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Sooooo much fun. still needed micro-spikes for the last mile in the snow and ice. Simply gorgeous. The old growth Douglas fir trees are beautiful neat the mid-way point.

great views. very snowy on april 18 2018. extra gear needed to reach the top due to weather that time.

I did this hike a year ago and it was a good one. Beautiful, challenging and well kept. There seems to be snow into spring so dress accordingly, I had to learn the hard way with this hike but it was well worth it! Make sure you are in good shape to finish this hike so you can finish it in a timely manner!

on Mount Si Trail

4 days ago

Beautiful! Lots of snow at the top today. Glad I brought my spikes.

Definitely a tough hike. Went up the old trail and down the new. Old trail was pretty wet/muddy for the first 1.5miles. snow and ice the last mile. Snow was super soft the last half mile push and was tough even with microspikes. the new trail seems exceptionally easy albeit long after the steep climb up. Fun and challenging trail though.

Light rain the whole time. Well marked trail, friendly folks and close enough to the city to get an aggressive training hike.

Heading back soon as I was unable to complete due to work ;( Expect this trail to take a minimum of 3 hours at a decent pace (3 mph average)

Went last weekend. Good hike. It is difficult. This was my first time doing it. I look forward to doing in the summer time. I would highly recommend taking micro spikes. My dad did it without but it was much more difficult.

9 days ago

A great challenge and beautiful view! I did not need crampons at the top after Monday’s sunny day it was mostly melted and slushy.

11 days ago

Awesome hike! We had a pretty warm day yesterday and a lot of the snow melted at the top. I put my spikes on to walk 20 feet then took them off. Stay on the pinestraw and you're all set, the spikes were over kill IMO.

Awesome..made it today inspite if severe snow storm & rain...

15 days ago

Excellent hike! My bootie raised two inches this day. Be sure to wear spikes there is still ice and snow at the summit

16 days ago

Great view but bring spikes for the last 400 meters

17 days ago

First timer and loved it!
Thanks to my buddy who knows this place like the back of hands. I hope to be back to enjoy the spring full bloom.

It was definitely difficult for us but so worth it!

Easier way up/down to than the old trail

18 days ago

This hike is a must-do on a clear day- you can see so many peaks, including Rainier right in your face! We did this on Saturday and hit snow about 2/3 of the way up. While many of the people we saw had microspikes, we didn’t. I would say if you have them, use them, but if you don’t own them (like us) you will be just fine as long as you have trekking poles. We were also able to glissade part of the way down from the top- so fun :)

19 days ago

Nice day for hiking! We got snow all the way. Took us 5hrs to the top. Amazing view- love it!

Done it for first time twice in one day part of our training for Himalayas. 8.000 ft vertical gain and descent in a day is not bad. The trail is great experience and training ground to. The old trail requires a level of fitness but is doable for a beginner in shape. Amazing you have perfect phone signal.

19 days ago

4/1/18: Weather conditions were windy and the rain held off for most of the afternoon so the ground was dry. This is good because this hike is completely ‘open’. You can either do the switchback trail or go directly up to avoid the switchbacks (which is what my partner and I did) and the intensity rating I would give for that is “hard” since it’s straight up. Trail is a mix of rocks, dirt, and grass. When you think you’ve reached the “top”... don’t be fooled, you’ll have a few more steps to go. There weren’t many mountain bikers today, but be cautious to share the trail with them because they come down fast and some don’t forewarn you with a shout. When you finally reach the top, there’s not much else going on though which was a bit disappointing.

19 days ago

Amazing view! Challenging trail but definitely worth the effort!

20 days ago

Beautiful hike. Must bring crampons during this time of year to get to the top.

Steady gain in elevation. Perfect if you’re looking for a low-key morning workout. Hiking boots, poles, and crampons are a must if you want to make it to the top. The snow pack gets pretty slick as you get higher up!

21 days ago

Wife and I did this trail this morning and had a great time. The parking lot was fairly full but the trail was never close to being anywhere near crowded. The weather was just right with it only being a bit cool towards the top. I was hesitant at first about bringing crampons but certainly glad I did. I got a kick out of watching all those in sneakers skidding and sliding around trying to not fall on their butt or worse off the trail. Overall it was a fun hike and would recommend it.

Hiked this yesterday for the first time and I submitted in just my hiking boots, no spikes. My friend, who never ever hikes and is 40 lbs over weight, got to within 100 yards of the mailbox but did not have good footwear. He was wearing running shoes with wool socks pulled over them for gripping, gym shorts and a Superman shirt. This is instantly my most favorite hike. there are minimal flat spots, all climibing or decsending, and a few gorgeous views that can bring a grown man to his knees. Treking poles really help extend endurance. The snow on the pass was slick slush, worthy to slow down and gain sure footing.

22 days ago

On March 10th a Friend and I climbed to the top of Mount Si. Here is a video i made along the way: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0tvffyzSH8&t=3s We began hiking at 6:00am from the main trailhead, it was 29 degrees, clear skies and only a few cars in the parking lot. About 2ish miles up the trails we stopped and i put on my crampons, microspikes would have also worked a little while later we made it to the top of Mount Si through a near vertical scramble. I would only attempt this if you have crampons or an ice axe as it was a little hairy!! The cornices at the top weren't terrible but still stay away from the edge. We stayed at the top for a little bit took a few photos and then began working our way back down the views were incredible, not a cloud in the sky only a little windy. On the way down we encountered a TON of people we couldn't hike for more than one minute without seeing another group of people headed up the trail. We reached the trailhead around 11:00 and it was full. Again here is the video i took on the hike: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0tvffyzSH8&t=3s

Be safe out there,

NW Adventures

23 days ago

It’s hard, but worth it once you get to the top. Should be in moderate shape before attempting to get to the top.

25 days ago

Hiked on March 24th. So many long switch backs! But it was a nice casual hike, not steep until the last 1/4 mile where you get to the top of the cliff trail. Make sure you have a map-not many signs actually say the name of trails on the way up. Flowers just starting to come up!

On Sunday a friend and I climbed to the top of Mailbox Peak I made this video along the trail: https://youtu.be/NjPD0IV5a8M

We parked at the lower parking lot and at 6am we started our hike up the new trail the snow was patchy until mile 2ish where it turned into a solid snow pack. The trail was very well maintained and cleared I would recommend crampons but micro spikes work. We reached the top around 9:30am with clear skies and almost no wind. We headed down about 15 minutes later. We passed many people on the way down. We reached the trailhead at 12:00 only to find both parking lots where full and people where parking on the road. Check out the video I made about the hike: https://youtu.be/NjPD0IV5a8M

Overall it was a great hike with amazing views and weather. I suggest crampons for the steep sections and a early start to beat the people.

Be safe out there,

NW Adventures

Such a beautiful hike. Amazing views the whole entire way! Lots of traffic - hikers and mtn bikers. Got lucky with sunshine the whole time. Loved it! Can’t wait to see all the wildflowers this summer

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