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3 days ago

View is beautiful! Very steep trail though, but so much fun!

Awesome trail! Make sure to wear the proper shoes though!

great hike

15 days ago

This was definitely a moderate hike..I would not categorize this as “easy”. It was challenging and enjoyable and absolutely stunning views at the top. I’m in good physical shape (good endurance and cardio level) but new to hiking and it took me an hour to get to the summit. (Trekking poles recommended) And I don’t know what kind of mountain goats people have for children but I think this might be challenging for little ones (or maybe they’re more agile cause they’re smaller?!) Even though it wasn’t sunny, the view on a crisp fall day was breathtaking and I might have uttered an f-bomb or two in disbelief..highly recommend

18 days ago

My wife was down at Saratoga Lake trying to row in the Head of the Fish, during a Nor-easter, so I decided to venture up Prospect Mtn. It was mostly rain at the bottom and mixed precipitation at the top with some slight glazing in areas making it a bit slippery. Love the tram history and the bull-gear and other artifacts at the summit. Decided to take the road around for my decent as there was not a soul in sight, no cars, no hikers, no birds, no noth'in...just me and the wind & rain. The road seemed to take forever but there were a few vistas on route so not bad. Bumped into an older gent collecting leaves at the trailhead down. Pretty cool hike!

Trail is in great shape now. Leaves are in full color or maybe a little past. Today was my first hike through here since the big windstorm earlier this year. What a great job by the NPS to clear the trail!

I ended up walking from Balcares Redoubt to the Chatfield Farm on the woods trail. Very nice trail, well maintained, dry and mowed close.

Nice trails, but rather poorly maintained and lacking trail maps at each of multiple entrances. Interpretive signs are in poor repair and trail marking is inconsistent. It's not at all just a few small loops as the AllTrails map makes it appear.

Nice trail. Well groomed, nicely marked. Trail is mostly flat, no poles needed. Some nice views especially with the leaves turning. Would do again. Trail is mostly out in the open with fields all around. It was very windy today when I hiked. I saw 4 other people on the trail.

Walked to the first falls today from the Hecheltown Rd. parking area. The trail was in good shape and reasonably dry. They've done some work on the steps climbing away from the dam and added some steps on the blue trail at the steep hill. The steps ease the grade and make climbing a lot easier.

There's some pretty good beaver activity going on just upstream from the dam. The trail before the dam is high and dry now, but another foot or two and it'll be under water.

Fall colors are at their peak.

Really nice walk, especially with some fall colors showing. Gentle and well-marked. Make sure your phone is fully charged so you can do the cell phone tour. I could only do three of them before my battery died, but it seemed like it would add a lot to the trail. Unfortunately, the tour road was closed when I went, so this was all I could do.

Kids loved it here. Would recommend it for a nice, kid friendly, family day.

Hiked sleeping beauty today. Trail was a little wet in spots as is typical. Views were beautiful. The trail is moderate by comparison with its neighbors Black and Buck especially if you can park at Dacey clearing. That shortens the hike by about 3 miles. Although the road fromHoggs Town parking to the trail head is very nice in winter when closed. Great views, beautiful scenery just challenging enough.

Not to difficult of a hike and the view is breath taking.

Fantastic view from overlook. Relatively rocky trail. Definitely moderate or harder.

Great view. Worth the trip. Fall is spectacular

Muddy but worth it! Glad I was wearing boots. Drove to Dacy trailhead to avoid hiking the road...so now I have another reason to get my Jeep. Take it slow and you'll be fine, though.

This was my first actual summit. Ever. I was absolutely ready to turn around and go right back up when I saw the registration box. I really didnt want to leave...I'm officially hooked.

This is a straightforward up and back - straight up Prospect Mountain. Novices would call it Hard and Experts would call it Easy. Parts have a fairly steep incline. I did it with my 25lb one year old strapped to my back - took about 3 hours round trip. Views at the top are excellent for the Southern ADKs.

Awesome hike. We took our husky puppy and she loved it!

beautiful trails, great pond to sit and have a picnic by. not well marked trails at all and there are a lot of trails. know where you are going because it is easy to get lost in there especially once the leaves have fallen.

Other than the rather anticlimactic summit due to cloud cover, it was the perfect day to get out there! Foliage was beautiful, and the hike was a nice rewarding challenge with the wet and mud!

loved it

I am not an avid hiker and agree with the moderate rating for a novice, mostly due to the terrain of rocks and roots. Lots of dogs and kids on this well traveled trail. It was quite wet and muddy so boots are a must. Too cloudy for a view today, but still was an awesome experience being in a cloud with the wind and mist swirling around you. Will be back on a sunny day

I would call this an easy hike. It was very muddy with a lot of standing water. Didn’t see any views due to the cloud cover. Will definitely hike this again in better weather.

Easy hike if you hike to and from Sleeping Beauty from inner parking lot. If you want to add some interest, go via Bump’s Pond which is pretty Trail. We have had a bit of rain so there was a lot of standing water and mud on upper parts of Trail (I wouldn’t wear sneakers)

This was a great trail! I went with my bike and had a great time. There was some wets spots but overall really good. We took Cape Henry trail and at end of it there was a port-a-potty that was disgusting and I would recommend definitely not use that. If you go to the right of Cape Henry trail and onto the 64th st road there’s a little bench spot where you can rest and see the lake also at end of 64th street there’s the beach, totally worth it!

Fairly easy hike, clearly visible trail with a very rewarding view of Lake George.

I really enjoyed that there were so many trails to choose from. It was like a choose your own adventure and you might get a little lost (which I did)!

A nice steady climb to the top with some nice bedrock patches on the second half of the climb. My 5 1/2 year old was able to do this hike without too much difficulty. On the way down we found an entrance to the old cable tram carve out which can also be used as a trail and is actually easier. While the second half is steep (6/10), there are plenty of safe ways up and down. I would not rate this as a hard hike because it's so short in distance.

Trail was great today 9/23. Minimal mud and bugs! Good amount of hills to get your heart rate up, but still easy enough to enjoy the scenery!

First portion is a steady moderate hike after you cross the highway via a steel walkway. After you cross the road, the intensity increases to moderate to steep at times. We are novice hikers and we decided to go for it and it took us approximately 1 hr 15 minutes to reach the summit. The views are rewarding! Especially seeing the highway we crossed over!

I’d recommend hiking boots for sure, lots of water, snacks and breaks as you need them. I hiked with one hiking pole and found it to be very helpful. At the summit they do have a place to refill water bottles.

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