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love this hike

I guess it was alright? wouldn't mind going again.

Great trail! Awesome view at the top and many different areas with scenic views as you make your way up. Different routes can make this hike shorter or as long as you want. Good trail for beginners.


Go super early and during a weekday otherwise it's a tourist hangout unless you like being around a bunch of other people that lack trail etiquette.

Otherwise great butt workout via Burbank trail!

Beautiful views! Easy trail, fairly decent incline.

Great hike After work!!

Short but intense uphill climb, beautiful view of the city and the valley all at once. Gets pretty crowded, and beware parking cops.

Great hike mostly incline either entrance. A lot of erosion coming down the fern trail.

8 days ago

Really neat nature walk (considering it's roughly 0.2 miles one way lol) it's a very interesting cave. Despite it being really short it's a definite must visit as the surrounding area is really interesting as well. Got to see a group setting up the area for a future Toyota commercial so that was also cool.

This is a nice hike but there sure was a lot of people hiking that day!!

Relaxing stroll with some nice views

Really enjoyed this trail. Beautiful views and kid friendly.

Very steep the first 1/3 but a nice shorter hike. Bring a stroller for younger kids.

12 days ago

Solid option. I usually disregard moderate ratings as easy but jokes on me. There are actually moderate inclines. Parking was easy at the Greek and we jumped onto the trail somewhere across the street. Bring more water than you think you'll drink - trail is pretty dusty. There will be a consistent stream of dogs and people which can be really fun depending on how much you like dogs or people. The trail itself seems to be listed as/follow Riverside View on the signposts? so I had to open up my phone a few times just to make sure we were on the right path.

This hike was pretty neat. I was able to see some awesome breed of dogs.... it’s funny because we came on this hike by mistake trying to see the caves on the Bronson hike (something like that).

I recommend WORKOUT gear. I saw a lot of people that might have missed that memo and ended up sliding and falling. Be sure to have a shoe that has a grip to it! Take water...don’t make the mistake I made. There is horse poop everywhere (lol) soooo look where you are going.

Great little places to take photos. But this trail is connected to many other trails that will take you to the Hollywood sign.

Oh! PARKING! Keep DRIVING ALL THE WAY UP. There is parking all the way at the beginning of the trails so do not stop at the first gate!

Enjoy folks!

13 days ago

A pretty short and neat trail. Just for some walking and great for dogs. The cave is pretty cool and small. Would go back again.

Lots of parking if you come around 7-7:30. After that it gets packed on a Saturday.

Excellent views and great workout!

Great trail! Beautiful views and not too intense. Like many trails in LA, there’s not a whole lot of shade, so prepare accordingly. Also a few “dodgy” areas (slippery/steep) hills on the way back down, but nothing some good tread can’t handle! Really really enjoyed the hike and the beautiful views!

13 days ago

Dog friendly! Has a moderate incline so I felt like I got a good workout. There were some nice views from the top of the surrounding neighborhoods.

15 days ago

Great hike going through west trail, and east trail. Also, good for jogging, and running.

Loved this trail. Nice walk by the lake with my girl and a nice workout once you reach the hill trail.

Fuck ya

16 days ago

Great hike. We took the counter clockwise route from the free parking lot and distance was more like 6.5 miles. Toward the end we started following the map but it looks narrow and off the main path so we took a detour which is why it’s 6.5 miles. Took us 3 hrs but we rested a lot and took pics. Overall a good climb up and mostly downhill back and we weren’t that tired when done. Guess cuz it was in high 50s and breezy.

Very nice hike but it gets packed with people.

Overpopulated thanks to IG but only to the flag. I would recommend starting on the left side of the gate it will grant you a more solace steady climb to the top.

Beautiful scenery, can get crowded if you get there after 9am.

I do this hike up to the wisdom tree several times a week before work. It’s a fast intense hike. You can be up and down in 45 minutes, including a short stop at the top to enjoy the gorgeous views of the Pacific on one side and Burbank on the other. Many people leave notes of hope at the top in a big trunk under the famous (fire surviving) wisdom tree. The flag is planted by an amazing guy who’s been raising it there in honor of 9/11 for years.

When I have time, I continue on to the Hollywood sign, which will take you as long if not longer as it took to get to wisdom tree. And, yes, you can only see the back of the sign. This is NOT where to get your shot of yourself in front of the sign for Instagram. Year after year, I see tourist attempting this hike in everything from flip flops to designer heels. They don’t make it very far.

Lately, I’ve been going down the Burbank side of the trail that meets up with the fire road below. It adds a good 45 minutes to an hour to your hike. Accessing it from the main trail is a challenge because it’s difficult to find. This is very steep and sheer rock at points. I like it because it’s usually empty so my dog can be off leash.

NOTE: You can not park at trailhead. Park down below and walk up through neighborhood.

Best view of LA

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