, you can ride the Ridgeline all the way to blodgett peak, and back down the typical hummingbird route. it adds distance, but if you hike this often, it is nice to mix it up. Hope this helps someone!

1 month ago

Definitely not for new to intermediate hikers. I decided to knock this out quick, but wasn’t quick at all +2K in climbing in 1.5 miles with extremely loose rock wasn’t fun at all. I recommend actual trail shoes and maybe poles. If you wear regular sneakers, I hope you like falling and the taste of dirt. Awesome views, however, the trail it’s marked or maintained well. I had to download the map beforehand and use it quite frequently, it was pretty annoying.

1 month ago

Easy trail for sure. Good portion of it shaded. Great for kids or for trail running. Well marked trail with nice views. Good place to take out of towners not used to the elevation.

This was a great 5.5 miles venture, 2.3 miles was the upper loop. There was a couple other out and back trails, not included in the 5.5 miles. Took two moderately active people an hour and 45 minutes. Saw a coyote.

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