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The guides kinda just rush you through. The canyon is gorgeous but I didn't get to really take it in.

short and easy, but so much to see!

short hike very beautiful place a lot of people I enjoyed

loves this trail!!! it is so unique! and cool!!! short and easy.

The trail is in perfect condition and provides a scenic, easy in and out hike through lush greenery with spectacular views of the red rocks that Sedona is famous for.

Nice and easy dog friendly hike with beautiful views!! Highly recommend the last scramble up the rocks to see the view!! 2 miles round trip!

Extremely easy trail, pretty flat, you can wear flip flops even (I did). The view is outstanding once you get there, you’ll definitely wanna bring your camera! But beware the vertigo

Heavy snowfall made this hike very enjoyable on NY day.

Very busy over the Christmas break and somewhat challenging to access if you didn’t arrive early enough to park in the small parking lot. Very much enjoyed the views but did not enjoy the overcrowded viewpoint and trail.

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16 days ago

Very cool place.

One of those scenes that feel super fake. It's such a pretty sight!

As a note, please don't be one of those people that just leave your garbage in the parking lot. It looked so horrible in the parking lot.

Went to the end of trail and the hike just started. Carry forward up the mountain along the trail for another half mile or so. Awesome sites

It has amazing views. Never should miss it.

18 days ago

I would like to start with the road to the trailhead. This road is grated and managed. Please don’t stress out. It’s rough in spots but drivable in most vehicles. Start early. There are also trail markers but the provided “map” from the BLM is not near as good as downloading the Alltrails map. If you feel lost, follow the footprints. There were way too many people here today and I only saw one other permit tag. I’m thinking people are taking advantage of the government shutdown. Absolutely one of the best adventures my family has done.

Great hike for toddlers but don’t expect to take them up the scramble at the end for the view. Lots of people, half children, Christmas week.

Great view at the top

19 days ago

Very mellow hike with huge payoff at the end! Travel inside the canyon and the foliage was beautiful. The short climb at the end is well worth it, but wear solid hiking shoes or coming down will be tricky.

19 days ago

Great hike for the family. Moderately crowded trail. At the end of the trail, I would recommend climbing up the rocks for a marvelous view you wouldn’t get while on the paved trail.

We were very disappointed- we drove all the way only to discover that entry is limited only to guided tours and they were all sold out a few days ahead. I wish the trail description had mentioned this very important point.

22 days ago

Amazing! There are so many pretty things along this hike but, the wave is

Lovely walk/hike. Need good shoes if you’re going to walk across the water or may end up on some slippery rocks. So many spots to stop and sit and enjoy the scenery or take a dip in the cool waters. Truly lovely. Worth the stop. You can walk a little or a lot.

24 days ago

So beautiful. Go at sunset for amazing colors reflected on to the canyon walls. There are a TON of tourists but if you move out to either side you can have some time to yourself. A must see in page.

28 days ago

A mind-bending experience! Highly recommended for anybody who wants to see one of the more unique rock formations AZ has to offer. Navigating to the wave was a little difficult even with the map provided that comes with the permit. The map uses pictures to navigate you to the right place, whereas physical trail markers are few and far between. There is no clear trail to follow after you leave the Wire Pass Wash so the only guidance is the rock formations you see along the way.

The Wave area itself is a small area easily hidden amongst the other formations, but there is no doubting that you've made it once you see it! It is quite unique even among the astounding rocks around it.

You will not regret visiting here. Bring a camera and your navigational skills :)

on Fay Canyon Trail

29 days ago

Very pleasant hike with a great view if you scramble up the rocks at the end. We also did a side trail up to an arch that was slightly steeper and less trafficked. This was one of three hikes we did while in Sedona (others were Cathedral Rock and Devil's Bridge), and we were happy with our choices!

Easy hike with wonderful views, one of my favorites in the area!

great hike for the whole family and amazing views of the red rocks.

This hike is fun and easy and the view at the end after a short rock scramble was beautiful.

1 month ago

Antelope Canyon was formed by erosion of Navajo Sandstone, primarily due to flash flooding through the northern area of Arizona. Rainwater runs into the basin above the slot canyons, picking up speed and sand as it rushes into the narrow passageways. Over time the passageways have eroded away, making the corridors deeper and smoothing hard edges to form characteristic flowing shapes in the rock. The slot canyons are a popular location for photographers and sightseers and are accessible with Navajo guides only and also are a healthy source of business for the Navajo Nation as well.

Upon entering “the slots” you know you’re in for a unique experience. Weaving along twisting tunnels, the intense beams of sunlight catch your attention first. But as your eyes adjust, a different world is apparent… shadowed areas open up to reveal swirling walls carved out by years of erosive activity. Then more tunnels and more light beams… taking you into a world where your imagination prevails. Truly a mesmerizing experience... and this surrealistic pleasure is located just below the Earth’s surface!
A must-see for all curious adventurers.

1 month ago

It's a sandy incline up to the top, but there is a convenient gazebo along the way, if needed. Be careful when you arrive as there are no barriers on the rim of the overlook. However the views of the winding Colorado River 1000 ft. below are breathtaking!

1 month ago

We booked the Ancient Ruins - Pink Jeep Tour to access this adventure.,, and our hike hugged canyon walls to lead us to amazing historic petroglyphs!

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