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2 days ago

There is a paved steep pathway to the observation deck. Not far but steep. Beautiful view from the top. Take the clingmans dome bypass trail back down to the parking lots it’s worth it. I wish I knew there was an adjacent trail before I saw the ranger at the deck.

2 days ago

My wife and I took turns doing this on a rainy day. It was an easy hike with rewarding scenery and great fall foliage. Because of the rain, we each had the trail to ourselves. 40 minutes out and back if you walk fast—easy to knock off while your 2 year old explores the visitor center with your spouse.

The hike to the falls is easy, beautiful scenery along the way. Path is narrow in certain points and heavily trafficked.

The hike to the top is very steep but the views are amazing and so worth it! Parking is a challenge.

The walk in was steep and slippery in spots. Bridge crossings where slick and had ice. Snow closer to the Falls. Was worth the hike! 16,433 steps according to my watch. Recommend for those that want to see beautiful water falls. We did see a huge buck driving in. Then we saw a bear both going up and heading down.

Highly trafficked but beautiful on the fall! I was there during golden hour and absolutely loved the colors.

9 days ago

Insanely crowded (especially at the falls) so good luck trying to enjoy it. I always forget how touristy GSMNP is. Will stick to primitive hikes from here on out and avoid this area.

Hiked this trail in the early morning hours of a Sunday (started at 8am) and half the parking spot at the trailhead were already taken. So go early. First half is a well-trod wide trail with a steady incline, but easy going; runs along the river with plenty of photo ops. Once you hit the switchbacks it does get a little steeper, but very doable with a steady pace. Falls are spectacular. We climbed up to them (despite a sign advising against it). =) Just be careful and use common sense. Pictures don’t do it justice. Beautiful hike in the fall with plenty to see.

Very awesome! I climbed behind the waterfall itself. It’s slippery and there are signs saying to be careful, but I’m a dare devil and was determined to do so. Hike itself wasn’t too challenging. Saw a deer, climbed up a fallen tree! Enjoyed it very much. Will do again

10 days ago

Great hike on a sunny day. Beautiful river and bridges. Waterfall was set off the trail a bit and in my opinion not the highlight. Trailhead easy to find and an interesting drive.

While we had no view at the top due to weather, the drive up was beautiful! The hike is an asphalt path which was fine for footing. Saw many people in street shoes as opposed to hiking shoes. Be aware on a wet day it might be slick coming down in street shoes. I’d do this again on a clear day.

Not too strenuous of a hike, except for the quick incline. Go early morning and you’ll be the only ones up there!

14 days ago

nice, easy and so beautiful trail in Fall. you can keep going to Appalachian trail through Goshen prong trail and Rough creek trail for 8 to 14 more miles.

14 days ago

What a fun and absolutely beautiful trail! We hiked about 3.5 miles of it with our 3&5 year olds and they did great. Back is much quicker than up. Lots of places to climb splash and explore!

Very scenic hike. As other have commented, it can be a bit difficult for those that aren’t very active. Did the hike in the fall and was a little chilly and rainy. The fog that settled in made for an eerie, but memorable hike. Trail itself was well maintained.

Fun hike great falls

Short (moderately steep) walk up a heavily traveled paved trail. This hike is on most tourists short list of things to see, so the parking lots fill up quickly. Make this hike on a clear and sunny day and you'll see mountains for miles. Dress appropriately. The temperature can be about 15 - 20 degrees cooler and the wind can be strong. Bathrooms available.

18 days ago

Beautiful day, beautiful colors. Get there early. This hike is on most tourists short list of things to see, so the parking lots fill up quickly. This is a paved trail, but not meant for strollers.

19 days ago

20 days ago

it was crowded when we went, some pavement but not good for strollers at all, elevated climb, small observation area at end.

Short trail to an amazing waterfall. Started around 7:40a 10/21. First ones to the falls, enjoyed the peacefulness, then ran into a million people on our way out. It’s paved, but not ADA approved. I definitely recommend going as early as possible to really enjoy the falls/the trail without a crowd.

View at the top was worth it, but the crowd was ridiculous.

Awesome paved trail, very steep and I took a few breaks to catch my breath on the way up. Views at the top were magnificent!

We loved this trail! Uphill but not strenuous, large rock outcrops along the trail with beautiful views of the stream along the way. Lots of places to stop and reflect, draw, paint or photograph or take in a snack.

The walk up to Clingmans dome from the parking area isn't very long, but it is quite steep. The path is heavily trafficked with people of all fitness levels donning all types of attire/footwear. I found the incline a little challenging and had to take a few short little breathers on the way up. There were plenty of other people breathing heavy and resting along the way. When you make it to the top of the mountain, you are surrounded by trees and there is not an expansive view until you complete the walk to the top of Clingmans dome. As expected, it's quite crowded at the top. I felt like I was in a wind tunnel with a symphony of screaming children. It wasn't the best experience due to the wind and crowds, but worth it because you get a 360 degree view. If it weren't for that, I'd say the parking lot scenic lookouts are more enjoyable.

My boyfriend and I did this hike on 10/20/2018. We are not particularity fit people and found this trail to be quite easy. There is a slight steady elevation increase as you make your way to the waterfall, but nothing that is overwhelming by any means. Be sure to wear proper shoes, high-tops if you have them, as the trail is covered in loose rocks. There are beautiful swimming pools along the way, but it was a bit too chilly for us to indulge. The actual waterfall is very pretty, not spectacular, but worth the hike. I'm giving this trail five stars because it is exactly as "advertised" in all descriptions I read online. A perfect easy hike if you're looking to enjoy nature for a few hours without partaking in strenuous activity.

Beautiful however quite difficult

Easy hike, slight incline going to the falls. Very crowded though. Beautiful falls.

26 days ago

Short hike very easy but need to watch out for roots. No one but me and my husband on trail.

Easy in and out - one good overlook before the falls - the falls is the payoff. Go early or parking will be a bear. Met a volunteer- Mike who shared so recent photos and knowledge about the local bears that was very interesting.

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