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22 hours ago

If I could I would give it 3.5 stars, varied terrain with some nice views, it is a moderate difficulty imo, there is a lot of road noise along the way unfortunately but anyway with this close proximity to NYC it was a good outing.

Solid hike. The beginning/end section from the parking lot to the lake is really nice, with beautiful pine trees. The middle/east loop of the hike was perhaps not the best for the summer. The markings left a lot to be desired when switching from the white/red blazes to yellow blazes. The mosquitos were also in full force in that back section, which really ruined that part. I think it would be a lot nicer in the fall/winter/spring. Also, saw two black bear in the east section!

17 days ago

This was a pretty sweet first hike for me. Only would ask for some clearer markings but it was overall a great hike! Went the wrong way twice and added two miles but well worth the view at the peak of the NYC skyline. Only saw a handful of other people when we went. Great first hike

Fantastic hike - no rock climbing experience or special gear required but the entire hike is a climb ranging from steep to moderate. The view at the top is fantastic and absolutely worth the hike! The kids loved scrambling up and down rocks. Almost the entire hike is in the shade so relatively cool and nice breeze at the top. About 4 miles round trip, took about 2 hours with a couple short stops. Trailhead is literally off the side of the road so follow directions and use the facilities before you get there! No restroom or facilities at or near the hike.

We started on Anthony's Nose entrance as marked on this map, and the view from Anthony's Nose was pretty nice. However, it came relatively early in the trail. The rest of the trail was not as exciting. The trail itself is pretty challenging though. I would recommend starting at Camp Smith and finishing at Anthony's Nose rather than what's described here.

I definitely went off the trail that’s listed here on AllTrails and it was pretty awesome. Some decent climbing up. Nothing to technical or hard but got my heart rate up nicely. It was a perfect hike with my dog who is super athletic but she’s also 11. I’d go back to explore more for sure!

Fantastic reward at the end. Had to take some breaks because rocks were wet and slippery but definitely a trail you have to do.

1 month ago

Fantastic Hike. Coming down wasn’t easy so be prepared. Loved this hike. My favorite hike so far!!!

The place is gorgeous and well kept. A park ranger came by to let us know a rattlesnake was nearby. The lake was beautiful.

Black Rock Forest is absolutely wonderful. Recently went hiking with buddies through over 9 miles of the park's various trails (and there's still at least 1/3 of the park we didn't even get a chance to see), Black Rock Forest is definitely staying as one of my favorite parks. Lots of great hiking, well maintained trails. Trails are very scenic, lots of wildlife and flora. Parking lot is spacious. Encountered a couple of people towards the beginning and end of the hike, but otherwise didn't see anyone.

A short steep hike with an amazing and rewarding view at the top.

As advertised, this is a hard hike with a rewarding view. We went a bit beyond Anthony’s nose before heading back. The first 30-45 minutes of the hike comprise of a steep ascent. As novice hikers, we had a stop a few times to regroup. I would strongly advise bringing snacks for this hike. The energy burst will definitely help. Overall, it is a nice and sweaty hike.

A note to those who are planning to come here by train. The walk from the train station to the beginning of the hike itself is about 30 mins.

Fabulous views of the Hudson Valley and the Bear Mt. Bridge.

This was a great hike! I love scrambling up rocks and it was like the start of the Kaaterskill Falls hike, but it was like that the whole way! I defenitely recommend going

Awesome hike and views. Doesn’t always feel far enough away from civilization but still a great workout with cool scenery.

6/19/18 We walked south along the road from the parking area to find the trail and took the blue marked trail clockwise around the loop. It was an extraordinary hike but be cautious at the fingertip to turn right and follow the red dots on white background and not combined with blue hash marks.

This is a difficult hike especially when it’s hot and humid so bring plenty of water. There are great relics like and unfinished tunnels. Plenty of wildlife and lovely woodlands and scenic vistas especially the blooming mountain laurel.

Solid hike, decent views and a cool cave. Nothing too crazy but enjoyable.

Amazing views of the Hudson River valley and Bear Mountain

One our go to trails. Love it. Must get there early.

2 months ago

I had this rated at about a 3 star until I got to the point where the trail (green markers I think) and the map on the app diverged when I got near art 6. Before that the trail was a good challenge and well marked. Only downside was gunfire in the background from nearby military training/WP. Everything went downhill after that... I ended up walking along the highway, which felt very uncomfortable, and cut my hike short. I did this trail for the purpose of getting to lake Te Ata, named after an amazing Native American woman. Were it not for that I would have opted another trail based on reviews. My feeling is that there are plenty of other places to go around The area with beautiful views and more peaceful setting...save yourself the aggravation...go for something else.

Well I attempted to do the shorter version from Mine Road. I really wanted to get pictures of the memorial but at as I got up to the final scramble, I could barely get up as I began to slide down and decided it wasn't worth the risk. Don't let this scare you as I was carrying a heavy DSLR. If there is another way,let me know. I may attempt it again with less weight but not sure if it would have made a difference or not for me. I was so disappointed :-(

2 months ago

The summit and the view was amazing - especially on a clear, sunny day. Some spots were tricky too which was unexpected and welcomed.

The Hudson Valley is an incredible place, you have to visit here. We had four young kids with us and they all did great.. Awesome view of the valley. Check out my full write up which includes directions and things to look out for.

Throughly enjoyed this hike...great views of the Hudson along with quiet walking in the woods. Ruins and the well graded roads are fascinating when the fact is considered that the construction took place from 1890-91 and was all done by manual labor. Large parking area off of 9W grants access to this adventure

Hiked up on Memorial Day w my wife & 2 small dogs . Fun rock scrambles and a steep start.

2 months ago

Nice hike with a few river views between lengthy parts in the woods.
Note: Ramapo-Dunderberg trail (White with Red Circle) has been re-routed between the Tomp-Torne (Blue) intersection to the Timp Pass and differs from the maps.

Nice trail. I must mention it is not completely out away from civilization so you may hear cars at times. Aside from that very beautiful trail and lovely view at the top.

Been a while ago, but will be back! loved the hike!

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