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Killer day hike. Leave early and spend time at the point. Take snacks or lunch and plenty of water.

Amazing hike! Great views and not that demanding. We took our 7 and 5 year olds and they made it with no problems. Just be careful for the cliff edge. It's a long ways down!

5 days ago

My group of 3 hiked to Hermit Creek in April and camped for two nights before returning. The creek is lovely and we enjoyed lunching by the rapids. The campground is basic, with two composting toilets and a bar for hanging packs. You can quickly access the creek below for water; be sure to use a filter. Hermit Trail is just as tough as advertised. We knew it would be steep and rough. We didn’t expect the areas that felt quite dangerous, as we tried to get over slide areas or sections that has mostly loose rock on the incline. If you are afraid of heights, this isn’t a trail for you. The views are stunning, however, and there is little traffic on the trail. I’m glad I did it, but won’t repeat this adventure.

A good short hike to add to your one day GC iterenary.

wowoowowowowowow that was the coolest thing I did at the Grand canyon, definitely strenuous and took me 7 hours I'm somewhat in shape and I was sore the day after, bring a loooot of water not for beginners I'd say especially in hot weather

We did the hike only up to the 1.5 mile point plus a little bit further, before turning back. The views are amazing, lots of switchbacks to drink up the views and you’ll be able to get some great pictures

As noted by others, the view doesn’t change that much all the way through but it is such a breath taking view so I personally really enjoyed it

We also did the South Kaibab trail hike which had more variations of views (but not as ‘breath taking’ imho). So recommend doing South Kaibab if you can only do one, but highly recommend both

PS. Hopi Point is very close by via the red shuttle, this is rated as the best place to see sunset and can confirm it was awesome!

We started our hike just after 9AM and made it to the 3 mile point around 11. The way down is easy, the way up is definitely challenging! We made it back around 130PM. We brought about 3 liters of liquids (2 liters of water and 2 Gatorades). We wore layers, wore a long sleeve and vest on the way down and just wore a t-shirt on the way up. Definitely a great way to see the canyon! We went on a Sunday and there were a decent amount of people but I wouldn’t consider it really crowded, so I’m assuming the people who commented that it was too crowded went on a Saturday or are used to trails without a lot of people.

15 days ago

prepare yourself for a treat. prepare yourself for a challenge. what an awesome trail all around.

Hard but worth the trek if you are up for it. Beware that even if it’s cool on the rim it will be at least 10 degrees hotter at Indian Gardens and you are almost 100% exposed during the hike on the way up.

We choose this hike based on how long the bus line was at the visitor center. But it had magnificent and breathtaking views at every turn. No regret. Our kids favorite hike of the vacation.

Absolutely overcrowded until you pass the 1.5 mile point. It is fairly steep, I finished this hike is 3.5 hours (45 minutes stopping for lunch included). There was no water in April. It does have a temperature variation, so layers are key. I also finished 3 liters of water and was out as soon as I got back to the top, so if you’re wanting to go farther than this, pack LOTS of water. Recommend trekking poles for the way up. Also, the common tourist population has no regard for hikers- so be prepared to feel like people are pushing you off the trail from walking side by side in pairs of 3.

Great hike but hard. Covered 4580 feet of up from the river. Stop for lunch at Indian Gardens. Four hours from the bottom then another four hours to the rim. Total hike time 8 hours. Once in a life time event.

Watch out for mule poop. Ooh ahh point is very nice, but not significantly different than view from along the rim.

Not my favorite hike on the South Rim. I think South Kaibab Trail is better. The trailhead is connected to the Rim Trail and is easily accessible which makes this trail crowded. I only went to the 1.5 mike resthouse. This trail is steeper than the South Kaibab Trail in my opinion. The view is all the same throughout this trail. This trail gets 3 stars because of the crowdedness.

Epic hike with fantastic views. Turned at the Hyde (1-ish mile short of the campgrounds) and then went out to Plateau Point on the way back. Ran most of it and took a few short hiking and snack breaks. Bring lots of water and food. As a highly active 17 year old guy (w/ a 1:33:44 half marathon PR for reference) it took me about 5 hours, 4:34 moving time.

Straight down for the first 4 miles, then flattens out to plateau point. Beautiful view of the Colorado River, and probably my favorite perspective of the Grand Canyon overall... The last 4 mile stretch is very challenging, but definitely well worth the view. My brother and I went at a fairly good pace, and it took us a little over 4 hours round trip.

We hiked up bright angel after coming down via south kaibab

All I can say is this trail broke me I literally thought I couldn’t make it every time I looked up
The elevation gain along with my heavy backpack was enough to make me ache so much. The last 2 hours going up I was about ready to call it a day and sleep on trail lol it was that bad. It also gets pretty cold near the top so bring a jacket easy access

For us it wasn’t icy but still some scary parts of the trail with steep drops. It took us about 7 hours to reach the top from the river and luckily there was lots of shade. The trail before the steep climb was enjoyable and pretty all the way up to about Indian gardens. Don’t think I’ll ever do this one again

We took a free shuttle back to the backcountry permit office

Great trail and it will give you a good workout and views of the canyon. Hiked it March 21st. You will want crampons because from the trailhead to the 1.5 mile resthouse had a lot of ice, even 9:30 to 11am. Still encountered some steep ice on the trail at 2pm. Top of the trail is pretty crowded and slick, watch out for people with flat shoes falling into you on the ice. After the 1.5 mile resthouse there are a lot less people.

Easy to follow trail with plenty of toilet stops and water stations. Add a little jogging to your hike and you’ll be done in 7 hours. Only needed extra layers for about 30 mins since the descent is rapid. Electrolytes are a must: salt pills or the ultima pouches will keep your body happy. Protect yourself from the sun, stay hydrated, and take lots of photos :) it’s a beautiful park to enjoy

Great challenging trail got up early and left at sunrise(19 degrees). Trail to the first rest station was icy. From there the trail was great. Got to plateau point and the weather was awesome and about 55 degrees. Say there had food and drink and had to defend the food from the aggressive squirrels. Would rate this my favorite hike.

This was the perfect trail for our group to have a great experience in the Grand Canyon. Started at 10 am, took 2:50 out and 2:50 back, plus lunch at Plateau Point. Weather was cool and cloudy on the way back up. Coming back up is no joke, but we found a good pace and it went by quickly. The stations every 1.5 miles broke up the hike very well. Definitely an enjoyable day in the canyon!

Apparently I’m out of shape because it was hard!!! Beautiful hike, wouldn’t do it in summer.

Really good hike with great views. Bright Angel Trail is a difficult trail, crampons needed during the colder months, long pieces of trail covered with sleek ice so please be careful. The hike is accessible and easy to find. Do not let my ice comment make you afraid of coming, once the sun hits the trail those ice capes are gone within minutes. It is a long trail so many people hike down for an hour or two then head back up. You start with going down! So the way back up will be HARDER! Make it a 1 to 1.5 ratio. You hike down 1 hour expect your trip back up to be 1 hour and 30 min give or take depending on your experience. The trail head has multiple places to refill your water bottle alongside restroom facilities. Please DO NOT FORGET WATER. It is your best friend. Also feel free to take snacks because there are great places to stop and eat something with a beautiful view. Clean up after yourself. The canyon is there for your enjoyment, treat it with respect. Overall, a fantastic trail with an incredible view. I would recommend this trail to anyone with prior hiking experience (if you don’t have experience, go ahead and try it out but take it easy and remember the 1 to 1.5 ratio i explained towards the top) - val :)

Love this trail! Lots of switchbacks, fabulous views all the way down and back, and a great cardio workout. It took me 3 hours total. I wouldn't want to hike this trail in any of the hot summer months.

If you are wanting a good day hike that gives you a near spiritual prize at the end, this is the hike for you to take.

I am in moderately good hiking shape, 45 yo and love day hike experiences. The other reviewers nailed it - lots of activity toward the top and down to the first station. A lot thins out from the first to second station, and then down to Indian garden it was almost just me and maybe the same 5 other people.

There was no water at second stop, but there was at the first and at Indian. Rained for the first hour on the way in so the trails were icy and muddy - very glad I had my trek poles with me.

Had rained the night before - a lot. Many folks on their way back up weren’t too pumped but were still positive about the point.

Def bring food and hydro and a great camera. The sound of the river from the point is majestic. Met some really cool people. Love hiking.

The canyon changes so much during the hike - was thankful for the cool weather as I still worked up a good sweat.

Mule deer just enjoying some afternoon lunch in the open area from Indian to the point.

Had a good big breakfast at Henry’s and filled up with water in the bright angel hotel lobby right before I headed down. Took me 8 am to 3 pm with 1 hour at the point. Took a few decent breaks on the way back. Awesome.

Great trail with no crowds.

It’s a short and beautiful hike. It does have spaced out “man-made” stairs that can be a little hard to climb for shorter individuals but doable.

Great hike once you get a mile or two down and lose the tourist crowds.

I agree that this is moderate to easy hike. I did it in feb and it was not bad. Took an hour at most. There were families with kids doing it no problem. The trick back up was a little more strenuous but not hard my any means.

My husband and I hiked to the 3 mile rest house and back. I hiked this trail on a December morning (highs in the 50s) and needed 1.5L of water. In my personal opinion, South Kaibab has better sweeping views, but Bright Angel gets you up close to the various layers of rock.

If you are trying to decide whether to hike down the 1.5 or 3 miles, I’d suggest turning around at 1.5. I think the experience from 1.5 to 3 wasn’t much different than the first 1.5 miles. The 6-mile length made this more of a strenuous hike for me.

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