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Beautiful views! Short, easy hike with massive payoffs! Toilet available at the end, along with picnic tables and grill for picnicking while watching the sunrise or sunset over the south rim of the canyon.

5 days ago

This was not a busy Trail at all, atleast not when we went. Go to North Rim to beat the Crowds.

Amazing hike! Beautiful.

6 days ago

Having the option to hike from point to point or shuttle between some was really nice. Walking the trail gave us very little interference with crowds so we could fully appreciate the beauty of the nature around us. The shuttles helped us to see more than we would have been able to without it. Great views 24/7 no matter where you’re at on the trail.

We did this trail. we had the place to ourselves from almost 2 hours, then as sunset got close about 4 others families joined us. I don't think you can find a better spot to watch the sun go down. it's absolutely breathtaking and definitely worth the easy, flat 1 mile walk out there

15 days ago

Great orientation trail to start the arrival to the canyon.

16 days ago

We loved the north side of grand canyon. This is a nice little hike for the area.

18 days ago

We did this for an easier walk the day after a more strenuous trial. The views are absolutely breathtaking. You walk a flat road trail with lots of trees up to the canyon, there are spots with tables and a bathroom, if you can bring lunch it would be a great place to eat. You’ll see an area you can continue to walk up, there is a big rock in the middle of you walk out there are the most incredible 365 degree views of the canyon we encountered only 2 or 3 people. A must do if you have some extra time and and to avoid lots of people. I wouldn’t bring kids with you out to the point as it is extremely dangerous but really cool and worth if it you trust yourself

20 days ago

Relaxing hike, accessible for all. You can decide how much you wish to do and easily turn around when you’re done. Beautiful views of the canyon, although very crowded. To avoid the crowds, just walk for about 15 minutes. It’ll thin out with distance.

Paved. VIEWS

22 days ago

Easy hike along the canyon's rim with markers letting you know the history of the canyon. Went in December so it was cold and not many people, more elk than people actually. Worth doing after watching the sunrise from Mather Point.

Great introduction to canyon as you head down a few miles. Lots of switchbacks, but they weren't too bad and not many people on the trail, albeit it was December and it was cold.

23 days ago

Great trail to see the Grand Canyon!

Absolutely beautiful views of the Canyon!! But we did it yesterday and it was 100f around noon and the heat made it really hard even for experienced hikers. Bring a lot of water and wet yourself (head and shirt) at the water points on the trail.

28 days ago

This trail is very easy and mostly flat. Bring at least 1L of water if you are walking this during the summer. There are refill points.

28 days ago

Incredible views. Easy paved pretty level walk. Fairly busy but many shops and stops to explore.

We did this trail mid June with 3 kids ages 17, 11 and 5. It was a beautiful hike down and numerous places to get amazing photos. The downside is it is VERY crowded and steep with sharp dropoffs. Sometimes this posed a challange with our group of 5. We hike quite a bit and my 5 year old daughter can complete a pretty strenuous 5 miles in the mountains where we live but we only made it to the 1.5 mile rest stop (3 miles round trip) The hike back up was over 2000 elevation change and took us almost 3 times as long and was exhausting. Glad we did it but wish we started earlier in the morning to prepare for the struggle back up. All my kids said they were glad we did it but not ready to attempt it again anytime soon. A parent tip: I kept a strap on either side of my pack with a padded large carabiner my daughter held onto as handels and helped her quite a bit catch her balance when she occasionally did slip or slide on the loose gravel. Also gave me piece of mind knowing where she was with such sharp dropoffs so I could enjoy the scenery as well.

We hiked this Thanksgiving 2017. 28 degrees at rim but warmed to mid 70's by the time we got down to our destination at noon (6 miles down). I had a hard time on the first 1.5 miles as that is the steepest and i was so afraid of slipping on loose rocks. I conditioned for 6 months to prepare for the hike out but was not prepared for the descent!
We totally expected to be up and out before dark but only made it back to the 1.5 mile house by dusk. What a beautiful sunset! Thank goodness we packed head lamps and flashlights for just in case!
The stars were big and bright as the sky was clear! What a view! Words cannot describe it.
Even though we could not walk right for 3 days following this hike, I would do it all again! Amazing experience!

Great views, and an awesome hike. Got on the trail at 7:45 am. Cool trip down to Cedarridge by nine. We felt fine so we went another 30 min. The heat was building so we headed up. It took three hours to get up to the top. You got to bring plenty of h2o. I took 75 ounces and only had a sip left. I got to the top and saw a bobcat grab a squirrel, so hold on to your little ones.

This is a MUST. We hiked this trail with 2 (fearless) kids (7 and 10) at the end of February, first thing in the morning. It was still snowy, icy, slippery most of the way down to the rest house— BUT it wasn’t crowded at all. Trail is narrow and you’re definitely walking down the canyon (could make some parents feel nervous especially with the snow and ice- umm, not me, no way, LOL). Plan on the hike up taking about twice as long as the way down. We will never forget this trail, this trip, the whole experience- highly recommended for those who want a little taste of going into the canyon.

Challenging and rewarding hike! It was my first time descending a Canyon, and it was nearly 15-20 degrees hotter at Indian Gardens than at the top.

Started hiking on the 05/30 at 0425 am (catching the Hikers Express from the Visitor Center) with headlamps on. Only two other hikers starting with us. Arrived at Skeleton Point at about 0555. We took a 30 minute break to enjoy the scenery and have a small breakfast. Started the ascend at about 0630. On the way up, we took countless photos and another break (30 minutes or so) at Cedar Ridge. We eventually arrived at the South Kaibab trailhead at 0930.

The hike was well maintained and provided scenic views all the time. In order you really get to enjoy the hike, I'd recommend starting (very) early as a) it heats up quickly (90°+ even at 1000 am) and b) you'll meet only a handful of people up until 0730.

Please remember to bring plenty of water/snacks/electrolytes, prepare for a strenuous ascend and to take your time.

Started the trail today (6/5) at 10am which was a mistake. As we came down it is a breeze, smooth sailing with much of it shaded as the sun was behind the canyon wall. We originally intended to stop at Cedar Ridge, but felt good enough to continue. The way back was strenuous. The temperature jumped to about 100 in the canyon and the sun was beating. My brother began showing signs of heat exhaustion and we had to take many stops and eventually ran out of water about .7 miles from the top, which includes the tough switchbacks that you start on and think nothing of. All said I would definitely do it again, but much earlier, like 7am, and with much more water. The views are solid, but I felt like it would have been much more worth it to buckle down and go to the river and stay the night to return the next day.

Absolutely amazing!! The hike is extremely simple & flat but then you get to the end it’s the most stunning view. The view from the picnic tables is great but nothing like walking out to the ledge. When my husband and I got to the end (10:15am) we were the only people there. Never have I been in such a quiet place. It was so quiet we heard a birds wings flapping as it flew past us. Slowly about ten people came out, which was nice cause we needed some photos. As we left we passed about 15 people. As with most hikes the earlier the better.

1 month ago

Love this trail! Easy enough for my mom with a bad knee to do, while still seeing beautiful views of the canyon!

1 month ago


We hiked 2.5 miles into the Canyon. Views were amazing and very different from the views from the Canyon edge. We were overwhelmed by the sheer cliffs above us and the way the Canyon looked so different from how it looked from above. Trail wasn’t terrible - the walk back was tough but not impossible at all. Just pack a camelback and fill it at the refill stations and you will be fine.

1 month ago

A pretty hike through the forest to sweeping vistas. There are a couple campsites at Cape Final - would be great to see the sunset and sunrise this way.

1 month ago

This easy, paved train around the rim of the Grand Canyon was busy but not overwhelming. Though at times it feels like you’re fighting the crowds at Disneyland, the trail is so long, and the views are so omnipresent, that the beauty of the Canyon wins out.

Pretty busy trail at the trail head to the first 1.5 mile stop. Then thins out and becomes a really great hike. We only made it down to the three mile stop before we turned around do to time, but the scenery is amazing!! Hike back up is harder for sure. Double the time down. Took us total of about 4 hours to complete stopping to take pictures and a couple rest stops. Water fill spots are really nice, but bring some snacks too. Next time will be prepared to go to the bottom!!

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