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20 hours ago

We parked at visitors center by Mather Point. Took blue bus, and switched to red bus to Hermits Rest. That’s where we started walking the rim toward our car. I believe it was a good decision to go that way because for the most part you’ll be going downhill. First two miles we hiked on the very rim. That first two miles are not on the map. On the map you would see paved greenway, but there is hidden gem trail as well, right on the edge of the rim. I would consider these trail as Moderate. It is mostly few feet wide with the rock wall on the right and 3000 feet drop on the left. Don’t look down!! Not suitable for kids and dogs. We walked back 11.22 miles from Hermits Rest. First 6 miles are the most enjoyable and difficult, almost no people, and last 4-5 miles were paved and repetitive but still very nice. Highly recommend.

We are 62 and live in Asheville NC. This hike is very demanding on the return. Make sure you stop frequently and have plenty of fluids and food. The views were worth the post suffering.

Excellent views at every step of the way!

The view the whole way is amazing! The hike itself is not long to what I’m used to. Going down hill is super easy, it’s going back up to the top that you have to worry about!!! When you’re going back up I suggest taking it easy and taking your time. The view is amazing so take your breaks and take some good pictures. I say bring water and bring snack to eat. Overall it was fun and definitely an experience you don’t get everyday!

Really nice short trail. The views are amazing and it's not very tough, just perfect hike for half a day. It'd have been so much better if there were no mules on the trail.

did this three times before. While it is challenging, the views you get to see down at the skeleton point worth the effort. On average , it took me about 3.5-4 hours round trip. Lots of water needed

Amazing! Definitely a “bucket list” thing! It was a hard hike out, fairly easy down though.

Amazing hike into the canyon! The views were tremendous. My husband and I started around 11 and ended at 2:30. We brought 3 liters of water and lots of trail mix and fruit. Winds were about 30 mph but wasn’t a hazard. Highly recommend this trail to anyone visiting the GC. The orange shuttle takes you about 1/4 mile from the trailhead.

Great trail to see the Grand Canyon. It could get very windy and kick up a lot of dust at times. Overall it was a very fun challenge.

A bit crowded with people, but awesome views of the canyon. Going back up is pretty tough, particularly when the wind kicks up dust and sand. Trail maintenance is excellent.
We had 4 L of water for 2 people in early April, but ran out on the ascent. Definitely bring 3L/person and some trail mix with your lunch, and enjoy it!

Great day hike (and my first) at the Grand Canyon! We got started around 9am and finished at 12:45pm. Pretty quick descent with lots of switchbacks and some great canyon views. Hiking poles were very helpful. The trail is rocky but easy to follow and well maintained. We stopped at the Santa Maria spring for some food and rest before starting the ascent. Walk about 100ft past the rest house for a great flat viewing point.

Was an Amazing experience, the views Breathtaking want to go back and hike to the Colorado River

I did this hike, by accident, last summer. I almost died from heat exhaustion because I had been on a massive road trip all week and was already pushing my body to the limit. I forgot my water, food, camelpack, and sunscreen. Basically everything that I needed, I left in the car. SMH-yes, this was the day I officially realized I was a moron.

The first half of the hike is straight down. I was basically running the whole time. The second half was brutal as the sun was burning me, my mouth was drier than it has ever been, and I was walking on a stair stepper for 2 hours. My mind started playing tricks on me at some point as the dehydration took hold.
All that being said, I would like to do it again but this time prepared LOL

Magnificent views and easier than I expected. There are some steep sections, but the trail is well maintained and never less than 4 feet wide.
Be sure to hike to the vantage point at Cedar Ridge.

This map actually takes you to Skeleton Point but there are two stops before that. Ooh Ah point is about 1 mike in. Great viewpoint! Next is Cedar Creek and from there Skeleton Point. This trail is ALL incline from the start. . Definitely a strenuous hike but we enjoyed it a lot! No snow anymore. If you have poles, bring them along with sunscreen, snacks, and plenty of water! Try to start early to mid morning.

Including resting and taking pictures, we made it to Cedar Creek and back in about 2.5 hours. Go the pace that works for you!

Very steep going down to the Colorado river.
Great views. Glad we were going down to spend the night. Did Bright Angels trail next day.

Not for the weak of heart. Lots of tourists taking kids down, not very kid friendly. The way down is deceptively easy as the route back up is much more challenging mid-day. But the views were unbeatable and an experience to remember.

I think this is the best hike on the South Rim (better than Bright Angel) due to the diversification of the views. It gets pretty crowded on the trail up until Cedar Ridge. The portion of the trail to Skeleton Point has less people. I think Cedar Ridge has a better view and better photo opportunities than Ooh Ahh Point. I went all the way to Skeleton Point (about 1.5 miles away from Cedar Ridge). The hike took about 4.5 hours (that is including some breaks). Going down the trail is easy. Going back up is definitely steep and will take 2x longer than when you were going down. I would bring a bandana to cover your mouth and nose for this trail. There is a portion that is a bit sandy/dusty and you don’t want to be inhaling dust while hiking.

This is the trail that made me and my family proud of ourselves, the one that allowed us to realize that maybe we could start considering trails labeled as "difficult" despite that we thought of ourselves as only novice hikers. That being said, it doesn't mean that it's easy, but I think the difficulty really just comes from the length and elevation increase of coming back up. We went in the beginning of September, so the great weather (70s) was such a blessing for us and lifted off a burdensome stressor. My parents are just two average adults in their late 40s (neither fit nor unhealthy haha) and with all of us, we were able to make it down to Skeleton Point in ~2.5 hours and back up in ~3 hours.
It's a popular trail, so it's very smooth terrain and beautiful red pathways lined with rocks. The height may be a little scary at first but you get used to it! (I'm sort of scared of heights but I still enjoyed it and I enjoy hiking).

So with all of this being said, I think it's a great trail for beginners to challenge yourself with :)

27 days ago

We took the red shuttle for a majority of the in between, but walked from the visitor center to the first red route stop. Got a little tired and repetitive by the end of the route. Nice views but highly recommend hiking into the canyon for a even more spectacular and surreal experience.

29 days ago


One of the best hikes I’ve ever done. Incredibly challenging if hot

What a great trail! We did it with a 8-year old. It was tough for her, especially towards the end, but worth every step. The views are absolutely breathtaking! It took us 5 hours in total, including 30 min at the Skeleton Point: 2 hours down and 3 hours back up.

Amazing hike!! Views are stunning from all parts of trail. We did Kaibab to Skeleton Pass (out and back trail). 6.5 miles, 3.75 hours moving time, total time about 4.5 hours. Took 8 am hiker bus to get to the trail (about 30 min ride). Steep but well maintained trails. Great to have water. Nice to have packed lunch at Skeleton Pass. Aggressive squirrels. Out house toilet along the way. Didn’t see any place to refill for water. For those of you wondering if there was snow - there was no snow on the trail - just a little wet mud in very few spots. Lots of people on the trail towards the afternoon. When we got back (about 1 pm) some storm clouds rolled in and it started to snow quite a lot. Cold at top - great to have a hat and warm jacket. At the bottom could have been in shorts and a long t shirt. To get back to the village after the hike we took the orange line bus from the trail to the visitor center and switched onto the blue line bus to the village area. FYI - we waited about 20 minutes (during the snow) for the blue line bus - very very long line. We did pass a few horses along the way.

Hike back up during Sunset - watch sunset from Ooh Ahh point; it's amazing. Not too strenuous if you're in in decent shape.

awesome trail! what does down must come up yes in this case its cery true. worth it though. the hike was a little stenuous but I love me some breaks made it back up in a 1 45 min not to shabby. you can see the colorado river from skeleton point.

Stunning hike!

Trail was carved out of a cliff side, and that alone is worth seeing. Some serious trail building work went into this one!

The river is visible at skeleton point if you walk to the left on the ridge at the end.

I’m guessing less than 20% of those on the trail actually went as far as skeleton point, but well worth it!

The views are amazing and much of the trail is well-maintained. Ooh-aah point is fairly crowded with people taking photos. O'neil Butte is an awesome landmark to stop at and just marvel at the canyon. The hike up is steep so save some energy for the return trip. March 22nd trail was mostly dry and no crampons needed.

I found this to be a slightly easier and more enjoyable hike that Bright Angel. South Kaibab has fewer repetitive switchbacks, more trail variety throughout the hike and more panoramic views. Cedar Ridge and Skeleton Point both provide expansive plateau areas that allow crowds to spread out and have some individual space, and the views are spectacular throughout. Extraordinary and unforgettable hike that is challenging without being greuling.

This Trail has spectacular views of the Grand Canyon. As you progress down the trail the canyon opens up for panoramic views. The trail itself is not technically challenging but since your ascent is following the descent it adds a level of difficulty.

It is heavily trafficked by the mules during certain times of the day.

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