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Easy to follow trail with plenty of toilet stops and water stations. Add a little jogging to your hike and you’ll be done in 7 hours. Only needed extra layers for about 30 mins since the descent is rapid. Electrolytes are a must: salt pills or the ultima pouches will keep your body happy. Protect yourself from the sun, stay hydrated, and take lots of photos :) it’s a beautiful park to enjoy

Definitely a beautiful hike if you can get a permit through the lottery! Went at the end of February 2 years ago and even with the cooler temps, it was still hot. There is no shade so take more water than you think you need!

Very easy trail for families and the payoff is awesome

Watched the sunrise over horseshoe bend this week. Absolutely amazing. Very few people there at that time, but by the time he sun came up it was packed already. Recommend going early.

A long trek well earned with a beautiful destination

Crowded and people get too close to the edge, but pretty

The mileage of this hike might be off.
I am planning to take the hike in a couple of months. I have checked other sources about the hike. It does not appear to be 33.1 miles long. Most sources say the hike is about 22-24 miles.

Pictures just don't do justice. This place is beautiful regardless of crowds! just be patient bc there are tons of people trying to take cool pictures. it's all in good fun!

Amazing!!!!!! Backpacking and camping could not get any better than this!!!❤️❤️❤️

1 month ago

Can’t get any better views than on this trail and down at Havasu Falls!

Bring lots of water and have the best hike ever!

Easy hike to cram in while you’re in town to see Antelope Canyon. Tons of tourists but you can still find space to yourself. Don’t get too close to the edge for that perfect shot

We hiked this trail in January 2015 and it was a very comfortable temperature, in the 60's. The trail from the rim to the Supai Village was very scenic and offered some shade along the way. After we got to the village, we hiked to the falls and stopped at Mooney Falls. The trail becomes super steep at that point and we turned back to the village where we spent the night. We brought lots of water and snacks, sandwiches. Do not attempt this hike in hot weather. If you do, start super early, put on lots of sunscreen, bring plenty of snacks and water. Then hike out super early the next morning. The hike up is the most challenging part, coming out of the canyon. The falls are stunning and beautiful but the village of Supai is littered with trash and the animals are being taken care of. That was shocking for us to see.

Beautiful! Lots of people but worth it!

I’ve done the R2R five times and can’t imagine getting tired of it. If you’re thinking of it as a bucket list item, it’s worthy. Don’t skip Ribbon Falls.

1 month ago

Beautiful just beautiful

1 month ago

Terrible place. Don’t go here :)

Did it first with my wife when I was 66. Second time with my two daughters at 68. Spent three nights in the canyon and would do it again. I don’t agree that you have to be in tip top shape but it would help. Take your time, observe and enjoy. It’s not a race and as long as you hike out you WIN!!! That being said you must be careful with the heat and hydration.

awesome Lil side trip...... alot of tourist.... but still awesome non the less.

Even more beautiful at sunset and sunrise.

on Havasu Canyon Trail to Supai

1 month ago

Completed this hike last week. Recommend mules to carry camping gear. Use daypack to hike in. Each one of us brought 2 liters and two extra water bottles. Only use 1.5 each. Weather was great. Sun does come up of the hilltop and gets warm quick. While walking through the canyon, plenty of shade to find. Once you make it to the office to check in, you still have 2 miles to the campground. Brought only what we needed and slept great through the night. Amazing trip. When ppl say pictures dont do justice...very understated. A must!!

1 month ago

Can’t believe this is in Arizona. One of my all time favorite trails. The blue water looks like the Caribbean and the waterfalls are a incredible.

lifetime memory

1 month ago

Backpacked over an extended weekend here. Permits were somewhat difficult to obtain to get on the reservation itself. Fairly flat hike in (except in/ out of the valley). We started very early in the morning but the hike did get very hot during midday sun. No need for a guide, everything was easily followed. The views and waterfalls were out of this world. We happens to take this trip when the Milky Way was above the falls, it was a once in a lifetime experience. This definitely was on my bucket list. Only disappointment was the amount of trash left at parts of the trail. It was definitely worth it, I would recommend this!


INCREDIBLE! Be sweet to yourself and get there a little early to have a cup of coffee as the sun’s coming up. Got to the trailhead at 8 and it was absolutely freezing. The trail heats up quickly on the descent and I had to peel off a bunch of my layers and stuff them into my pack. The trail down in those first few hours offers the best, most dramatic views of the entire hike in my opinion. The wind was pretty strong near the top and the tail gets pretty narrow with steep drop offs at some spots, so it can be a little freaky but steel yourself- you can handle it

Great hike specially if you’re with good company. Start early, it can get hot! If you can, rent a donkey for your stuff, just bring snacks and water with you.

2 months ago

great views, overcrowded, limited parking during sunset hours - head left at the rim to escape from the tourists


Exhausting and epic!! The vast and varied scenery along the way is unbelievable. Be prepared! Do not do this without adequate training and supplies. Hiking poles are a great asset! Make sure shoes fit correctly. I bruised my toes going down eight miles not having my boots laced correctly or not fitting right.
Bring layers. It was cold at the rims and very hot crossing the box at the bottom in May. I love this place. It’s a very Grand Canyon indeed!

2 months ago

I lucked out on a sunny and unseasonably warm day in Jan (~50s at the top/70s on the floor). I loved, LOVED this trail! It is definitely a challenge due to the rocky, uneven terrain at times and extremely steep descent/ascent, but the variety of views are phenomenal and well worth the effort. As others have noted, give yourself 8 hours to complete the full loop. I got a late start at 11:15am (began my day with a helicopter ride -- highly recommend!) and ended at 7pm with two 20 min breaks, which meant an hour+ in the dark with a headlamp. It was a blessing in disguise: I got to hike under the most brilliant dome of stars! I wandered off trail a couple times on the back side of the mesa (kinda on par for me), but found my way back thanks to my offline AllTrails map/GPS since the trail isn't well marked. The Tonto portion is a nice, flat respite across the canyon floor and follows along the river (such a pretty sound!). But this is where I saw FRESH mountain lion tracks and hadn't read up on what to do in an encounter (don't run; wave your hands and yell; appear large; throw rocks, if necessary -- you're welcome). I did the loop clockwise. I recommend the reverse. Going clockwise means you tackle the full 4000 ft ascent in your last 4 mi. It's no joke and pretty brutal, although my ass is probably 2" higher for it. The only other trail I've done in the south rim is Bright Angel to Plateau Point, which was awesome, but I liked this one a ton more due to the view variety, more natural trail, and solitude (I only saw 3 people -- and thankfully, no mountain lions).

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