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Grandfather Mountain State Park Map

Absolutely beautiful place! Must visit if you’re in the area.

15 hours ago

This is a great kid friendly and dog friendly trail. As has been mentioned before, it's part of the Boone Fork Trail Loop. Starting from the picnic grounds, you go to the right on the Boone Fork Trail from the trail sign near the restrooms. At one point, you come to a nice metal bridge going over the creek. Do not take the bridge, stay to the left. Shortly after that you will hear falls and see trails going down to the river with beautiful pools just right for wading. Make sure the kids bring their bathing suits because it's very kid-friendly here. The falls aren't spectacular, but the beauty and easy access make this a great hike!

Absolutely one of the best places to hike! It’s got bouldering, scenic views, more moderate trails as well as very challenging ones

I only hiked to Macrae's Peak. It was beautiful and well-maintained. Definitely challenging though and I would recommend that you wear a good pair of tennis shoes with grip. some of the ladders are nerve-wracking if you are scared of heights, but really aren't that bad. I would recommend being in good shape. It's worth the $20 fee to get into the park! Just know that you have to be back by 6 pm.

Great Hike, the best I have done in a long, long time. It is very hard at the end, you need to be in pretty good physical shape. Ladder 6 is the tricky one, and going down is more difficult than up, of course. The views are outstanding, and the hike is fun as hell. The guy below me is commenting on some other hike, not this one. This hike is a class 4, and takes 2-3 hours. NOT DOG FRIENDLY! It's possible you could get a mellow dog up the 6th ladder, but you are not getting him down GFM unless he is strapped to your back. We witnessed several folks attempting to do this and they wisely gave up.

Very rocky. Not suitable for dogs. It was cloudy/foggy but had some amazing areas/overlook places. Overall a very amazing trail!

REGULAR ENTRANCE IS CLOSED! Amazing trail with views. Also has a downed plane a little off the beaten path. Can only be accessed between mile marker 301 and 302 then taking the Tanawa trail to the trailhead this adds an additional 2.8 miles to the trek so plan ahead.

4 days ago

Such a beautiful hike. Moderately trafficked when we hiked due to other trail closures. Still amazing. The summit is a small climb but the view is worth it. Look for lots of wild blueberries on the trail during the summer!

My wife and I are experienced hikers and do several hikes a year. That said I would rate this as a moderate to almost difficult trail. It is very poorly marked. We walked to the upper falls route going in and didn't see a blaze until we were almost down to the river. On the way out blazes were sporadic at best and many that were there were very faded. That said it was a great waterfall hike with a lot of off shoot trails that take you to several swimming holes. This is a good hike for everyone including families that are looking for some cool water swimming. We'll certainly return with our swimwear.

Super easy and short.
Great views.
If you think this is a difficult hike you should get into shape before commenting.

light to moderate. great 20 min hike.

Breathtaking 360 views atop the mountain. Definitely a hidden gem.

Challenging hike. But the views are definitely worth it.

Easy to moderate in my opinion. Hiked a 10 miler (round trip) along the east rim of the Gorge. Went an extra 2 miles after I reached the Shortoff Summit. Probably got close to 1,400 feet in elevation gain, so I was at about 3,100 feet. So many vistas along the way. A lot of views south of Lake James. The views to the west and to the north were the gifts that kept on giving once the trail flattened out. Sick views of Table Rock Mtn and below into the Gorge. Grandfather Mtn was in the back behind Table Rock, and Mt Mitchell was in the distance behind the west ridgeline. Might have gone all the way to Table Rock for a 14 mile round trip if not for the heat.

Water was high when we were there. Great hike . Really enjoyed the views and falls .

I should have realized this trail is actually a portion of the Boone Fork Trail, which we’d already done. It is an awesome hike though. We took our boys, ages 7 and 9, and 2 dogs. Be sure to let the kids wear bathing suits, as they’ll have a blast playing in the river. The trail is not marked as Hebron Falls though. You’ll just follow Boone Fork Trail to the right at the sign in the Price parking area, where there are restrooms.

Attempt number one to summit.... I’ll be back tomorrow.

Fun and very challenging trail. Need to be in good physical condition for this. Best to do on a dry day.
We hiked up Profile Trail to Calloway Peak then took Grandfather Trail (and Bridge Trail) back to some friends car. Therefore, we only went one direction on Grandfather (Calloway to Swinging Bridge).
Looking forward to doing the complete out and back as well as Daniel Boone Trail.

Great hike down to the river with gorgeous views of the falls. It can be a bit strenuous if you are out of shape (like me!) but definitely doable. I recommend hiking boots or sturdy shoes because parts of the trail can be quite rocky or muddy (if it’s recently rained). But it is definitely worth it!!

Easily the best trail in all of NC! From the great parking area, the first 1/4 of the trail descended along the creek through rhododendrons and creek beds. The next 1/2 is almost all switchbacks and stairs with a few opportunities for some bouldering, but is absolutely beautiful! The last 1/4 is an endurance marathon where you climb across rock formations, twisted roots, and take 3 ladders up to the top of Calloway Peak made very slippery on a rainy day! All in all....8.4 miles travelled in the rain but cannot wait to do this trail again soon!

Did this trail July 7th in the clouds and rain. Started at the bridge and Made it up all the ladders and about 1/2 mile past the intersection of the Underwood trail before we turned around. We took Underwood trail back to the bridge.

Very fun trail. I counted 8-9 ladders up and 1 place you have to use the rope (cable) to go up and another you use a rope to go down. There is also a giant rock scramble right after the Underwood trail intersection. Coming down Underwood there is 1 ladder to come down (much easier than coming down the grandfather trail)

While it was extra challenging when wet and rainy, still worthwhile. Bring any type of gloves to help keep your hands clean when climbing the ladders or rock scrambles.

Never was scared or felt unsafe. But it has quite a number of challenging parts that are beyond what most people would consider “hiking”

Gorgeous! I had no idea this was there- trail is about a mile then you can continue on tawanhana or put a foot on the parkway or return to linn cove parking lot

Great trail. Beautiful views and great photo ops. High traffic on the day that we hiked it. Well worth it though.

Gorgeous! Fun hike. People are leaving trash though... :(

11 days ago

It was my first time going there hiking at “Rough Ridge Trail” and I must say the views were absolutely amazing. I’m looking forward to coming back again.

Amazing climb, my personal favorite to date. A wide variety of terrain, rock formations, and even begins next to a picturesque brook. Great rock scrambles. Difficulty level is accurate, not for beginning hikers but you also don't need to be a serious, super skilled hiker either.

Fun trail! Power hiked it with my 14 year old son. Took us about 3.5 hours for the 7.5 miles with a couple rests. It is pretty technical especially after the fresh spring. Will do again next time we are in the area.

Beautiful views, challenging climb, took 5 hours which included lunch break and a couple other breaks. Ladders up steep slopes are scary but very well built so not as bad as they looked. Wouldn’t recommend bringing a dog because of the ladders.

Amazing view of the valley on your left before reaching the summit on your right. When you make it to this point you’ll know what I’m talking about. Great views, good photo ops, dog friendly, and slightly difficult with a nice scramble to the top.

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