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Yes! Yes! Yes! Love Utah, but also love this place! Huge and beautiful canyons. It’s surprising to find landscapes such as this in CO. Such an amazing hike. Beautiful canyon that echos the sounds of time. It can seem crowded, but hike past the newspaper rock and you won’t see many people. When you get to the main rock art look right to see some petroglyphs that are not vandalized. There harder to find but more beautiful because inconsiderate vandals can’t get there. The canyon is more spectacular then the rock art. It’s huge and inspirational. There is no doubt why folks chose to etch their spirits into the rock. Great place, and great energy. Definitely do this hike. You’ll be happy
You did ;).

1 month ago

Hiked this back in Nov-2017 as a very long loop with the Ute Canyon Trail (10.2 miles on the trail, plus 2.9 miles on the road). It was a long mostly flat walk, but great weather and very low people traffic. Felt like I had an entire canyon to myself :)

2 months ago

It is a nice hike starting from Wildwood TR up to Rim Rock Dr however plan lots of time for the hike. The traveling is rough in spots so I couldn’t go very fast. It is not a hike you want to do in the dark.

4 months ago

UGH. So I hiked from outside the monument and it was the most torturous 2 miles up to the cap (incredible view but I wanted to die). I knew the next 5ish miles were fairly boring and flat into the monument without a real view so I decided to skip that. I turned around and took the Cork Screw Connector Trail back to the car. But I got SO LOST. The trail disappeared and I literally walked directly out of the monument and ended up at a gas station! Had to walk 2 miles on the road to get back to my car. It was my least favorite hike in the monument that I’ve done.

5 months ago

5.9 mile round trip was hard climb to the bench trail and the trip down was hard.

Great views of the Valley on the way up and in all directions from the top!

5 months ago

Hella fun. My 5yo killed it.

mountain biking
6 months ago

Take a right up the gravel road right past mile marker 12. Lots of variety, great spot to mountain bike :)

6 months ago

excellent trail. fun ascent. beautiful views. one of my favorites!

Great hike!!! first little waterfall is perfect place to stop have a snack and cool off

trail running
8 months ago

Only struggle is the heat midday, but that's what the waterfalls are for! You can hike down to the second waterfall, too. Make sure and try it.

8 months ago

First half is quite the workout. Views at the top is well worth it.

I've done this hike a billion times and I still come back. It's moderately challenging for myself, but once you reach the half point sign, it's easy. Love it at the top!

mountain biking
8 months ago

It was fun for the first 3 miles then turned into living hell!! Flipped off a 5ft drop that was killer but I will not be returning! It is far from moderate, it's seriously extra hard as F*ck and is not for beginners. You should have a car parked at the end of the trail and one at the top of the trail because riding back is not the best. There is a cave if you make it to the top of the second mountain. Bring lots of water. You'll leave this trail with bruises and scrapes and maybe a bent wheel rim on your bike.

Hiked out to the first petroglyphs. Which was about 3.5mi. it's a super easy hike, trail is obvious, not much elevation gain. Good views of the river, and canyon. Overall fun, enjoyable hike.

We hiked in the 100F weather but swam in 2 waterfall and its totally worth it! The main waterfall is a bit difficult to find but you'll see a rock that's cut in half and then start hiking to the left towards the black canyons

I love this trail, it's the hike I've done the most for sure. It's challenging, but the views at the top are great. it can be pretty crowded at time though cause it's a popular trail. But super fun!

fun for bikers and runners tad boring for hiking

Beautiful views!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Beautiful Mesa trail. Big climb to the top.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Beautiful views! Love this trail! My lil' dog loved it too. Just make sure your dog is on a leash, there are a lot of places where your dog can run off the cliff. This place is a hidden gem. Never new this place existed if not for this app.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

After exploring much of bangs canyon this year, Ribbon trail has come to be my favorite.

You have to start at the small turn off to the right before coming to little park. There are massive caves from washed benonite, and a nice climb down a small rock face before connecting with Andy's loop.

The massive sandstone rock tops towards the end of the hike are a bear, and great exercise.

*If you're coming from the TH, if you get slightly off track you may end up on Old Gordan Trail.


Sunday, October 09, 2016

the hiking it self is perfect! the trail heads are a little anticlimactic lol great day long hike

Saturday, August 13, 2016


Sunday, July 03, 2016

This trail is hard, from the wildwood trail head up to liberty cap. But once you get to the top the views are awesome. I had done it once before just to liberty cap then back down, so this time I kept going to the upper liberty cap trail head. I didn't make it all the way, I was moving slow, trying to get some good pictures, so I turned around after a few hours to get back down before the storm clouds got anymore menacing. After liberty cap there is just one more short steep part, then its pretty flat. You get to see some glimpses of the Monument canyons from the trail, but they are pretty far in the distance. Overall, this trail is fun, and I plan on going back soon!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Did this hike over Memorial Day 2016. Great trail, well marked, remember to take the dirt road just before the mile marker/address. Very dog friendly, watch for the coyotes. Recommend the full 4.7 miles.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Many wildflower so pretty! Monarch butterfly's, lizards. Not many people, so a beautiful meditative hike!

Monday, July 20, 2015

saw 5 snakes, 8 desert big horn among other wildlife.
not alot of ppl easy trail like walking on a gravel parking lot.
great first trail, watch for snakes.

Monday, June 15, 2015

This trail was suggested to do early am because I was likely to see wildlife. I was on the trail just after sunrise, did not see a single critter. lots of tracks. I only went about 3.5 miles in, got bored. it had rained a lot in the previous days and the mud was just awful.

I prefer the trails that rim or go into the canyons for more visual interest.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

More like 4.5 miles. Trail is nice and marked well, but kinda rugged and steep. I did the Corkscrew trail on the way back to make it a loop. Went around back of the Liberty Cap and climbed up the "ladder" - it had nice holds carved out and metal rods sticking out of the rock. Once on top, great views of the city to the north, and great view of Ute Canyon to the north. Cool rock formations all around. Saw 2 collared lizards down towards the bottom. 3 hours for me, with lots of time for pics and lunch on top. Can't bring dogs - bummer.

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