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cross country skiing
bridge out
21 days ago

bridge was out

2 months ago

Yeah yes! I did this trail is incredible it’s very hard I feel proud of my health, on the top it was a big snow you must need snow shose, , the view is amazing, Good Luck for everyone!!!

This is is right in the middle of a busy area but is unknown! Disclaimer: this hike is not 12 miles it’s just over 14 RT! The hike to trap lake is easy to follow. After that it becomes more difficult. As the other reviewer said once you get to the junction of the PCT follow the sketchiest trail to the left that kind of hugs the cliff line. I would suggest bringing GPS as from here it gets difficult at times and easy to loose the trail. We had it out most of the way through the bouldering part just to make sure we were close to the trail. Well worth the soreness from 14 miles and close to 4K gain! Thunder mountain lake was incredible! Trail was quite icy in many sections above trap lake. No snow as of yesterday but the snow level is expected to drop tonight to 4K so I’m sure this info will not be correct soon!

This hike is a hidden gem. Once you make your way past the second lake you’ll come to a spot where you can continue the PCT. The trail to Thunder Lake Mountain will be a bit harder to make out and is left of the PCT. Be prepared to scramble the last 1/3 of the hike and occasionally lose the trail. Don’t fret, just follow some of the rock piles and be observant for where the trail will pick up again (usually the grassier areas).

We went to the summit. It was hard, as the difficulty states. To get to the summit if Mt Forgotten is a little longer than stated here and involves some scrambling on loose rock.

You have to be sure footed and unafraid of heights to get to the summit, but the payoff is immense. Bring at least 3 liters of water.

first time a hike has made me sore before it was even over, didnt stop me though. The scrambling was easy, to me it was more of a series of switch backs along rock which required hands here and there, that was the fun part after a consistant uphill hike that only continued to get steeper as we went, it was upon looking up at the remaining uphill climb after the scrambling that almost made me want to turn around, my body would have loved to call it quits, but to come that far only to turn around, i couldnt allow that. i continues upwards slowly, taking pictures of the mountain tops below along the way, finally sitting down at the top. legs felt better almost immediately, who knew they could suddenly feel better just standing on level ground. so glad I finally tried this one. Worth the work, especially on a clear day. Can't wait to do it again some day!

Beautiful fall day with peak colors over 5,000 feet.

Great hike, wonderful views. Did it in October and trail in very good condition.

3 months ago

this is a nice hike with a rewarding views at the end. some fallen trees hinder your hike but it keeps the horses to minimum. it can be windy, and thus dangerous over the shale rocks. weekends can be crowded but I can afford the weekday hikes which I would recommend. this is northern slope and that keeps the dust down which makes it so much better, recommend highly during the hot summer months

off road driving
3 months ago

This trail is one of 4 trails authorized for Motorcycle use in the Mt Baker/Snoqualmie National Forest.

Unfortunately, some trail vandals have altered the signage to make it look like motorcycles are not allowed. A shameful and ILLEGAL act. This trail was long ridden and maintained LONG before people even thought about a sport called Mountain Bike riding.

This is a very good trail for moto families, kids and wives. The trail is challenging without being too difficult or dangerous. There is one short stretch of exposure, but at a slow pace is not much of a risk.

The endpoint at the top has an incredible view of not just Mt Rainier, but the Stewart range and Kelly's Butte (a very good foot hike).

I'll be promoting this trail in YouTube video to encourage as many motorcyclists as possible to frequent this LEGAL riding area.

mountain biking
4 months ago

By far one of my favorites descents in the area, nothing to technical just straight down the ridge, but a ton of exposure. Off camber trail for the majority of the descent, buttery smooth and knife blade thin, no room for error whatsoever, barely any roots or rocks, but it’s as fast as you can handle. Literally will burn a whole pair of brake pads on this descent. Moment you point down your pinned out to the bottom with barely any pedaling, I would not recommend riding this if your not comfortable at high speeds and don’t have surgical steering precision. One slight error could really f**k you on this one! Epic Adrenaline pumping descent for those willing!

Incredible!! Everyone must do this one at least once!

Hiked it 8/10/18. It was a little smokey from the wildfires so the views from the top weren't that great, but it was still well worth the effort.
The trail has water crossing it in 5 places before you get to the Nelson Ridge trail, so you won't need to pack too much water for the dog if you have one.
Once you get past all the switchbacks the trail is not too steep. For me, the easiest way to the top of Mt. Aix was to follow the trail past it and then follow take the little trail up to the top. It's a lot more gradual and easier to ascend.
For the descent we went straight down the steep face, next to the cable, with lots of loose rock. Be careful if you try this route.
A great workout.

Excellent yet strenuous trail. Views at the top were phenomenal. Mileage is not accurate, as this trail was 11+ miles round trip. The exact one-way mileage was 5.67 miles, according to my watch’s GPS.

4 months ago

Great hike up to Trap lake. Made it up to ridgeline above trap lake only. Trail was a little beat up and slick in parts. I was behind time and had to turn around. It looked like I still had about 2 miles to go and I was 6.5 miles in. I would expect about 14 miles round trip. Views of trap lake was stunning.

You really feel like you are in the mountains. From tunnel creek trail to Surprise lake. It’s up and down and the views are just amazing. You want to make sure you go on a sunny day with views. The toughest part of the trail was the beginning to the first lake. Warming up with elevation. After that the trail is smooth. We seen 4 lakes total. With mountain peak views, Boulder fields, meadows, some forestry areas with old growth. Probably my favorite trek I have done. I wished I would have stayed a night or 2.

This was a good hike but if you are from the east coast, make sure this isn't you first hike. The altitude hit us badly plus it was strenuous

Fantastic trial, views, all of it. NOT a "hard" rating, definitely moderate instead. First 2mi to the lake are the hardest and then 1mi after that it becomes much easier and the views along the way are going to keep you excited and energetic. We saw a marmot (they're huge!), heard pikas (cute) and made friends with lots of cute dogs.

5 months ago

Wow. What an awesome time. I hiked out there just me and my dog for an overnight yesterday! I will say backpacking it was tough. I probably could have went with a little less but realistically I used everything I brought outside of extra food. This trail is a bit rough at first then evening out into a refreshing walk through some fields(3) then gradually getting more difficult. Divided into 3rds the final is the hardest. It begins going up past the Trap lake trail where switchbacks begin. Once at the top you will duck into some timber crossing a ridge then straight up the face of a timber covered mountain. Now that you’re at the top of that you will navigate through 3 boulder fields and over three ridges before you crest into the basin. Pay close attention to the stacked rocks as you might find it difficult crossing the fields. You will find snow melting away into a stream for water if you need it before the final push to the lake! We went all the way to the lake at the top at Thunder mountain. It is stocked with fish since 2014! Pretty great feeling having dinner at last watching fish jump right in front of my tent! Even with the smoke it was still worth every bit. Happy trails guys be safe!

A late start at 2:45 on a mostly sunny warm day. I only hiked until 5 and then turned around, only because of the late start. This is definitely a strenuous trail, more on the downhill trip. Fantastic views at a couple of places where the trees thin out. I am going to try this trail again and bring trekking poles to help on the descent.

Awesome lake, this trail can be rough if you're backpacking it. The last mile and a half can be confusing but someone made rock towers to follow which makes it easier.

Best views ever. Worst descent ever.

Hiked yesterday, 8/2/18. Getting into the park around 9:45 AM, the ranger said I best hurry if I wanted to make it to the top before potential cloud coverage that would prevent any views. With this in mind, I hurried over to the trail and made my way up the never-ending wooded switchbacks, occasionally peering out through the trees to see already-impressive views.

Multiple times I figured I was close to getting out of the trees, but the wooded switchbacks were endless and steep. Getting to the creek by the Sourdough campsite, I stopped and filtered some water to keep fully stocked.

This is when the hike really starts getting worthwhile. The views open up to the right down onto the bright, turquoise lake as wildflowers start to populate the fields and the incline tapers off a bit.

A few more switchbacks until the top, and then you are greeted by the most amazing views on every side of the mountain. Glaciers, jagged peaks, rolling clouds, mountain lakes, and even more jagged peaks off on the horizon that made me yell to myself “WHAT ARE THOSE!!!” as I was only sharing the top with one other hiker. You could spend the whole day up there with a set of binoculars picking apart every bit of the scenery.

Now for the worst part. The hike was incredibly steep on the way down too (who would’ve thought), and the return of trees to prevent views really made me hate myself. I made it up in around 3 hours, and ended up only shaving off about 20-30 minutes due to just how painful it was on my knees. USE HIKING POLES TO SAVE YOURSELF.

The views were second-to-none, but the hike down was a special type of hell.

Edit: forgot to mention bugs. Weren’t an issue on the way up, and usually don’t bother me much in general so I never use bug spray. They were a bit annoying for the final stretch on the way down when I started taking breaks - so would probably be terrible for those that attract bugs. No mosquitos, just lots of little gnats and flies.

Best hike I had this year and no bugs!

5 months ago

The hike starts out very steep, going through a forested with very few openings for views. Because it is so steep and difficult, it is hard to keep motivated with redundancy of forested switchbacks. Once you come out of the forest, the views are stunning, but the steepness of the hike is relentless. You will cross Sourdough Creek which is very refreshing and a good place to refill water. Then you continue to the top where you will cross some snow fields and hit the lookout. The view of Diablo Lake was perfection, capturing the turquoise color.

My biggest complaint, which is not the trails fault, but the bugs were the worst I have ever seen. We got over 100 mosquito bites each and they did not care what clothing or bug spray we were wearing.

Advice — take your hiking poles. They are super helpful on the way down and will give your knees some ease.

Beautiful hike. We used our hiking poles to save our knees coming back down. Bugs at the top were awful and prevented us from sitting down to relax and enjoy the view. The 360 pano from up top is unreal though.

5 months ago

July 28, 2018: Great solitary hike!

Road in decent condition, passable by car.
No snow, but there were quite a few downed trees to hobble over. Other than the downed trees this trail is easily navigable, straight forward, but it is steep and ruthless and wooded right up to the end. The shady nature of this trail is welcomed on a hot sunny day!

We were on the trail for over 6 hours and passed not one soul, which I found odd since it was a gorgeous day.

6 months ago

This trail offers fantastic views of both Mt. Rainier as well as Mt. Adams and the surrounding area. When we went up, 8/16/18, we only made it about 3.5 miles up the trail. For a less experienced hiker like me, the elevation gain can get a little intense. Be prepared with plenty of water and food! The trail itself was very easy to follow since all of the snow had already melted away. However, there were areas where the trail wasn’t maintained properly; the ground was soft in places and led to a fear of falling down the slope! Other than that, it was a magnificent hike. Several nice little creeks to cross and plenty of places to view the mountains. Hoping to complete the summit once I’m in a little better hiking shape!

Hiked this on June 27 (Wednesday), and aside from me and my friend, there were 2 other people on the trail all day.

Took 5 hours to do the whole thing, including a couple short breaks and a long break at the summit.

There was snow on the ridge above the burnzone switchbacks that face southwest. We mistakenly followed the ridge, when we should have gone right (north) to stay on the trail as it enters the south facing basin below the summit.

Elevation gain is pretty much unrelenting however it seemed to be the steepest to start the hike. If you have ever wanted to hike a mile... up... here is a perfect chance to. Views from the top and steep meadow before are excellent.

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