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Nice variety of trail loops with same great views.

Except for the first part along a residential street and a couple of major road crossings it is very peaceful

19 days ago

Beautiful and fun!

Good trail, good view. But too many mosquitoes, and the markers are inapparent and confusing.

Lovely walk. Only did the first chunk from Savage park to Guillford, but looking forward to doing the rest soon! Pretty popular though so there were a lot of people on the trail. Also wasn't a huge fan of the sections that ran and crossed over a major road

mountain biking
22 days ago

Great trail but a few trees down and had to get off bike to manuver. Wear bug spray!

lots of wildlife!

very nice trail, ample parking to be had. went on a sunday morning and the main area/main overlook was PACKED. if you want some time to yourself and pictures i suggest going off weekend. once you get out of the main overlook the trails are good and much less congested. the two overlooks in the back had no one there and i was able to eat lunch solo. sugarloaf also gets points for trail markers along the trails not just at the crossroads. that was a nice touch.

Beautiful nature but poorly marked blazes on parts of the blue trail. At one point we may not have been on the trail at all as the path was very overgrown and narrow on the east side of the mountain.

trail running
1 month ago

ran this trial 2 days ago. had to slow down because of being rocky at points. i enjoyed the run, cant emagine how bikes will make it though. easy to follow tree colors. i saw only a friendly lady walking her dog. had a little mud but nothing to get soggy feet.

Had an enjoyable 4ish mile hike around the Lakeside trial. There are several spots where the trail signs are not terribly well marked. The trail itself is pretty but mixed: earthen trail, gravel, asphalt and even a section of abandoned parking lot and road. A few bicyclists and occasionally other hikers. We had a very pleasant hike with our 2 dogs. There is a ford across a steam to get to the trail at one point, which required a scramble up an embankment on the other side involving exposed roots and a bit of mud. Still, it's a pretty hike and quiet in the deeper woods. Highly recommended and will do this again in the fall

1 month ago

Great views and mostly clearly marked. Found a few washed out areas I had to navigate around. Couple stream crossing. getting wet and muddy is unavoidable but that's half the fun. Mosquito's were really bad at one point. Small tip, when you reach the clearing with the power lines just go down the hill through the field to pickup the trail again. Don't try to go across into the other side and look for a trail only to fight your way through dense picker bushes. Had fun, I'd go again.

Not moderate. Easy.

I love this trail but it’s best during the week because the weekend can be too busy. Great for dogs, I have 2 and 99% of people with dogs on trail are dog friendly

Good level of challenging, some steep parts but such a well made path it was no problem. Ample parking (with video security), free (with donations recommended), great views and different path options. Overall great hike!

I had great time hiking this trail, but, lots of mud and bugs. I slipped twice on the trail. Also, great views of the lake and few stream crossing. I saw turtle hiking the trail. Part of the trail was washed away forming crack across the trail. I jumped across the crack.

Great hike. Fairly easy, but White Rocks( north and south) has scenic views. I will agree some of the markings(blazes) were difficult to see. My wife and I did lose the trail at one point. However, given this property is part of a foundation, I am very thankful we have access to it. Worth the hike.

This trail was really fun because there were a lot of uphills and downhills. The trail is not marked and is not well maintained. Lots of fallen down trees but are easy to get over - majority of the trail was not cleared so we ran through a lot of overgrown grass/plants. I would recommend wearing long pants/capris and longsleeves just so you don’t get cut up or catch possible poison ivy! great run overall!

on Coot Peninsula Loop

1 month ago

Beautiful drive to the hike. Very serene by the lake. Lots of bugs—wear bug spray!

I really wanted to complete this longer circuit of the trail system, however there is a decent water crossing about .8 miles in from the trailhead I have yet to see anyone comment on. This leads me to believe that even less people have taken this actual route. It's easily 1.5ft deep at one point, this is not a light crossing. I had only seen one other user post a picture that made me question this as it is also not visible on the maps. While this may be easier in a drought or low water period, Maryland has been hammered regularly with heavy rains recently.

This trail, once it goes past regular trail markings, is not maintained at all. Be prepared for this if you opt for this route.

There are a handful of recently downed trees as well so be prepared for a little scramble.

I hope to attempt this trail again later.

Nice wooded trail around Lake Roland. Mostly flat with options for more hilly treks.

The blue trail is beautiful and rugged. It is poorly marked in one spot. We took the wrong path and had to back track. We came across a Timber Rattlesnake on the trail.

The Blue Trail was an enjoyable but challenging walk in the woods. I found myself going up and down a lot. The trail markings were a bit confusing at first and it can be pretty easy to go off the trail if you're not careful. It wasn't too hot considering it was mid July when I did this. I had fun spotting all the different granite intrusions in the rocks. The summit at White Rocks was breathtaking.

This is a wonderful neighborhood trail. We walk our dogs on it several times a week. It’s accessible for all levels, and you’ll often spot a deer or two.

2 months ago

Beautiful, didn’t see a single other person on the trail.

Park is beautiful but the lack of adequate blazes and trail markers sadly makes me rate this loop 2 stars.

very nice trail. the main trail is wide and smooth so you can walk it in tennis shoes. However the side trails can be rocky & root and you should probably have hiking boots on. Alltrails shows the TH in a bad spot with very little parking right alongside a busy road. the other end of the trail is near the dam and has a nice parking lot. in the future I will park at the other end of the trail. I consider this trail as easy not moderate...not much of an elevation change and no difficult areas.

the trails get poorly marked as you go further in. we completely missed a turn off for the blue trail and wasted a lot of time. it was disappointing not being able to do the full loop as originally planned. we might try another day

Trail was beautiful. Early part was more secluded. recommend pants if you don’t like grass brushing you. We wore shorts and were fine though. When we went (summer) some of the old pond trail was not completely cleared.

The lake is beautiful and as a result can get crowded.

2 months ago

I've been taking my puppy here for awhile- nice walk and hike. Easy to get down to the patuxent river for him to cool down. A lot of runners and dogs - overall very peaceful.

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