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Harriman State Park Map

Really nice trail. Great views, varied terrain. A few quick hints: 1) parking is at the equestrian center. 2) the trailhead marks are on the big barn at the equestrian center 3) there are many trail markers - but many are on the ground or rocks. As a result, would be difficult to do this trail with snow cover. 4) Trail directions: follow red/white markers to where they meet yellow. yellow/red/white combine for part of the lollipop stick. Choose red/white to take the northern root out, after the lake (great rocks and view to enjoy some lunch) follow the white markers to the left until you hit end of white trail, then take a hard left onto yellow. (we mistakenly went straight on yellow -added a mile of out and back). Yellow has some great views of NYC, surrounding mountains, etc. Lots of fire damage along the way, but also wonderful forest regrowth - will be very pretty in the springtime. Took our time, enjoyed the scenery and lunch. 4 hrs total. Moderate if you are an avid hiker - more difficult if you are not.

great hike did it a few weeks ago

Challenging but do-able for a 50-something amateur and a 9-year old. There are some great views along the way, notably from Fingerboard Mountain, that are even better once leaves are off the trees. You walk by an interesting old mine, and also two gorgeous wetlands with very tall grasses. A couple of spots where the trail marks could be better (see our notes on our recording to see where those were), and some brief stretches of muddy, wet path. But otherwise: highly recommended

29 days ago

This was nice short trail to try with a kid for the first time, really fun to scramble up and down the rocks. My kid loved it (7y/o). We did it counterclockwise and it was steep to descend, but not dangerous. Beautiful views up the top.

An excellent hike, with varied terrain, excellent views and beautiful trails.

A word to the wise: if you load and follow the exact path outlined above, please be aware that this is not 5.5 miles. The complete loop, covering Bald, The Timp and Doodletown is 7.5 miles.

Wonderful, none the less, but plan accordingly. Not the first Harriman/Bear Mtn Park hike that’s miles off in distance on this app...

1 month ago

This is my favorite hike for when I’m home visiting my family (currently live in NYC). It’s a beautiful mix of trees, flowers and water. It’s even fun in the snow. Always fun!

Worst trail I ever did . Got lost multiple times

Hardly any markings to keep you on the right path. Very easy to get lost. Not a good trail at all.

This is one of my favorite trails in Harriman! Great views from multiple peaks.

Good hike- there are some rocky hill bits and my ankles were sore by the end. The forest is lovely and at least on this cold fall day I didn't see too many other people. Fair amount of parking space at the Elk Pen lot too.

Be advised that as of today (10/21/18), the AS trail southwest of the Island Pond is still flooded out. I hiked around it by going off-trail and scrambling for a bit til I recovered the path a ways away (you can't really get lost if you keep the pond on one side and distant traffic noises ahead), but it's tricky and I don't recommend it for everyone. It looks significant enough to be a permanent shift in the lake, and they probably need to reroute the trail in that area.

on The Torne

1 month ago

Go counterclockwise for a rocky scramble. Clockwise for an milder up (and go back the same way if the steep way down unnerves). Views are amazing. Better and less crowded than what nearby mountains offer. Memorial at top. Parking lot is small but I parked off the road.

Some stretch of the trail is completely rocky. Beautiful view of falls in many places - great for picnic. Wish there were more signs to indicate the trail paths. Hiking in fall is perfect here as there were no bugs. :)

2 months ago

Awesome trail for hiking!! It’s hard but fun!!

trail running
2 months ago

We took our Vizsla here today and hiked the red to pine meadow lake and around to Conklin cemetery and back down the red trail. We went for a swim, first day of fall and likely the last swim until next year. Interestingly, all signs say no camping no swimming, but everyone was camping and swimming. How can you resist that water? Heavy traffic go earlier to avoid groups of kids and people. Dogs on and off leash depending on skill level and friendliness. I’m going to return and hike some of the other trails in the park.

Excellent hike for fall.

Great trail, one of my favorite hikes in the region. Went up through Claudius Smith Rock and up to the fire tower and back down.

There are snakes...

nice quiet hike. the lake was so relaxing. but I must say I heard a rattle snake. and on the hike back actually encountered and almost stepped on an adult timer rattle snake. watch out. my kids and dogs were unharmed, u think the snake was in a trace. we were lucky.

This trail is a hidden gem! Great for the moderate hiker with a steady incline, easy rock climbing and multiple stream crossings. We lucked out on the weather and caught a breathtaking view of the NYC skyline. So beautiful and a well kept secret! Let's keep it that way!

3 months ago

Solid hike. The beginning/end section from the parking lot to the lake is really nice, with beautiful pine trees. The middle/east loop of the hike was perhaps not the best for the summer. The markings left a lot to be desired when switching from the white/red blazes to yellow blazes. The mosquitos were also in full force in that back section, which really ruined that part. I think it would be a lot nicer in the fall/winter/spring. Also, saw two black bear in the east section!

Very nice trail. Part of the path (right before doodletown) is unmarked. I had downloaded the map here and followed via GPS.

Great hike on a really hot day. I’ll do it again in fall.

4 months ago

This was a pretty sweet first hike for me. Only would ask for some clearer markings but it was overall a great hike! Went the wrong way twice and added two miles but well worth the view at the peak of the NYC skyline. Only saw a handful of other people when we went. Great first hike

Summer Time Day Hike:

Complexity: Hard
Terrain: Rocky and flatland - Have to climb couple of mountains. Pretty challenging for first 10 miles with few elevations but rest was downhill most of the time
Trekking Pole: I did that without a hiking pole. It might help as its long.
Foot Wear: Better wear something with good grip, the rain makes the rocks slippery. Lot of protection needed for your toes
Scenic View: Lake was beautiful, you can swim here. Every mile had a scenic view, better take your camera
Trail Markers: Trail markers are easy to locate but as this is a combination of lot of trail. My GPS watach went choppy because of tall trees, So take a map.
Parking: Enough parking for 10 cars at harrison state park visitor area. You can even park on the road. Vistor area has restrooms
Permit: No fees
Animal Encounter: Seen couple of deers running around
Overall timing: I completed in 9.5 hours at 2.4 mph with lots of photo breaks. Start early to do day hike
Streams : As there was lot of summer rain, i could see lots of steams. Plenty of water
Traffic: Saw lots of hikers heading to the lake which is in the first few miles
Campsites: Lots of dispersed camp sites around the lake, I even saw people fishing
Pet: Take plenty of water, its will be very tiresome for your little one.

The place is gorgeous and well kept. A park ranger came by to let us know a rattlesnake was nearby. The lake was beautiful.

Great hike! There is a section of trail that is flooded and swampy. We had to bushwhack around the swamp and eventually made it back to the trail. Not much maintenance has been done this season, lots of fallen trees and debris, but it is well marked. We saw a group of sharp shinned hawks. It appeared to be 2 adults and 1 or 2 yearlings.

Heavily trafficked in the first few miles, complete solitude from mile 4 on. Good range, starts east/moderate, the yellow square trail jumps significantly in difficulty and is much less traveled. Good scenery, not much of a view. Bring lots of water, this is a long hike!

Red square > Yellow Square > White Square > Red Line > back to Red Square

Lovely park with great variety of scenery... from pretty lakes to scenic outlooks. Abundant fauna.. we saw deer, a rattler, a black snake, frogs and black/blue butterflies. Definitely not hard though... more moderate. First section from road to lake heavily trafficked, quiet after that. Slow steady climb. Very lush plateaus and gullies. Flowers were out this time of year and the greenery was intense.

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