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Pretty easy hike to see something that I have only seen in many photos. Very beautiful.

1/14/19- awesome day hike. Traveled with my sister the entire path to plateau point. Absolutely worth the views. Left at 8AM, made it to the point at 10:30. Returned at 2pm. The trip down is easy, but the return is very difficult with the elevation gain. Overall totally worth it!

short hike very beautiful place a lot of people I enjoyed

on Water Wheel Falls

8 days ago

Easy and thoroughly enjoyed the snow hike.. This a good family hike with children and would have to cross the stream in 3 places

keep going until you reach the waterfall! We went right after a snowfall and it was beautiful to see and hear the icy water rushing, including the waterfall itself! The water wheel itself greets you to the left before you begin the trail. There are also lovely memorials for victims of flash flooding; we stopped and paid tribute as reminders of both human life and the strength of nature. We walked on ice over the frozen streams! if you follow the trickles, they become larger and larger bodies of frozen water, until you reach the rushing falls. There is a carved chair that you can sit in at the very end near the falls! I would definitely recommend this hike and will most likely visit again during another season to check out the difference. Be mindful of the massive horse pies along the route, though I rather take that than the unnecessary tagging done to the beautiful rocks :-( Beautiful hike, lovely natural workout. I highly recommend!

This trail is definatley worth the hike! Our initial plan was to hike down to Cedar Ridge but after the 6 inches of snow that the Canyon received we weren't able to start our hike until later and the snow was rather loose on the steep trail. The hike to this was just beautiful! I'd do it again in a heart beat!

1/5/19 - Awesome hike. Gorgeous views through its entirety. Crampons or yaktracks or some type of traction is recommended for sure and saved me the hassle of slipping on some of the packed powder/ice we trekked through although it wasn’t deep and I saw many people doing it without them I still think it made the hike easier. A few wildlife (deer/elk) sightings near the Indian gardens and beyond that on the way to plateau point. Although some jerk/idiot decided to approach the big buck trying to get a closer picture in which I can’t stand and had some choice words for him...nevertheless the views at plateau point were amazing and the Colorado river was flowing hard which was also awesome to see. The hike back up was pretty strenuous mostly because your legs are tired from hiking about 6.5 miles down into the canyon so obviously you have to go 6.5 miles back up haha. But the trail is very obvious and easy to follow. But in total I went with a buddy who was a little slower than my usual pace we finished out and back in 6hours 22 minutes with about 20-30 minutes at plateau point for sandwiches and a beer.

Had a blast today. It was 40 degrees and rainy but we made it back to the falls. Really beautiful. We took two kids age 5.5 and 7.

This was an easy trail. Most of the trail is through the woods. The end of the trails brings you to the canyon and then to the end at Shoshone Point. My husband and I thought this was a terrific beginner feeling/experience to Angel's Landing in Zion, as you make your way past the rock to the end of Shoshone Point. The views were magnificent and the trail was so quite! This is a must do!

One of favorite hikes. We took our extended family ages 9 to 63 and everyone had an amazing time.

We did this early on the morning of Thursday, January 3 to catch the sunrise. The trail is very simple, and short. The end is beyond the camping area and stretches into the canyon so you will have views of the canyon all around you.

We got there moments before the sun came over the horizon and stayed for the duration of the sunrise. It was called “The best kept secret in Grand Canyon” in this thread and I absolutely second that. We did 3 hikes on our stay and it was hands down the beat view of the canyon we got. And NO ONE was there.

Do yourself a favor and wake up a little early to get out there, it’s worth it. I also imagine it’s a great place for a sunset as well.

Extremely easy trail, pretty flat, you can wear flip flops even (I did). The view is outstanding once you get there, you’ll definitely wanna bring your camera! But beware the vertigo

15 days ago

Been down most of the wash. Waiting for a day after rainfall, I guarantee the waterfall will be best then. Most of the hike is through a wash and depending on where you start the hike, you may have to do some bush-wacking. After going down the wash, there were some American flags. Not quite sure why they're there... maybe signifying mines? I took pictures of the signs around. Also, I don't recommend going too far north on Camp Creek, you may run into Sears Kay Ranch. I had been walking through the desert and ran into it. I walked through the whole ranch and on my way out, I noticed quite a few no trespassing signs. The whole ranch is private property and they make it pretty clear that they don't want you walking through it. Really nice ranch though. Well maintained and nice bathrooms. Seems like it should be a public place... but it's not. Also, beware and be safe around the high-voltage power lines. Saw a power line on the ground today... wasn't connected to anything, but if it was, it could've been dangerous. I'll upload pictures of the signs I saw. Hope this helps.

Very busy over the Christmas break and somewhat challenging to access if you didn’t arrive early enough to park in the small parking lot. Very much enjoyed the views but did not enjoy the overcrowded viewpoint and trail.

One of those scenes that feel super fake. It's such a pretty sight!

As a note, please don't be one of those people that just leave your garbage in the parking lot. It looked so horrible in the parking lot.

Beautiful hike. Worth the effort. I’d recommend giving yourself 5-6 hours. The further down the canyon you go the less and less people there are so don’t be deterred if when you first start out there are too many people on the trail.

The views! Wow! Definitely a good workout going up about 700 ft. bring water and much caution with little ones as the path is on a cliff the whole way to Ooh Ahh Point and further down. All worth the sweat and thin air lol!!

STUNNING! Wonderful views along the trail. Mesmerizing to look into the canyon. Strenuous going back uphill so take it easy

Completed on 12/26. Very busy, but a great experience. Take your time coming back up, and watch for the poop!

This was our 2nd attempt of the day to hike below the rim (Bright Angel was too icy) so we only made it to Ooh Aah Point. Definitely a must do at the Grand Canyon - next time maybe we will make it a little further.

After watching people recklessly running down Bright Angel the day before, I wondered how comfortable I would be going down this trail with my kids. Despite starting out with quite a few switchbacks, the trail is wide and easily traversed. I have a fear of heights, but I never panicked on this trail. It's short, so it wasn't too taxing for my 8 and 10 year old kids. I would have loved to keep going on this trail, but that would have meant more staircases for the kids going back up. Great first-time way to dip your toes in the canyon.

Plateau Point is absolutely worth the added 3 miles from Indian Garden. Highlight of the trip.

27 days ago

So beautiful. Go at sunset for amazing colors reflected on to the canyon walls. There are a TON of tourists but if you move out to either side you can have some time to yourself. A must see in page.

Great trail, very difficult, but so so worth it. I would start off early so you can have plenty of time to enjoy the view at the end and also leave plenty of time to climb back up. We are 4 healthy young adults and it took us close to 8 hours.

Awesome Trail for those looking to do a day hike down into the canyon but not go all the way to Phantom Ranch. Going down is pretty easy as you go straight down but be prepared because going back up is straight up (3000-ish elevation gain!) But the point overlooks the Colorado river and it’s STUNNING. I did this with my boyfriend (I’m 28 and he’s 35) and we are avid hikers. Took us about 5 hours and we started at 7 am. My only recommendation is if you visit in the winter (we were here on 12/17) to bring spikes as going down was a tad dicey at sunrise. Otherwise a GREAT hike!

1 month ago

It's a sandy incline up to the top, but there is a convenient gazebo along the way, if needed. Be careful when you arrive as there are no barriers on the rim of the overlook. However the views of the winding Colorado River 1000 ft. below are breathtaking!

Too many tourist.

1 month ago

Beautiful scenery! Very short walk small hill at the beginning. Took less than an hour to walk there take pictures and walk back.

Super easy & rewarding hike!

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