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Hike this trail once a week. Easy walk from home to trailhead. Not crowded weekday mid-mornings, but extensively used on weekends. Moderate uphill segments that get the heart pumping. Beautiful front range views. Wonderful urban trail resource.

Nice surprise to have 9 varieties of flowers blooming at this end of season date. Today we saw 3 deer, one little snake, and one horse. Lots of friendly people and dogs :)

It's a great short hike in the city, perfect for an after-work hike or early morning. I've done it many times, mostly due to location convenience. Easy, moderately trafficked, but you can get the work in!

Really enjoyed this as a loop w/ my 6 month old puppy. Do the loop counter clockwise- that way you hit the steep stuff going uphill and downhill is a gentle slope if you have a dog and don’t want the trail to be too hard on their joints going downhill

Decent trail with lots of shade and trees. A nice 4 mile trail but never got away from view of the road or hearing traffic. 2-3 really steep hills, sand and wash-outs made it semi-difficult with a jogging stroller, but otherwise manageable walking. Saw some deer and a horse, so all-in-all a good time.

Wife and myself absolutely loved it

Beautiful night

16 days ago

More of a walk than hike, but a very easy trex to and around Palmer Lake for 6.8 mile trip. Walk along the rail road tracks with lots of wild flowers and great views of the rock formations. Wasn't too busy, had other hikers, bikers and walkers with dogs.

Nice little 3 mile loop with great mountain views

19 days ago

Great hike and wonderful views. I started my hike there on Wednesday, 8/29/2018 at 1:30PM and saw 5 people the entire way, and then only on parts of the hike within a 10 minute walk from the parking lots. The trail is well-marked and maintained - the trail simply follows the canyon all the way around, either on the rim or along the bottom near the stream so you can't get lost or sidetracked if you're paying attention.

The hike is more than 5.8 miles...my hike was 6.5 miles without roaming off the trails much, and the only heart pumping part is just past the dam as you ascend to the rim of the canyon for a quarter mile or so. NOTE: there is poison ivy along all parts of this trail right along the edge of the trails (poison ivy thrives on disturbance). If you are sensitized to it like I am - and have had it many times like me - then you'll notice it pretty quickly. I'm a field botanist so I was turning sideways on a few of the narrower portions of the trail because I was in shorts. If you have kids with you just be careful that they don't handle random vegetation along the trails.

Overall a great hike - I'm coming back to do the eastern loop, which is a preservation area and will be of more interest to biologists and environmental types.

Checked out this local trail back in May while visiting family. Have to say I wish our local park had great views like this. Not many people when we went and only 1-2 bikers. Mountains still had snow cap on them as well at the time. Kids 7 & 4 enjoyed the trail and bench at the top.

Beautiful!! Added bonus...we saw the ranches down below. Big sky, open land...magnificent!

walked the while park and was very satified. the wild life there was hard to find execpt for birds.

trail running
26 days ago

Great place for a run! Plenty of hills to train on and exactly 5KM. Look for the blue markers on trees to stay on course.

Sweet. Great trail. We took out 11 year and she was awesome. About 2 1/2 leisurely pace. Bring water for each person, the first part is a lot of up hill.

29 days ago

Honestly easy trail with not many inclines. Beautiful views like everyone has said and easy to get to. We showed up around 1130 am and had to park in the 3rd lot which is not a far walk to the trail head.

1 month ago

The scenery here was unique, and I really enjoyed the hike overall (I like loop trails where you get to see new things throughout the hike). However, the trails were packed for someone like me who typically aims for less trafficked areas, the route was hard to keep track of due to lots of little offshoots, and I was surprised by how many large rocks there were to get over given that the trail is rated easy (my knees won't thank me tomorrow!).

Perfect morning hike. We started around 9:30 and there was plenty of parking by the trailhead. The way up was a good workout (moderate due to the incline), with a great view at the top, and nice, shaded and easy descent down. If I lived in the area I would frequent this trail. Seemed well liked by runners and mountain bikers.

My phone app tracked the actual distance at 4.5 miles. There was a lot more sand and hills than I had expected. We brought the dogs who loved it but the 5 year old on a bike not so much. I had to push and pull her through the sand then she gave up the bike and walked. Well kept and peaceful.

horseback riding
1 month ago

Hiking only; mountain bikes and horses are not permitted; dogs on leash O.K. It is a beautiful place.

I ended up taking the Palmer Trail today almost by accident. I was at a corner trying to decide, if I should go down towards Red Rock Canyon or up the Palmer Trail. A trail runner came by and encouraged me to go up, take it slow and enjoy the views. So I did. I questioned my sanity going up the rocky side since I live in the Austin,TX area and on 1000ft. But by the time I got to the top with taking a break on the uphill, I was sold on this trail. This trail is what I have missed since moving from the area 11 years ago. I liked the challenge going up the rocky part, sitting and taking it all in at the top, the views on the longer downhill slope. To me it was the perfect trail to celebrate reaching 2000 miles of hiking for the year today. PS: For those that have problem with finding the trail they are on: turn on the alltrails app, pull up the trail you want to hike and the location on your phone and the blue dot will tell you where you are...  I never lost reception on this trail, plus it is NOT hard to follow once you start on the rocky incline...  I would like to add that the longer downhill part is easy or moderate, but that rocky incline was probably somewhere between moderate and hard!!!!

Hiked the trail a few weeks ago. I thought it was really lovely- with some pretty stunning views of the evergreen-covered hills and a very nice, small waterfall with wood bridge. The first half or so was somewhat steep, but the descent was a really nice grade.

Great for dogs. Fairly well trafficked.

Great hike. My 12 year old killed it.

Love this trail. Some hills, some flatness, great views, lots of wildlife and cyclists (watch out for them-most are very polite). Not much shade. Great trail to train on.

It’s a great spot close to Lincoln Ave in Lone Tree. The view at the top where bench is located gives a panoramic view of the DTC and downtown Denver. This hike is well marked and has many wide areas. Watch out for the mountain bikers as they come down some of the inclines. It would be best to do this trail in the morning during the summer as there is minimal shade.

1 month ago

Beautiful, peaceful hike. Loved the intrigue of finding the Ute prayer trees.

A nice easy/moderate hike that got my heart rate up reasonably well. Did most of the loop and encountered < 10 people @ 9AM on a Saturday

1 month ago

Great trail for conditioning for high altitude. I"ve been away from the area for over a year so have lost some lung capacity and some of the uphills forced me to slow down. But I made it. Fun hike!

one of the best I've found in the Springs so far!

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