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1 day ago

Starts out pretty steep but wide enough and not too hard to walk up. Once you get to the creek it’s a nice spot to stop and wet down your arms and neck to cool off in the summer. From that point on it is very mellow. Gets a little narrow in some spots with vegetation encroaching on the trail but for the most part the trees and foliage provide a nice amount of shade. I only made it about 5 miles in before turning around to catch the shuttle back. Several great canyon clearings and heading the roar of the cascades as you approach the louder sections is a great motivator.

I could imagine it being a pain to come back down the steep part if it is crowded with people coming up from the shuttle. As long as you track your progress and keep time it seemed nice to go out later in the day and catch one of the shuttles going back around 6pm (last one was at 7pm) but don’t cut it too close unless you’re prepared to hike a couple hours back to the visitor center without taking the boat.

A FANTASTIC day hike for those who want to see the try beauty of the Tetons. Hiked this on July 12th for my 50th bday with 2 families age ranged from 14-53. Very well maintained with a nice constant grade. Took 3 hours at a leisurely pace up to the lakes and 2 hours down stopping to look for animals. Saw several including marmots , dear and a baby bear on the lower part. Didn’t start until 10 am so shroud have packed a little more water or a filter to take some for the lake. A single hiking pole also would have helped for the down hill.

1 day ago

Took my wife and two boys (7+9) up the cascade canyon trail to the big waterfall- seemed like about 4 miles in one way. Took the Jenny lake ferry - $45 for 2 adults/2 kids, round trip. 10 min boat trip, every 15 min or so. Holds 40 people. You can skip the ferry, but 2.5 mi hike. Last ferry leaves 7pm. The hiking took about 5 hrs round trip, lots of breaks and lunch. Weather sunny, low 80’s. Mosquitoes in the shaded areas, but not bad. The first mile is tough uphill climb, but levels off after that. Used about 6 quarts of water/drink w 4 of us. The creek the trail follows is absolutely gorgeous! You can put your feet in it roughly halfway up the trail. Boys were very tired at the end. Jenny lake is beautiful against the mountains. There is a small boat ramp to the left of the main ramp, about 1/4 mike hike away where you can park also.

Fabulous hike with great views!!

If you are in GTNP for a few days, there are plenty of better trails to explore. However, it's flat and easy compared to the rest. Taking the trail around Jenny Lake would be a better option.

This was a moderate hike with great views of he Grand Tetons. Great for a family or couple hiking. Multiple trail runners on this hike. Start early to avoid the heat.

3 days ago

Did the hike July 6th and while there was no snow at the summit or the divide, there was quite a bit along the ridgeline between Albert and Static Divide. I would advise you bring trekking poles, crampons, or an ice axe to help traverse the snow safely if you're hiking before the snow melt concludes.

The way up through Death Canyon is gorgeous and very well maintained, though much more highly trafficked. The trail from the basin to the divide was mostly fine, but it is not marked. If the snow is covering wide swaths of trail it can be tricky to keep track. A map or GPS might be handy if this makes you nervous. From the divide to Static Peak there isn't really a trail, so you'll have to do your best to not crush the Alpine plants by hopping from rock to rock.

No climbing is necessary unless you are trying to avoid a snow traverse.

If you have time, find your way to the top of Mt Albert for an excellent view of Phelps Lake.

3 days ago

Incredible views and well-marked trail. The first and last couple of miles by the lake were pleasant as well. I'd recommend starting as early as possible to beat the rush because the trails get crowded near midday because it seemed more like a freeway than a wilderness hiking trail in the early afternoon (and this wasn't on a weekend). Also, the only think that classifies this hike as "hard" might be the distance as it is technically not difficult to complete, at least now that the snowpack has dwindled from June levels.

Did this trail a couple weeks ago! Was my first trail I had ever done at Grand Teton and I'll tell you this is gorgeous. Do yourself a favor and hike the full length of the trail to the sign at the end! But keep in mind that the trail is long. I started at the string lake trail head so this trail was around 12 miles round trip. The beginning is a little tough. A small speed bump if you will. But once you get up into the canyon your crushing it for days man. It's a cruise the sights are awesome aqua blue river with the teton range on both sides of you. One of my favorite hikes to date! If you are going to Grand Teton NP make this your top on your to do list!!!

Hiked on 7/10. Absolutely breath taking view. We saw a baby grizzly around 1.5 miles into Cascade Canyon but never saw the mother as we backed away and waited for it to cross the trail. Also saw a moose and marmots. Hike was an easy up hill in which we never needed to stop to catch our breath. Trail was super easy to follow and had a few snow crossings. The snow was packed down and not deep at all but made for some fun as we had just come from Arches National Park. The trail was very lightly trafficked on the way out as it was early in the morning. One other couple up at the lake. Saw more people the last mile on the way back. We took it easy and went slow and spent an hour at the lake. Round trip time was roughly 6 hours. One of our favorite hikes at the park.

Didn’t do nearly all of this one. Just a mile in to the small waterfall. Challenging climb up though from the Jenny lake trail.

Only go to do about 4 miles of the trail since the rest was closed off. Very easy with some good views of the mountains and lake.

So beautiful! We took a couple of detours to see waterfalls. Lovely walk around the lake.

Beautiful! We hiked all the way around the lake and then included this quick little detour. So glad we did!

6 days ago

Did Static & Albright on July 7th. Some of the snow fields you have to cross to reach Static are a bit sketchy, so an ice axe wouldn't be a bad idea. We did it without and axe and we were fine, but would have felt safer with one.

Done this hike 3 times already and it never fails to take my breath away. Stunning from the boat ride across Jenny Lake to Inspiration Point to the marshes surrounding Cascade Creek. Every time we have seen at least one moose, the most recent time it was a bull that stepped out onto the trail ahead of us and walked along it for a while, very cool but also a little scary. Incredible panoramic views no matter what part of the trail you're on. By far my favorite hike in the park!

Definitely start this hike early, switchbacks can get long and tiresome but entirely worth it. Done this hike 3 times at the ages of 8, 10, and 18 so it can be done at a wide range of ages so long as children are aware and monitored. Saw three bears right away and a cub on the way back down.
First two times were in mid-late June and there was still a fair amount of snow but the last time (mid July) we were able to make it to Amphitheater no problem. Stunning views of the summits from the lake which is also a prime spot to stop for lunch. Good mix between shaded areas, open flower meadow, and rocky terrain. A hike for everyone!

7 days ago

Awesome trail! A little rough uphill at the beginning. In all its a moderate hike not bad at all. My 7 and 10 y.o. were able to complete with no problems. 5-10 minute hike after the cascade is some swimming holes. If you are brave take a dip but it’s freezing.

Did the trail on the 7th of July so it was pretty busy but still quite enjoyable. Our group did the entire loop in just under 5 hours including stops. We chose to get the climb done first so we headed clockwise around the lake from the Visitors Center. Wish I had bought swimwear to take a dip after we finished.

We had a great time, walked there and got ferry back as kids were fading from heat at that point. Falls are beautiful.

Awesome hike with incredible views the entire time. I would however rank this hike as easy to moderate. The first section of the hike is a bit uphill but it flattens out shortly after the initial elevation gain. Keep your eyes open for wildlife!

This is by far one of my most favorite hikes that I've ever done. Did this on June 30th and the abundance of wildflowers, wildlife, cascades, waterfalls, and different sceneries were utterly breathtaking.

We took the shuttle across. Hiked to hidden falls then back to the old horse trail (the trail you have to use to hike cascade canyon this summer due to construction at inspiration point.), then had a grand 'ol time! We saw one pretty big black bear that was no more than 20 feet from the actual trail, a HUGE bull moose hanging out at the fork leading into solitude lake, and a ton of marmots, pikas and other adorable critters. We clocked a little over 13 miles from just hiking from hidden falls back down to the old horse trail and all the way to the fork. We ended up hiking the extra 2.5 miles back to the Jenny Lake parking lot instead of getting a round trip on the shuttle. Please do yourself a favor and do this hike if you plan on visiting the Grand Tetons.

(This hike is moderate if you're used to inclines. It also is not that heavily trafficked. The crowds thin out after the first mile-mile and a half. Go early and you'll have it to yourself!)

Fun little trail with a lot of friendly people. Well worth the time spent with the family in a really beautiful place.

8 days ago

7/7/18 - This is a breathtaking hike. We started at the String Lake Trailhead making the hike somewhere around 16-18 miles round trip. Mile markers showed inconsistent mileage. We started around 11 AM and finished around 7 PM. We saw marmots but no larger wildlife although we saw fresh bear scat on the trail. Carry bear spray. The last 1.5 miles of the trail have snow patches covering the trail. We crossed them without poles or crampons with no issues. The lake is beautiful and full of melting ice. We watched a man swim to an island in the lake as the “crowd” (15 people) cheered for him as he swam through the icy water. The whole hike is peppered with gorgeous views but be careful looking up while walking - you’ll likely trip over a rock.

Not a difficult trail to hike or navigate, unsure why this is graded so steeply. Great views, always worth it to head up to Solitude.

9 days ago

Great hike! Definitely makes for a good day and if you're feeling ambitious and you veer right off of static divide you can also hike up to Albright peak. Hiked on July 4th and was still snow blocking parts of the trail up high but alternate routes can easily be found. Great view of buck mountain and the gros ventres from the summit.

This trail is definitely not hard, it should be marked between easy and moderate. The first mile of the trail you are uphill the whole time and that’s the hardest part once that is over you level off for the rest of the trail and is very easy. Pretty crowded, and would say is pretty overrated, if you finish this hike at the top go to solitude Lake you will be much more impressed and satisfied.

Epic day hike! The elevation gain is a bit over what all trails stares and I won’t lie is it a grinder! But SO worth it. My girlfriend (who just did an iron man a few weeks ago- yes it was PAINFUL keeping up w her) and I did it in 3hr40min w a 30 min lunch break and a slower than normal pace due to me being out of shape. Obviously people were taking more time so you can stretch it out all day! Also all trails neglects to mention that you are at the base of Teton peak.. aka the biggest peak of the Tetons. So if you are wanting to get up in em this is the hike for you! We went July 4th weekend so it was crowded- but there is plenty of trail for all’s. Enjoy!

This hike is a must do!!! We took the shuttle across Jenny Lake and hiked to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point first. Unfortunately the trail was partially closed so we weren’t able to connect directly to the trail to Cascade Canyon, and this added a bit of mileage to our day since we had to go all the way back to where the ferry dropped us off to begin. The first part of the Cascade Canyon trail is HARD! We had to stop frequently to catch our breath. Once we got past the forest section, it was pretty easy going. We saw two moose close to the end of the trail! I would definitely hike this trail again!

10 days ago

Great trail. Ferried across Jenny Lake first and started the 9 mike round trip hike to the Cascade Canyon fork. About a mile of incline at first but smoothed out after that. Amazing views of the canyon. I was lucky enough to catch a moose and her calf feeding on this hike.

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