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Due to flood damage we were only able to hike the lower emerald pool. Not a bad hike but nothing overly special either. I’m sure it would have been a much better hike if we had access to the middle and upper pools.

Awesome hike up to a gorgeous lake. It is steep uphill but downhill is a breeze!

20 hours ago

All the other reviewers pretty much covered it - a must for everyone because it's an easy hike with awesome views.

I'm usually one of those people who knocks a trail for having big crowds, but this is one time where the crowd was part of the fun. We went at sunset in late June, and it was a busy place. Spectacular view of the arch with the mountains in the background and funny people watching at the top.

Hike itself is pretty cool, nothing spectacular, but some nice views and a pretty easy trip. Take a quick detour at the bottom to visit some petroglyphs, but make sure to leave no trace!

Absolutely amazing! We went to the view point to view the arch from a distance during the day, and came back to our camp to nap, before driving back for the park to do the actual hike as the sun was setting, because my Mom couldn’t tolerate the heat of the day.
We both agree that it was absolutely worth it! The hike to the arch at sunset, the energy at the site at twilight and the hike back with flashlights was a hike I’ll never forget.

This trail is a fairly easy trail with one steep portion as you navigate your way up the sandstone. I went early in the morning (7am) and it took me approximately 1.5 hours. The crowds weren’t bad that early but by the time I was leaving there was getting to be a lot of people. This time of year (July 16) I recommend going in the early morning to beat the heat. When I left at about 9am the temperature was already 96. Bring your sunscreen and water. The arch is incredible and worth the hike!

Amazing experience and hike. I started down Wall Street and came up to Sunrise Point. I’m not in the best of shape but if you take breaks on the way up it’s doable. Honestly it’s the altitude that makes it more challenging.

Great hike....loved it but very steep, what a beautiful lake and a small stream on the back side of the lake! Lots of bugs and warm this time of year...

Easy and short hike with an incredible view!

Hiked this three days ago and loved it. We hiked it in the evening and was saved by the clouds. My 14,12, and 9 year old kids really enjoyed it. Bring lots of water and try to hike it early or later in the evening if you have kids. The view at the top is worth it!

The colors of the river and rock are absolutely amazing and so worth the short hike over! Absolutely stunning

This trail is beautiful throughout. I do recommend not going in the middle of the day though (if you’re doing the hike in the summer) because it can get very crowded and hot. Recommend bringing 1 quart of water per person at least.

Incredible views with a stunning lake at the end, very worth the hike.

on Canyon Overlook Trail

3 days ago

This trail should not be rated easy!! Easy = I can take grandma on a short hike and she will be fine. Easy = I can hike this in sandals.

Nope! You need proper hiking footwear and anyone with balance or mobility issues of any kind should not be on this trail. This trail has steep sections (especially in the beginning) minor rock scrambles, and some exposed areas with steep drop offs without railings! There is one area in particular that was really sketchy - it’s very narrow, slick rock, and still wet due to recent monsoon rainstorms - no railings when it should really have them. One slip and it’s over....

Any fear of heights, don’t do this! The overlook is nice but there are better hikes in the park so don’t be disappointed if you can’t find parking.

Did this hike and added the Grotto Trail. The Upper Pool is crowded and is difficult to get pics without people in the Pool. Many People were in the Pool with no Consideration for others taking photos. I wanted pictures of the Pool, not pictures of people in it. Not to mention your not even suppose to be in the Pool.

4 days ago

Short easy hike to Mesa Arch. It is one of the best views i have ever seen.

I’d give the views of the place a 10/10 if I could. But the fact that there are SO many people that you can’t really enjoy it killed the buzz. On top of the fact that it is a long drive from SOAZ or Central AZ.

Views arent quite as amazing as Fairyland Trail, however not everyone can hike that extremely difficult trail. Still very pretty, but really worth it to see Wallstreet. Truly amazing. Definitely recommend going clockwise, then you end going uphill in the shade instead of in the sun. Still make sure to bring plenty of water, the uphill portions are very serpentine and fairly steep.

Very cool

Great views! The trail was exactly what the description said.

Try and get there as early as possible because the parking lot at this place is absolutely insane! It is way too over crowded and people don’t pay attention to where they’re going. The view is absolutely amazing and it’s a must see but I’m only giving it 4 stars because of how crazy the parking situation is.

5 days ago

Having the option to hike from point to point or shuttle between some was really nice. Walking the trail gave us very little interference with crowds so we could fully appreciate the beauty of the nature around us. The shuttles helped us to see more than we would have been able to without it. Great views 24/7 no matter where you’re at on the trail.

We hiked this with our four kids ages 5, 6, 8, and 10 and we all loved it! Variety of terrain but totally doable. The views of the canyon were amazing! We even spotted some mountain goats. Do this hike, you won’t regret it!

6 days ago

This hike was surprisingly beautiful and away from the crowds. We went to watch the sunset & star gaze. There were a handful of people there, but we were alone not long after the sun started going down. Not a very difficult hike for someone in average shape. Very short & not too much of an uphill climb. Definitely suggest passing the general parking area for the trail and continuing down the road just a bit until you get to a service road on the left hand side. There is a small parking area directly across the street. You can hike this service road right up to the trail which will cut a good portion of the distance off of your hike:-) The 360 degree view of Yosemite is well worth it! Just stunning!

7 days ago

Wonderful gentle stroll with plenty of side paths to take for bouldering. Easy path to take for people who aren't certain they want to venture out too much. Nice start to the day for people who have bigger plans.

7 days ago

Great little hike! Pretty leisurely most of the way, the last little stretch is more difficult because it gets really steep but that only lasts a couple minutes while you get to the summit.

Short hike, crowded and need to wear good shoes. Sand covered rock makes for an easy slip. Saw a couple people go down. Was very windy and got sand in my eye on a couple occasions. Was there early evening, maybe its better at sunset but was not impressed.

GORGEOUS hike! Awesome bridge over the inlet to the lake and the most stunning views, though there was a small stream we crossed via downed logs (easy). Could have just waded through as the current wasn’t very strong and it was shallow, but didn’t want to get our socks wet! Very comfortable hike, only started sweating in the last half mile as the sun came out. Otherwise very well shaded. Definitely recommend to people of all abilities

Great views. It’s a great trail of you are a little short on time. It’s not as crowded as the trails from the valley floor.

9 days ago

Short and sweet!

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