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8 days ago

Full traverse this weekend, south to north. Great trail. Steep inclines, scrambles, flat and rolling terrain. 3 lean-to's along the way, with Big Hill the halfway point. It is said this is the toughest trail in the park. It was certainly very strenuous in several sections.

on Kakiat Trail

17 days ago

very nice place to go fishing and hiking

4 months ago

Overall a nice hike, views from the top.

I loved this hike- I took about 3 hours. The vistas are great - and the lake is serene. Lots of rock walking- so shoe up accordingly. The eastern loop (red/white markers) isn't marked nearly as well as the west side (yellow), so watch closely for markers as you can go off trail pretty easily (or cheat with GPS :-) .....

5 months ago

Really nice view from top of mountain. NYC is visible .

I've done this Trail in various sections. some of that I really love some of it I'm not totally thrilled with. recently we did deception from gate Hill to Cats Elbow which is a gorgeous section and very rarely done. I also really like the part between kakiat Park and big hill shelter. the first and last sections are my least favorites I think

5 months ago

Not sure who originally tracked this hike, but it’s certainly not 9.3 miles. If you do the lollipop (and don’t double back twice like OP did) you’re looking at a little over 5 miles total.

Also, I recommend hiking this counterclockwise—that’ll provide a better “payoff” toward the end of your trek. The view at the summit would also provide a stunning sunrise for any photographer to capture. One last tip: definitely get here early; the lot fills up quickly.

The black on white trail was good. it would of been nice if the markers were a littler closer. Overall, it was great

Well marked, clean and clear and bonus of free parking by the preserve. Only did three miles this time but will be returning to go further.

8 months ago

Nice short hike with a relatively steep incline to get your blood pumping. Be careful on way down.

The 3.5 mile red trail hike to the lake was more of a very good maintained path with a few foot bridges etc, very enjoyable.
I took the yellow trail back which was a fairly exhaustive climb to the top of the mountain, then the blue trail down which made me happy that I wore the right hiking shoes/etc due to the difficulty of some of the descents. I especially loved the blue trail.

Challenging and great views. Up and down peaks!

This is a trail next to the road along the lake. It's also cut off by someone who has marked it as private property, so it is much shorter now. I would not waste my day on this hike. There is a spot to lounge next to the lake.

It was a great tail to enjoy wonderful view just for one hour walk.
The path is rocky, so l recommend you to use hiking shoes.

Had a black bear encounter today (Wednesday, July 19th) as I was returning from "The Pines", about 2 miles from the dump-out point long the Palisades Parkway hiker crossing. Halfway down the hill, distracted by my own singing (yes, I was being very loud), I turned my head to the right and no more than 15-20 feet away ( about 3 car lengths), stood a VERY large bear, as this was my first ever bear encounter, I was paralyzed from fear, as this was my first ever encounter with a bear and it's incredibly close proximity to the trail into my eyes (it was instinctual, I'll know not to do that next time) Keep in mind, it seems to be peak blueberry season and the valley I was descending to had an abundant supply for Harriman's berry-loving bears, so the likelihood of bears in that area may be higher this time of year.

This is an amazing trail

9 months ago

We took this trail from the Tom Jones Shelter to the Tuxedo Train Station. It offered some challenging, but not overly so, terrain with wonderful views. Highly recommend.

10 months ago

This was a great trail in the rain. We went off the beaten path and got a great cardio work out. It started to pour sporadically but it was refreshing while trailing.

10 months ago

Soaked from the rain but worth it

10 months ago

Was a good time. Got poured on. Nice steep hills by the pipeline.

10 months ago

I love it for a great cardio climb

Amazing views and awesome rock based trail.

Favorite trail in NJ. Best views

Awesome hike with lots to see and all different sorts of terrain.

trail running
Saturday, February 18, 2017

I was in town on business and had a chance to do this trail, and it was great. The trail is very challenging and offers great views of the Hudson.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Great views!!! Five stars
A definite hike for the avid hiker!!

Thursday, February 09, 2017

I love the trails but I can't never find pine meadow lake.

Monday, January 23, 2017

I have yet to fully finish this trail after going twice, but for atleast half of the trail- the hike is amazing. The mountain offers a steep hike in the beginning, but it slowly progresses while being rewarded with some beautiful mountain top scenes..

If you're looking for a satisfying trail without having the thought of completing the whole 11 miles.. I highly suggest it.

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