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Great hike. Took us about 10 hrs and we consider ourselves average hikers. Arrived at the Log at about 7:45 am and the lot was almost full. I would suggest doing Wright peek first. You may not want to do it on the way back after you go up and down both sides of Algonquin. Very cold on the peeks dress warm.

Did Phelps then TT. Phelps is a bit more open at the top with about 200 degree view, whereas TT was a bit more narrow but awesome view of Marcy. TT was a bit muddy as you get close to the summit so be prepared for that. I would consider both easy to moderate, no significant rock scrambles but it could be trickier when raining or slick. Overall an awesome workout with nice reward at the top!


The “Lollipop Loop” hike to Mt Colden via Avalanche Pass is remarkable! The ladders and boardwalks make it easier for sure.Avalanche Lake area is outstanding!A must see ! Huge towering ledges, boulders, and the water itself. The hike up to Mt. Colden is fairly steep but has actual stairs for part of it. View from top are great! Many peaks are visible. Need to be in decent shape to do the whole 12 plus mile hike.Worth it if you can stick it.

The trail to Algonquin starting from the ADK Loj is relatively easy from the trailhead to the Marcy Dam area but gets increasingly difficult as it progresses. Plenty of cobbles to traverse.Continues to ascend quickly. Fun though. The final approach to the summit offers some great views. As does the summit itself.We hiked down off Algonquin over to Boundary then up to Iroquois. Back to Algonquin then down to the base of Wright. Wright is fairly tough as it ascend quite quickly. Great views. Check out the plane crash plaque and debris.The hardest part of Wright was that it was our third summit of the day.But why not get all three while right there. Be in good shape for this hike.

I'm convinced this range is cursed. Our 2nd attempt. Hit Santa & Panther, not enough sunlight for Couch. Did Santa first, which wasn't bad. Stayed on Panther peak to watch the beginning of the sunset before hiking the 1.5/2 miles back to the lean-to area. We followed the herd path down from Harold sq and it seemed to come to a dead end. Backtracked to find where we went wrong, but got turned around. Tried to use the Alltrails app, compass, and paper map to get us on trail, but didn't have any luck. We ended up bushwhacking with our headlamps for an hour until we hit Bradley Pond. From there, we new we were close. Don't rely on ONLY the app. My compass was the only thing that brought me to safety.

belle ascension 1h45 avec escaliers en pierre naturel a plusieurs endroit un peut plus difficile vers la fin et un retour agréable sur les 2 derniers kilometre qui sont plus plat!

This was my second time hiking Allen. The hike in to the base was quick, but I was slow going up and down that last mile of elevation gain. I took nice pictures of the ponds just off the summit.

Amazing hike and amazing view and yes go counter clockwise as many recommended!

Peak number 4 for me. I felt it was easier than the Santanoni/Couch/Panther trio, but this mountain was still a hell of a climb. I completed the hike in 8:42, but after getting my ass beat on the other three I mentioned, I’ve been working hard to get into halfway decent shape before doing this one. All but the last mile is relatively easy. It took me about an hour to complete the last mile going up and about an hour to get down. It’s slick and you will get your feet wet. Take your time and you’ll be alright. As of middle September, bugs were pretty much nonexistent. The trail is fairly well marked and easy to follow.

Unless you are set on completing the Adirondack 46, I’d skip this one. I will not do this hike again.

This was definitely a tough hike. I left the ADj lot at 7:30am, and arrived back at 4:00pm. Tabletop was an interesting experience, and a nice introduction to the unmarked and unmaintained trails. That being said, I wouldn’t do it again, just got it for the 46 count. Phelps is tough from the start. It’s a long, steep climb with several challenging sections. Beautiful views. I chose to do Tabletop first, and then Phelps on the way out. Even with the difficulty, it was a great day!

12 days ago

This was a tough hike, especially Redfield. We hiked in from Upper Works with full packs so that we could camp at Uphill Lean-to. While the walk is gradual into Colden Dam, it’s long enough to be tiring with weight. The section from the dam to the lean-to is beautiful with the river to your left. It is also a steady ascent. We switched to day packs at the lean-to, easily found the herd path to Redfield and Cliff and began the serious ascent to Redfield’s summit. I did not enjoy the trail - rocky and rooty. Views were nice here and there but it was mostly just a long slog. If you don’t want to be a 46er, I would skip this one.

After hiking Grey and Skylight on day two, we climbed Cliff on day three. The mud is ridiculous at the start of the trail and occasionally thereafter. But it is the cliffs that provide the interest. The several scrambles require attention but were actually fun. There is a work-around for the biggest rock face, and someone has nicely left a rope for rappelling if you want to go straight up (or down). So everything is do-able, even for someone who’s very small in stature (me). The walk along the ridge is a nice respite but the col before the final peak can be a heart-breaker.

The return to Upper Works is long and boring but pleasant enough. Taking beaks to enjoy the Opalescent, the lake at the dam, The Flowed Land, and the Henderson Monument helps pass the time.

This was our very first hike in the Adirondacks and we really enjoyed this trail. It starts off pretty easy which was a great warm up as it gets progressively more difficult and steep as you go! We really surprised ourselves and made it to the top. We only passed a few people along our hike and they were coming down on our way up. No one signed in after us and we ended up having the peak all to ourselves for the afternoon.

Decided to actually attempt our first mountain peak on the wife’s 29th birthday. The last mile or so got rather intense, but the pay off was definitely worth it.

Too long, not well indicated but amazing view at the top

This was one of my first difficult hikes I've done. After having done hikes in places like Sedona, Zion, the Rockies, and Grand Canyon, this is still my favorite hike. Maybe I have fond memories of this being the first hike that me and my new fiancee went on together. But it's more that this hike is just charming.

We did this hike in the winter, during November. Scrambling up felt incredibly dangerous and exhilarating in ice and wet granite, but was actually a ton of fun. Coming down the other side was a breeze compared to up. The views are stunning, being above the clouds.

Do this hike. Just do it.

16 days ago

We did this back on 9/1. The forecast was only 15% chance of rain for the day and of course when we got out of our car at the Upper Works east trailhead lot at 5 am it started raining. And didn't stop for most of the day... so obviously the trail was wet and muddy. The trail was easy to follow and flat the majority of the way. Except that last mile-ish up to the top (after the waterfall with the cairn marking the trail to the right). Most of it really wasn't as bad as I had heard, and in fact I think there may have been nice views going up to the peak if it hadn't been cloud-covered and raining. We got to the big rock slide and went up the right side. Wrong choice. There is a very small cairn at the base of the slide, go up the left side here. We ended up having to bushwhack up to the peak because the right side of the slide doesn't bring you back to the trail. Other than that part of the hike we actually didn't mind this trail. It took us almost exactly 12 hours roundtrip, I think we were a little slow making our way up to the summit due to the rain making an already slippery trail that much more slippery, so we were trying to be safe/cautious. Also, the 2 new suspension bridges kept us out of the deeper water. Any other crossings were shallow enough to cross using just the rocks as steps.

Great hike with just a couple trees over the trail, some mud but not bad.It was pretty foggy so the views weren’t much. The trail was quiet which was ok. Looks like they are getting ready to start some work up top either at the cabin or the tower.It was a nice and cool hike to the top in the clouds. Definitely recommend this hike.
No sign of Sasquatch either.

If you’re hiking Allen you’re typically trying to hike all 46 high peaks. This hike took me 9.5 hours car-to-car. The first 7 miles is flat terrain getting to the base of the mountain. It’s boring but at the same time is kind of neat and unique and a lot of time can be made hiking this portion quickly. There aren’t other trails like this while hiking the high peaks. Lots of open meadow-type clearings, hiking along old abandoned roads, lakes, going over multiple suspension bridges, and an abandoned cabin. It’s actually cool just really long. Going up Allen however is super slippery (the Red slime is real and very slick). Trekking poles and/or micro spikes are very useful on this trail due to climbing all the slippery slides/slabs. Fully wooded summit with summit sign. A few clearing views throughout the hike but there’s a reason people often don’t care for this hike; a lot of work/miles with little payoff. But it’s not as bad as some people make it out to be in my opinion.

Street and Nye are trailess peaks. However, the herd path is fairly easy to follow. There are several split offs that go around obstacles in different ways but they all seemed to meet up. The beginning of the trail is fairly easy. The trail is fairly level ground for about the first mile to mile and a half. Start out at the ADK Loj trail to Mount Jo, sign in and follow the Street and Nye trail sign. Cross Indian Brook a little less than a mile in. You will see the creek then follow the path to the right and in a few minutes you will see the crossing marked with several cairns. The trail picks up right across the creek with a short, but steep climb. Follow the trail along the edge of the embankment. We accidentally followed a different trail, but it met up. You'll see a large beaver pond. Past this you will have a stream on one side of you or another and cross it several times as you make your way up the mountain. After this there is a fairly steep climb up a rocky path, not quite a boulder scramble, just rocky. After this there is a steep winding path. I didn't realize how steep it really was until I was coming back down. There are fallen trees and debris to climb over throughout the trail because it is not maintained. You'll reach a die-back area of old spruce trees, you're almost at the junction of the two mountains then. There is a cairn and a sign scratched into a tree at the junction. We took the trail that goes more to the left and went to Street first. This is a narrow, winding trail that drops to the col first and then up to the peak. It's not as steep as the earlier section. The best views are off the back of Street. There are herd paths on the top of the mountain going to different views. There is a small sign at the top. We went back down and up a very short climb to Nye. There is a ledge on your way to Nye on the left side of you're headed up. This has the best views. There's wasps, there's rocks, there's a lot of up, there's trees to climb over, but they are 46ers. It took us about 8 hours and we're not fast hikers.

Difficult hike but worth the view. The views were amazing, 360 degrees. Many of those that were with us don’t hike regularly. They felt it was difficult but were able to complete it. The last bit would be difficult for elderly, younger kids as it’s a lot of scrambling and using hands.

Great hike. People saying this is dangerous are probably not your typical hikers. Don’t let the reviews deter you.

It’s a long hike just to get to the base of Allen. The trail is easy to follow. The hike was generally boring, with not too many views. The climb to the top followed a stream that was filled with slippery wet rocks. The summit had a few nice views, but to effort to get here should only be done if you want to complete the 46ers. There are many better hikes with much less effort that offer a greater wilderness experience.

My first High Peak. Words cannot describe the view or the high. the 3 mile walk to the mountain is boring but the ascent more than makes up for it. bring gloves for the climb down . My only compliant was that I got killed by these little black biting flies at the summit.

Started the trail from parking lot 1 at Loj info center. Start time 7:30am. The first three miles are pretty and simple. Next, headed towards avalanche pass/lake. Fun section of trail especially around the lake (ladders and bridges). I will note I have a fear of heights and none of this phased me. Ladders weren’t scary in that way. The day we went it had rained, so muddy/sloshy trails, and some boulders were slippery. No real danger was present, just be careful not to twist an ankle on rocks. The 1.5 mile ascent to Mt Colden was brutal. An unrelenting steep upward climb with tall ladders. Again, not a scary height thing, just a hell of an exhausting trek up. There was only one area right near the summit where I could not look down due to height and danger, but if I can make it up, anyone can. We actually passed through the peak, not realizing it was the top because it was a smaller area than expected, but as promised, the hardest climbs end in the best views. Started the decent via lake Arnold. Hiking down is hard on the knees, so I’d recommend trekking poles. It was a long hike back, where the initial easy parts of the trail now feel never ending. All in all, we did survive the 13.6miles. Arrived back at 5:00pm, so it was a 9.5hr round trip. Happy Hiking! :)

My wife and I hike a fair amount in the Western US and didn’t really understand how difficult this hike was before embarking. It is clear from the distance of the loop, the vertical involved, and the steepness that a “hard” rating is well deserved. What we didn’t know was how slow we’d have to hike to negotiate the boulders and natural, ungroom condition of the “trail.” It was a challenge! The time on the trail with late August heat and humidity revealed our poor planning in water consumption. Our bad. The reason for a lower rating is colored by our experience and lack of planning but is more about the relatively few vistas for the effort. Others might rate this loop higher for the technical challenge.

hiked this on 8/24/18 and had a awesome day hiking. coming out of avalanche pass is just amazing a must hike and the new trail work is great hope they add some more its a sketchy first hop. Looking up the trap dike is pretty cool. the 1.6 miles up from the lake is a butt kicker the view's are worth all the work. we stayed an hour on the summit enjoying the day down the lake Arnold trail went on and on. back at the trailhead 6pm 12 hours, 14.2 miles, 3300 feet gained.

Great hike. similar elevation gain to some high peaks, but the ground is pretty soft most of the hike, which makes it easier.
you can definitely bring a dog that is use to hiking on this trail with no issues.

26 days ago

Hiked this trail as the first stage of a 6 day backpacking trip in the Adirondacks. The trail itself wasn't particularly interesting but the view at the top is great as long as you climb the fire tower. It was raining when we did the hike so it was slow moving due to the slippery rocks and roots. My inReach clocked it in at 2.2 miles each way, so a bit further than the trail maps and signs state. Other hikers had similar distances logged. As others have mentioned, the access road is an adventure in itself so you may need to hike extra to get to the trailhead if your vehicle struggles with the rough road.

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