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Apparently I’m out of shape because it was hard!!! Beautiful hike, wouldn’t do it in summer.

3 days ago

Very majestic place. Very crowded but worth the experience.

on Antelope Canyon

6 days ago

Amazing. we did the lower canyon. cost us 50.00 per person. A must do if your in the area.

scenic driving
7 days ago

There are certain places you should see at least once. This is one of them.

Love this trail! Lots of switchbacks, fabulous views all the way down and back, and a great cardio workout. It took me 3 hours total. I wouldn't want to hike this trail in any of the hot summer months.

on Antelope Canyon

8 days ago

Great Canyon. We were in awww on how amazing. Water, Wind and time can create such an amazing Canyon. This should be on everyones must do. We did the Lower Antelope Canyon. This cost us 50.00 a person, took about an hour to complete.

This is a must do! Experience hiking and rock climbing does help. Bring a rope/strap just in case and plenty of water. I don't recommend going alone. Best route is up Peek-a-boo and then down Spooky. If you have time take a stroll up Dry Fork to see the varied rocks and for the solitude.

Hiked 02/21/18. I checked the weather conditions prior to starting by visiting the Escalante Interagency visitor center (I called the number multiple times but no one answered so keep that in mind if that happens to you). The ladies there informed me that there was a large ice cold water puddle right in front of the Peek a boo entrance. they stated that since there is water there, there is most likely water within the a lot canyon as well. My bf and I wanted to try anyways... so we took the chance and headed out on the drive. It's an hour drive to the entrance. We had. four wheel large car so we were able to get close to the starting point. LOAD ALL TRAILS MAP BED
FORE LOSING SIGNAL. This saved our butt from not getting lost. Anyways, we started with Peek-a-boo based on reviews on here. Sure enough there was a huge 12x13 water puddle that was shin deep in front of the 12ft steep rock we had to climb. My bf went first and we rough rope so he was able to lift me up with the rope. I have leg strength but zero upper body strength. He is 27yo male and i am 26yo female. So bring rope just in case!! I couldn't have climbed that without help. We took our shoes off to get through the water and yes it was cold but worth it! there were only two other small water puddles in the canyon after that. the rest of the hike was great. lots of fun, problem solving and pictures taken. Definitely do this hike- it's so fun!'

Very interesting place to visit. Mother Nature creates interesting place.

My husband and I hiked to the 3 mile rest house and back. I hiked this trail on a December morning (highs in the 50s) and needed 1.5L of water. In my personal opinion, South Kaibab has better sweeping views, but Bright Angel gets you up close to the various layers of rock.

If you are trying to decide whether to hike down the 1.5 or 3 miles, I’d suggest turning around at 1.5. I think the experience from 1.5 to 3 wasn’t much different than the first 1.5 miles. The 6-mile length made this more of a strenuous hike for me.

The BEST bang-for-your-buck hike! An easy walk that leads to panoramic views of the Grand Canyon. No crowds here! Once you get to the picnic benches, continue past them to a narrower trail that leads you out to the canyon. Also, there are bathrooms at the end of the trail.

Awesome - definitely more crowded than lower Antelope (which if you have to pick I’d do lower right now in the winter since there is not a lot of light).

Simply amazing.

This hike is a perfect way to get a good work out and take in spectacular and vast views of the canyon without completely tiring yourself out or eating up your entire day. There was still some ice at the beginning of the trail. Those parts were quite slick, but they were less than 25 ft. I was wearing hiking boots, but my partner did just fine in treaded sneakers.

1 month ago

So unreal! Highly Worth going, I visit the lower part of antelope canyon.

this is the best hidden gem in the park! an easy forested walk leads to a picnic area, and then if you follow the trail to the viewpoint beyond you are almost instantly rewarded with panoramic views. this is a solitary, quiet place that would be amazing at sunrise or sunset! don’t miss it!

Lots of ice/snow and people with tennis shoes on, I slipped many times in good hiking boots. A hike not for the faint of heart right now. But absolutely breathtaking and beautiful.


made it to the 2nd tunnel. amazing views the further you hike down into the canyon! loads of people and even mules. watch out for the mule poop!

made it to the 2nd tunnel. amazing views the further you hike down into the canyon! loads of people and even mules. watch out for the mule poop!

2 months ago


Takes about an hour to drive to the canyons from town. Watch for cows when driving and be safe! Once you start the hike, you head down to the wash sooner than you may think- so look for the cairnes to direct you. Peek-a-boo has a steep 12’ entrance but after that is beautiful and easy! You then go into a wash and about a 1/2 mile in sand to Spooky slot canyon. Spooky is REALLY fun! Some areas are only 10” wide so it can get tight. I’m 5’5” and average size, and I had to squeeze through in some areas. The end of Spooky (if you do the loop with Peek-a-boo first) is really technical. I would say is even advanced so make sure you are prepared for scaling some boulders and being solution oriented. You’ll love this hike and I would recommend to anyone!!

Great hike! Superb views. Made to mile and a half outpost with a super intrepid 3 1/2 year old and 7 year old.

Awesome view and great photos.

Amazing! Awesome hike! Gets kind of technical in a few parts and not for the faint of heart, started feeling claustrophobic a little bit in spooky gulch but wasn’t too bad because the narrow part didn’t last too long. We went clockwise and getting down into the hole at spooky was a little ... spooky

Great hike, though the hike back up can be a little challenging. Good views of the inside of the canyon though.

nature trips
2 months ago

Awesome, the pictures do not do it justice. Totally worth it to go see and I would definitely do it again. A must-see in a trip through Arizona.

sometimes (rarely) known together as Spook-a-Boo. TAKE WATER. dogs not recommended in Peek-a-Boo - steep. highly trafficked and not everyone knows what they're doing out there, don't underestimate this loop. DO NOT GO INTO BRIMSTONE (next canyon over) ALONE, WITHOUT ROPE - a photographer got stuck there for nine days years back, could've died

Fantastic canyons but not for the casual hiker. Entrance to Peekaboo involves scaling up about 12 feet of slick rock. There are carved handholds but still takes a bit of daring.

Spooky is very narrow. In places I was wedged in on front and back. Not for the claustrophobic. There is also one area that takes some chimneying to get up or down.

Fantastic hike but definitely know what you’re getting into.

2 months ago

Beautiful canyon with amazing colors! Highly recommend for the views. I didn’t particularly enjoy how heavily trafficked it was. I enjoy hikes where I can get out and enjoy the peace and quite. This was very touristy. Was unaware of the large fees... $67 for my husband and I. Book a time in advance or you may end up waiting at least an hour.

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