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4 days ago

Very easy and also very short. Good for a quick change in scenery if you head north or south on the east side of Lake Tahoe and want to make a quick stop.

Love love love it!! Hard hike down with the paddle board I would think but next time I might try to bring it.

on Skunk Harbor

16 days ago

Really nice and picturesque trail leading to a sheltered cove and several small sand beach areas. It's popular with boaters as well, and we saw the Thunderbird there for an excursion. The beaches, like many around the lake, are much smaller again this year due to the high water levels, but don't let that discourage you. This is an easy down hill hike that will reward you with nice views and beaches, followed by a minor workout on the way back up (depending on how much you carry down). Dog friendly. A little bit crowded as it approached noon and later.

16 days ago

Nice leisurely trail. Easy for kids alike.

Beach is quick to get to

18 days ago

This trail is definitely a bit sketchy during the summer. In addition to it already being very hot in the mornings and there is absolutely no shade, the trail itself is poorly marked. It starts off as a well-maintained, wide dirt path, but after a few back and forths I realized that the path was not taking me up the hill. Upon closer inspection of the trail map, the actual trail to the summit is a narrow, rocky, barely-there trail that cuts through the brush, AKA "Prime Rattlesnake Territory". Did not feel comfortable taking my dog through all that (off leash or on), so we cut this hike short. It may be better in the winter, but definitely use caution in the summer.

If you stay on the main trail this is not HARD. Trail is smooth with cool rock formations. I took the BP side trail up to upper price lake.
Don't take this route unless you're advanced. The trail faded in and out, unless you got your leg's, head, topographic mapping @ peak you can get more than hurt. Lots of bear sign, one section just after multiple bear sign dangerous fall left and right. Main trail is the safest bet.

23 days ago

Our rating is based on our shortened hike. We only hiked to about the halfway point of the full trail, then turned back toward the Lake Tahoe view spur trail on our return. The forest trails were pretty and easy to hike. The views from the spur trail were really nice. The rock formations at this lookout point were beautiful.

25 days ago

Amazingly beautiful!❤️

If you are looking for easy with nice scenery it's perfect.

28 days ago

Beautiful scenery, easy walk along lake and through wooded areas. Only slight negative is that part of trail is below highway 89 and you can hear some traffic noise but bad. Saw a deer grazing about 30 feet from trail at one point.

Beautiful! Good mix of shade and sun. Didn’t see anyone else on the trail at all.

easy peasy but a wonderful walk around the lake. will take all our out of town visitors here.

1 month ago

We hiked down the main path to the beach. The water is crystal clear and beautiful. There are rocks that we swim out to and jump off of... The water was cool but the sun was warm so we sunned ourselves like lizards

I LOVE this hike. The views are incredible, the air is clean, traffic light, perfect balance of sun & shade, climbs & walks; it's just exhilarating!
Bonus: lots of geocaches on & off the trails! =]

6-22-18: The hike was beautiful with a lot of inclines. We ran into a bear using the trail on the way down. It, thankfully, ran away. Would hike again with bear mace.

Beautiful day! Great hike, but you do end up on a road for the last 1/4 mile. Thanks to the folks that found my phone! You guys rock!

So beautiful and relatively secluded. Big payoff for a short hike- you can hang out at the beach (or the nude beach over the rocks haha) or climb around the rocks and hang out.

Great uphill rather tough. Beware if vehicles and horses. Great views

Nice, easy ride:)
Great for all ages.

Beautiful beach, easy to get to.

2 months ago

Great hike this morning to top of Martis Peak from Brockway Summit trailhead (just below heading towards KB). Gorgeous views on a gorgeous day.

2 months ago

beautiful trail!! for those wanting a bit of a challenge you can take the short cuts and avoid the hairpin turns going up or down, there's a slight thin "trail" that guides you through the brush

trail running
2 months ago

I loved it!!

Beautiful trail, start early-this trail is heavily trafficked after 1000. The creek has a couple log water crossings at 1.7 miles. Our well trained pup was off leash most of the hike-we only leashed him a couple times when passing other dog owners on the way down.

2 months ago

beautiful! lots of wildlife and blue water! the way back up is a little tough if you try to take shortcuts off the trail.

this was a great trail! wonderful water front

We arrived at the parking lot around 7pm and walked to the Whales Beach for sunset. The view is awesome!

Great trail to get back into the great outdoors for this new mom. No strenuous elevation changes, and great scenery.

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