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great hike. coming down hard on the knees. take a protein bar and extra water.

Beautiful views but extremely rocky. Wear your hiking boots. I saw someone wearing gym shoes complaining about the terrain (?) So different from having just coming back from the Smoky Mountains where I hiked myself to death Lol.

Some steep climbs but a nice view. Couldn’t finish it. Too out of shape... lol

Excellent workout, very scenic and all around fun hike.

Very very easy hike

Less crowded than echo canyon

Good trail , very rocky In some spots

2 days ago

Went today on a Monday around 11am and it was lightly trafficked. There was a sweet parks lady there to greet us and make sure we signed in. She did warn us that a group was recently attacked by a fox but we saw now wildlife while we were out. It’s a nice moderate trail, still quite hot even at 70 degrees. Definitely make sure you’re still packing with lots of water! We saw many unprepared people without backpacks or water bottles... I’m not sure the logic there. The view at the top is amazing and well worth the trip. It’s also a great lunch spot with cool breeze. If you burn easily make sure you have sunscreen!

A natural place to hike, you can be a beginner like me or an experienced hiker like the rest of the world I seem to be running around with theses days ! Yet, all can enjoy this trail. I stop half way up & then take in the surroundings. & head back. I’ve got a good 2 miles in for the day and I am pleased Tina Hillstrom

Super fun with a bit of scrambling towards the top. The views are to die for.

Awesome hike with great views of Phoenix!

3 days ago

I love this hike but the road going in makes me nervous. I don't trust drivers and have seen too many bad accidents so be careful driving in and watch traffic ahead. I know that sounds easy but you have no idea what I've heard in my lifetime. Anyway. the hike is beautiful throughout. The rocks are beautiful, well marked and maintained trails. Towards the end of the hike, some of the markers fell down and I tried to fix them but didn't have the manpower or equipment. My fitbit showed that the trail was less than 4.50 miles. The first 1.20 miles are all uphill. That's the tough part. Just take your time. The rest of the way is pretty much switchbacks and up and down. I think this trail should be marked hard. Anyway, going down is fine if you watch where you step. Step on the dirt, not the small rocks. It took me 2 hours and that includes taking pictures and talking to strangers and helping the find a different trail.

The nicest trailhead I've ever seen.

Long trail. Gorgeous wildflowers! Didn't actually take the trail to Tom's Thumb but got a cool view of it. Took about 4 hours for 11 miles with a couple of breaks.

Got confused in the beginning, so ended up going backwards on the loop.

Hiking down seemed to be more challenging than the hike up, because of all the loose rocks.

Views were OK.

great views!!! A lot of uphill, but had plenty of places to rest and take scenic pics.

pretty easy hike. Very enjoyable.

this trail is difficult if you have not been to many tough ones before there are some places where you have to use both hands and full body strength to climb if you want to get to the top. but view from the top will not disappoint.

Awesome, wear good shoes, bring water!!

4 days ago

Hiked this trail today. Waterfall was nothing but a trickle. I will have to come back after a rain. Total distance to the falls from the parking area was 5.9 miles.

Very easy trail great for afternoon hike Beautiful view at the top will definitely do this again

Beginner hiker and I made it half way in to the start of the incline. The start was easy after you get going. The desert was very peaceful and overall a pleasant hike in and out. Has some rocky points and washes to cross. Not much wildlife. Lots of cholla along the trail. A few black ant hills. Saw maybe 10 total hikers on the trail.

We actually got on this trail because we missed the trail head for the Wave Cave hike. Glad we did. It is great hike with lots of terrific things to see. Went all the way to the top past the needle. Not for the novice but I would go again and recommend highly.

5 days ago

Easy trail to begin which then advances to more rocky footing and then at the stream flowing into the pool there are boulders to manoeuvre over. Worth the effort in terms of the views and tranquility near the Petroglyphs. Would definitely hike this trail again.

5 days ago

Very cool hike. The parking lot was packed on a Saturday in November by 9 am. I had to hike from another parking lot on the lost goldmine trail just to get to the wave cave trail. Made for long return trip! Anyway, the hike is pretty strenuous unless you’re in good shape. The elevation gain is pretty intense in the last leg before the cave. Definitely worth it. I hiked in running shoes and wished I had a hiking shoes. There’s a lot of slippery gravel on the way down so be careful and take your time. The cave itself is pretty dusty. Amazing views!

Beautiful and serene with expansive views. Moderately difficult, but nothing the average hiker couldn’t tackle. Can get a little slippery at parts so wear proper footwear. Vey well maintained trail that doesn’t take to long to complete. Gets a little strenuous towards the midway to ending of the trail which will be marked, so watch of out the descent and accent back up as it’s not a loop trial. Overall one of the more beautiful hikes you will take in the valley.

Early November was a perfect time if year for this fun trail.

6 days ago

I hiked this trail for the first time on Wednesday around 4:00pm and it was not at all busy we only saw about 10 other hikers. This is a tough trail in the beginning, lots of steep switchbacks. But, once you get past that part it’s a lot easier and oh so worth it for the views. It’s a gorgeous trail and it was very clean. It can be hard on the knees coming down but we took our time and I would do this trail more often if I lived closer.
My step counter was 11993, 4.4miles, and 111floors.

7 days ago

Do not go after 4:00. Be very careful bringing kids. It’s not an easy hike at the top. More like a climb to the cave. Takes about 2hours to get up if you are a non hiker.

Love this hike. it provided a great workout and the view of Weaver's Needle is stunning. We branched off on Cave Trail to hit Geronimos Cave.

beautiful trail. towards the halfway point is a steep downhill portion of the trail that you will need to hike back up. bring water and enjoy the view.

great hike took my nieces alot of climbing up large rocks we really enjoyed the challenge

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