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My first hike ever. One of the days that changed my life, finding my love for the outdoors.

Short but great hike

Looking for a long hike I started on the Timp Torne parking lot and after follow the blue I switch for the red dot , having my phone with the App I just continued enjoying the views and the workout! It took me about 4 hours. I loved it!

Hiked on 9/29. Amazing, not too strenuous, short hike with one of the best views above the Hudson.

pretty good hike with a nice view of the bear mountain bridge and the Hudson river

From 9W where the trail head launches the immediate 2 Miles are a strenuous 350 foot ascent. We hiked underneath a storm system covering the lower Catskills and the north side of bear Mountain...but it only rained for the last 2 hours. The trail was very icy and slushy in most parts and I would not advise hiking without micro spikes bc it would be way too dangerous. Please be advised that there are other trails that intersect with this loop and it is VERY EASY to lose your way! This is a difficult hike in every sense of the word when conditions are this icy and wet. We handled it gracefully, however you must bring heaps of water and food to complete this journey. The views of the Hudson and the torne are exquisite but I feel they are more pretty bc the trail demanded such effort to survive. Hiking this in February requires a careful calculus of time needed to complete this loop, and with our gear and current trail/weather conditions we were lucky to finish before darkness.

I would probably not hike here in warmer months bc of growth and the other trails that intersect as it would make it too tight in the growth and trafficked. However, it is without question a beautiful part of rockland county and the hike offers tremendous terrain, elevation gain and careful decision making.

Have fun!

Very scenic trail and great for a long walk.
Not hard at all.

1 month ago

Difficult but manageable

2 months ago

Great day hike with fantastic views!

Well marked trail with a longer less steep option along the AT plus a steeper shorter option behind old bear mountain bridge house.

Rocky in places. Easy to wonder off the trail onto another. But a great chalange.

The short hike to the nose from 9d and back is to be
avoided on the weekend - to crowded or go very early .
Wonderful articulated view

3 months ago

Hiked this trail 11/28/2017. Trail was slightly difficult to follow.. thank you All Trails for the trail map! We tacked on an extra 1.5 miles due to getting lost. However, with that said, the trail was nice. The peak was worth the challenge of scrambling over rather challenging rocks. It would have been much nice to be up their with the fall foliage however, being the time of year, we did not encounter any crowds, which was nice! I would recommend this hike for those looking for a fun challenge!

This is a great hike. If you start at the Camp Smith Toll House and hike North, you'll cover ~5 miles by the time you reach the junction at the AT. Great views, but you'll catch crowds at the Nose because it's a popular destination. Some of the "quieter" views can be taken in south of the Nose (closer to Camp Smith).

Earned my bird by hitting it before sun-up and doing it North to South and back. The entire woods East of the trail is roped off, literally, by the military amd posted with signs threatening arrest, live fire or unexploded ordnance. The views to the west are unparalelled in the Hudson Valley. The trail has three ascents and descents back to the road so it feels longer than it is. From Anthony's Nose to the south, the road is pretty much never out of earshot and, given the Thanksgiving holiday, the trial was well-populated.

Incredible view.. worth every step

4 months ago

This is an easy hike and great trail to take dogs. 8.1 miles but nothing crazy challenging.

4 months ago

We went up the steep side (left side of the loop), I recommend doing it this way. I find it much easier to climb up rocks than down them. The other aide is not as steep and easier to go down.

I thought this hike began moderate until you got closer to the top. The. Coming down was not that easy to say the least! I totally see why this is consider hard. The view from the top is worth every step to get there! Would do this again.

Well marked, nice up with a great view.

Amazing view

Very steep walk the first 30 minutes or so but the view is 100% worth it!

This trail has it all! Some stroll and some climb... enough heart pounding to keep it interesting and the view from the top? It was totally worth it!

Good climb. Beautiful view from the top.

Heading up was challenging. The trails are quite steep in many places. The views at the top are incredible. The trail is easy to miss (we drove right by it twice!) from the road-keep your eyes open for cars parked alongside the road and look for the posted map. I wouldn't recommend this trail for anyone who isn't a seasoned hiker.

My husband and I didn't do the loop, we ended up starting off at the parking lot off of 4wd rd and ended up at the Ramapdo dunderberg trailhead parking lot.. Difficult hike with great views. Definitely recommend.

Loved this hike! The view at the top is amazing!

One of our favorite hiking trail so far. It was very hard but worth it!!

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