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Grants Pass

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HOLY MOSQUITOES. but good easy hike.

1 day ago

Moderate hike from the hemlock side. Nice lakes Mosquitos weren’t too bad, but there was definitely an over abundance of them. The worst part was seeing all the toilet paper and poop holes people have left behind. If you’re going to dig a hole to use at least fill it in and pack out your toilet paper. Just behind every downed tree in the burned out section someone used the area as a toilet.

Beautiful meadows of sage, corn lillies and lupin, forests of evergreens and aspens, andcamazing views of shasta, mt ashland, pilot rock and mcloughlin in the last two miles to the peak. I call the top Cafe Wagner because it’s a great place for lunch.

I loved this trail. The first two to three miles are the hardest but then it smooths out a little just in time for the views. Finished by 10 am on what is supposed to be quite a hot day but there was plenty of shade. I was the first one on the trail this morning, so I ate most of the spider webs (so don’t be first if that bothers you). Great views the whole way up but nothing compares to the views at the top.

4 days ago

Gorgeous hike!! Terrain changes from rocky to dusty. Not a ton of traffic (such a plus) and the lakes are STUNNING! Crystal clear and surprisingly warm compared to other mountain lakes. Mild mosquitos and inclined most of the hike. Great swimming hole. This particular part of the trail is only the first two miles of the Nannie Creek Trail (Puck Lakes Trail and Nannie Creek Trail are the same trail), so reaching the lakes would be doable for beginners.

I love this hike. Two trails to pick from. The one on the parking lot side is great in the spring time full of flowers, but in summer the one on the other side of the road is best it is mostly in the shade.

10 days ago

Wow. It’s as good as everyone has been saying on here. Definitely not easy. So much of it’s uphill. But the views are amazing. I did this and Crater Lake while I was in the area, and it was a perfect two day combination.

We enjoyed the views and variety of trees. The climb was a nice challenge with a smooth ground. It was easy to follow the signs even though there were many trails that crossed over the white rabbit trail. The trail was fairly well shaded which was nice. A nice. quick little hike, it took us 2 hours, 15 min.

Very limited parking on a very steep street.

it was very nice hike

Great hike! So beautiful and not crowded! The views of the taller peaks and valleys from the top are excellent.

An extraordinarily beautiful and rewarding hike. Not too difficult, but medium length. Make sure you’re acclimated!
Tough drive in, need four wheel drive and a resilient stomach

awesome hike. I'm a novice hiker and this hike I did with very little effort. very little incline. got down to the water to take some nice pictures of the falls.

20 days ago

Very nice and diverse trail. Loads of wildflowers, butterflies, birds, excellent views. Lush green forest opens up to some mountain meadows, then drier open hillside showing wildfire effects from several years ago. Saw a baby black bear on the way up to the trailhead. All around well worth it and good for kids.

Did this my kids, my two year old walked most the way! View is fantastic! Recommend starting in the early morning. Took us a little over 3 hours.

23 days ago

The lakes are still beautiful. Lots of fire damage on the short hike up to the first lake (1.25 mi), but the lakes were preserved pretty well. Mosquitos were moderate.

23 days ago

Diverse terrain. It starts in the forest and opens up. Lots of wildflowers late into the season. No grizzlies, but I did see a black bear a couple of years ago!

24 days ago

Beautiful falls, you can hike further if desired to avenue of the boulders, which are falls as well. Easy path and very shaded. There is even a bathroom at the trail head.

Fantastic hike with beautiful views. Easy to find. Summit trail is marked but then unmarked. We never knew if we actually reached the summit. Hiked this with two city-fide ten year olds. My only disappointment was the lack of real grizzlies to eat these boys and give me a moment of rural peace.

Intended on hiking this early today, when parking I saw two cars with windows smashed in, decided against it just as a heads up to everyone. I was very excited to do the hike but didn’t want to deal with that.

29 days ago

We get just under 5.5 miles for the loop based on our GPS record. Always a lovely hike and the trail is in superb condition.

nature trips
1 month ago

Went in early October, beautiful scenery with mossy trees and trickling mini waterfalls. Lots of poison oak popping up so just and avoid it. Trail pretty narrow the whole way with steep drop offs to river so had to hold the 2 year old almost the entire trail. 8 year old loved it though and had no problems.

Love the hike. It was beautiful this time of year and the weather was perfect. Watch out because it’s super rocky and if you trip and fall you could go off the edge as the path is super narrow. I tripped and fell on my way back to my car. I’m a fairly new hiker so it was likely me and not the trail though.

1 month ago

Did both sides of the river. Beautiful hike.

Loved this hike! The scenery is beautiful. And there are some smaller trails off the main trail to get to the beaches by the water. I’ll definitely be back to hike this trail again.

on Twin Lakes Trail

1 month ago

Beautiful trail with a wide variety of plants. Early June day brought a fluke snowstorm, which only added to the incredible scenery. Evidence of last year's massive forest fire is everywhere. Great people tirelessly cleared the trail and brought it back to life. 2 beautiful lakes close together, easy hike.

Love this hike! watch out for poison oak!

It's a great hike, but certainly not for anyone who brings a big dog. The trail is very narrow and extremely rocky at certain points. I would also caution against bringing young, inexperienced children on this trail.

1 month ago

Enjoyable with a great hard packed base among the oaks, manzanita and madrones. Nice the dog can run free...

great scenery awesome waterfalls nice easy little hike with the family. my eight-year-old did great wife was taking pictures the whole time but loved it lots of shade I would definitely recommend

1 month ago

Hiked with Daniela the morning of 5/25. Beautiful! Would rate it easy/moderate, only a couple times that went a little up hill otherwise it was easy and beautiful. Love that part of it was a loop trail. We could see Mt. Shasta and Mt. Adams from the top. When we first arrived we only saw 4 people, by the time we got down the parking lot was completely full!

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