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10 days ago

Awesome hike. Not too difficult or steep, even at the height of the mountain. It is a long hike for sure, but the 360° view at the top makes it completely worth it. Would do it again and highly recommend.

14 days ago

Sneaky hike - given the distance and elevation gain I was a little skeptical about the “hard” rating, but it lived up to it. One of those hikes which is relentless. Very nice one though, only issue early August 2018 was the smoke coming in from out of State wildfires which made for hazy visibility at distance.

20 days ago

Really beautiful views and landscape changes - you start out in the woods, then open up to a beautiful meadow, then climbing up some slate! You don’t quite get to escape reality though - the power lines run up the mountain and it’s the only place in the park I got cell service! Suggest putting your phone on airplane mode if you don’t want to be bothered. Took a little less than 2 hours total.

22 days ago

a lovely hike with plenty of wildflowers, butterflies and scenic views on each bend. just about 2 miles to the top and you can see the edge of the caldera. I didn't opt for the back trail to attest to that portion. but worth adding to your yellowstone hikes!

Did this trail in July 2017. Long stretches of packed snow near the top and hiked through a small snow storm. Very scenic, great overviews into the park and tremendous views from the top. Also, saw mountain goats grazing on cliff to east of lookout.

Trail is closed for the season

1 month ago

We hiked Bunsen Peak Pass then descended down the back of the mountain, took the Osprey Falls trail down to the falls and then there ok the Osprey Trail back to the trailhead. Saw mule deer, marmots, and had a brief mouse encounter. It was 10.5 miles total. Very fun and made for a fantastic leg and cardio day. Osprey Falls trail alone would be pretty challenging the last 1.4 miles. Don’t pull up short though. The falls are well worth the effort. Would definitely do it again.


Great views from top and enjoyed going down via the back way to add distance and away from people.. saw marmot, elk...

1 month ago

Started this hike at 8am this morning. Made it to the observation tower by 9:30am. The trail was almost entirely in the shade during this time of day—a bit chilly, but not uncomfortable. Only three small snow patches remained that touched the trail—enough for some fun pictures, but not enough to impede the trail. Steady climb and a wide trail—enough for a small car to drive on. The wildflowers were abundant, particularly toward the bottom of the trail.

We saw marmots, a dusky grouse, and some goats off in the distance. Views are breathtaking throughout. We spent about an hour at the top enjoying the views. It only took us an hour to walk back down. Parking was easy at 8am, and only saw about 3-4other families on the way up. The trail was busier when we descended. Many families and folks of all ages making the trek. Parking was full by the time we left (around 11:30am).

A few asides: trail could definitely be rated “moderate” when there is no snow impeding (as is now). Also, there is a bathroom at the top in the observation tower.

Hiked this trail2 years ago. Wonderful views from the top. Be sure to bring a jacket however, as it can be cold with the wind.

Hiked this in a near blizzard mid-June 2018. The trail had just opened, so there was still considerable snow on the trail, particularly near the summit. The fresh snow throughout the hike added a few more inches. The views were largely obstructed by the snowy conditions, but the trail was in great shape and presented one hell of a challenge and experience. Would love to do it again in better conditions with views of the park.

This routes much better then the easier, less strenuous/less challenging Chittenden road. We hiked up last week. Saw a Mountain goat and Fox. Great 360 central view of park at top. Definitely a must do hike.

Beautiful views of Yellowstone at the top. We saw mountain goats and marmots. I would rate this as moderate though (although I could see it being harder if there were more snow). It was also extremely windy at the top.

I did this hike on July 1st and there was still snow crossings at 3 points on the trail. Two are in points where it's slippery but not much risk of sliding anywhere, and one is a steep slope where I'd recommend taking the higher path others have packed down, rather than trying to walk along the edge. The snow is deep but packed down, so you should be fine without snowshoes. This makes it slippery but manageable. Poles would help, but I didn't have any and was fine. Just take careful steps.

This is rated as hard, but I think it's more moderate. With the snow it's on the difficult side of moderate. The trail is uphill the whole way, but it's never particularly steep. The trail is wide and the footing is generally stable. There are lots of rocks and tripping hazards, but never anywhere where you risk sliding down. The way down is nice and fast.

It gets extremely windy at the top, to the point where I was blown to the side. Take your time and bring layers! I stopped for lunch inside the fire tower. The views at the top are completely worth the uphill, and you can enjoy the views more on the way down. I saw a small herd of goats near the top, and a marmot.

Went yesterday, and there was still a lot of snow but plenty of families still reached the top.

1 month ago

Definitely some work to get to the top, but beautiful views! If you’re considering going down the east side of the mountain (towards the old road and Osprey Falls), be ready to add 6 miles to your trip from the peak (not including the falls). We read that it would be 6 miles total and were a little sad to spend an extra 3 miles on a hot road in the sun.

Beautiful trail. Very muddy at the start. My 9.11.13 yr olds did this trails but they are used to trails like this. A lot of snow at the top- you have to hike on the snow since it covers the trail about 8-10 ft deep- some parts very intimidating. We made it to the observation fire tower and was awesome. I am not sure if I would do this trail if it was pouring rain with all the snow.

1 month ago

Hiked with husband, 9 yr old and 7 yr old last week, it was great. We started early and had the top to ourself. Last third of the trail was tough, but the kids pushed through and were rewarded by the view. Nice to escape the crowds.

1 month ago

Great trail! Would do it again in better weather. Some parts were covered in 4-6 feet of snow and made it difficult.

Easy hike with a great view. I've been to the peak 7 times and am still awestruck from the great view.

Amazing views, saw chipmunks, and several foxes during hike. Mid June and much packed snow covered most of the path of upper trail making hiking very difficult in places, adding a nice thrill. Great hike!

1 month ago

Great overall hike. We went right before Memorial day. Took us ~2 hours, from 9a-11a. Because we set out earlyish, we were the first folks up the mountain that day and could really enjoy the solitude. On the way down we passed ~20 people.

Ascending you can see the Golden Gate, and the terraces at Mammoth.

Most difficult part of the hike was the scree at the top. That said, boots (which we wore) or even tennis shoes should be fine.

We do this one each time we come nearby and each time it is different. Today it was still very snowy and you had to traverse some fairly deep snow packs on the trail (8-10 ft). But the view from the top was amazing as usual. Be prepared for strong winds as you get higher. The last 100 yards are the worst.

This trail is full of great views!! We didn’t quite make it to the top. It’s currently about 40% full snow cover which becomes difficult when it got slushy later in the afternoon. A couple people we were hiking with were wearing tennis shoes otherwise we would have braved the top of the snow ridge. That with the high winds was enough for us to call it at the end of the last switchback where there is a fantastic view.

2 months ago

Not much trees, but views were awesome.

2 months ago

The view from the top of the valley was one of my favorites. It’s absolutely beautiful at the top.

2 months ago

Did this hike May 21 (a week ago). We left early afternoon, and luckily had a great day weather-wise, with a clear view for miles. We ran into a few patches of snow and mud, but nothing not easily navigable with poles and regular boots.

Hike begins in woods, then you begin climbing the mountain via a series of switchbacks. You navigate a fairly steep expanse of scree before reaching the summit. Round trip took about 4 hours. Trail is easily visible and was pretty highly trafficked. Some careful foot placement was required given trail conditions, but this hike seems more on the “medium” end of the spectrum.

3 stars for crowds, and because the views from the summit aren’t particularly outstanding given what’s on offer at the park, and accessible via less painful means. It’s a good workout for sure, and definitely a nice way to spend a half-day.

3 months ago

Great hike. Nice work out and great views at the top!

I have completed this hike on multiple occasions, one of the best spots in the park to see Old Faithful erupt.
If you have the chance do the hike at night, the eruption is magical. Make sure to bring bear spray, and a good light!

Great sight and if right on time gets you to peak in a fair amount of time

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