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1 hour ago

Great trail for a couple hour hike. Fun but also a challenge. Great work out. Some type of hiking shoes are best for section A. Does get congested that’s why it lost a star.

Best in Maryland!

Not moderate. Easy.

Good trail some parts get a little backed up with traffic. Get ready to climb rocks, decent physical challenge not too bad or exhausting.

I love this trail but it’s best during the week because the weekend can be too busy. Great for dogs, I have 2 and 99% of people with dogs on trail are dog friendly

love the views and cliffs. much wild life

11 days ago

Views of the “lake” a few times. Mostly just trees and wildlife, which was still beautiful. Not too many spiders/snakes. Not a single tick on us, which was very surprising. Very well kept trail. Cute bridges along the way. Lots of frogs! Easy to navigate and well marked. Might be a bit muddy after a rain. Overall, we enjoyed it.

14 days ago

As of today Trails A and B are closed but the trail to Great Falls overlook is great. It’s flat, smooth, small pebbles; easy for walking or biking. The overlook is incredible.

My son (11) and I enjoyed this trail. We got a little mixed up and ended up on the bike only bit (Lake View Loop) but gutted it out until we regained the hiking trail. We clocked in a little over 7 miles total in 3 hours with a pause for lunch in there at the halfway mark.

Definitely will come back and maybe bring the bike out!

Long, flat trail; mostly shaded. Trail entrance behind visitor center.

21 days ago

Shaded trail with varying terrain / elevation. Dogs enjoyed wading in the stream. Nice scenery, although was expecting it to be closer to the water. The view of the dam was the highlight.

Challenging and fun!!! Definitely coming back. Beautiful scenery.

Did the A trail with 2 teens. challenging spots for a nice workout. Not too crowed. Going back again for sure!

fun trail, easy enough for kids too.

1 month ago

Don’t take your pup.

The first part of the trail (clockwise) runs along Rock Creek Parkway. If you’re out for a long run, it’s worth it. If you’re out for a hike you should drop this section. This section is also a dangerous place to have a dog on a leash. The width of the path gets down to two people wide with the busy parkway right next to the trail at points - no one walks here, it’s 100% runners and bicyclists...add a dog on a leash and we’re asking for an accident that could end up with a someone in the road. For the last 5 years I’ve lived near, run down and commuted on this section...I’ve rarely seen people walking and I’ve never seen a dog on this section.

Great trail. Flat so great for families, runs, strollers or pets. Bugs are insane though. Beautiful view of the lake. Very few tree coverage so I would save this hike for cooler days since you will break a sweat.. Bring tons of water!

Did The A & C trails (B was closed). Was around 10.5 miles start to finish. Trail A is the most popular because of the rock scrambling (which is fun!), but I also really enjoyed Trail C because of how close to the water the trail takes you. It’s also much quieter with fewer people.

I have done B & C several times with my dogs. Go early to avoid all the stupid people who think they know how to “hike”. I have had to render first aid on these trails because people hike in flip flops. Both of my dogs love these trails for rock and creek time. A trail is closed to dogs so I have not done that section. Trails are rocky and well traveled.

Came and did this trail on a week trip from Utah. Pretty easy for anyone in good health and marked very well.

Got there at 7 this morning, only folks there. Great hike, love the rock scrambling. Couldn’t believe how much added debri there is from the flooding...
Saw a ton of deer, a beaver, turtles, salamanders and other fun stuff along the way.... always a good time.

Decent scrambling but very crowded.

I love this trail for the creek that runs alongside it most of the way and that it's so close to home. It's secluded from the road so it's blissfully quiet and much less trafficked than the Matthew Henson trail. It's a packed dirt and gravel trail though, so some parts are a little rocky and it can be really muddy after a big rain storm. Wear bug spray!

Section A can be challenging since it’s mostly scrambling. I recommend starting at the end near the Visitor Center which will lead you to hiking UP the traverse rather than down.

very fun, slightly challenging. rock jumping and climbing and some slippery smooth rocks.

2 months ago

Didn't love this trail - there were very few hills or anything that made it feel like a good workout. Views were nothing amazing either.

trail running
2 months ago

I've "run" this (part A) several times--the word "run" in quote marks because there are stretches of scrambling over rocks that you can't run. But then it's all good exercise, and great views.

3 months ago

Nice, mostly shaded loop around Beaver Lake. Look for beaver lodge in lake. Good wildlife viewing, especially from the boardwalks. On the easy side of moderate because terrain is fairly level. Overall, best hiker-only trail at Pocahontas State Park.

3 months ago

What this AllTrails description does not note is that section A of Billy Goat Trail is listed as Difficult (sign says one of the most difficult on East Coast), and that there is a 40 foot free climb required to complete the trail. Section B was listed as Moderate, with little rock scrambling and enjoyable.

3 months ago

Always a nice hike when I don’t want to drive too far from dc on a weekend. Get there early.

3 months ago

Great hike, some spots to free climb on and off the trail!

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