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Great trail and it will give you a good workout and views of the canyon. Hiked it March 21st. You will want crampons because from the trailhead to the 1.5 mile resthouse had a lot of ice, even 9:30 to 11am. Still encountered some steep ice on the trail at 2pm. Top of the trail is pretty crowded and slick, watch out for people with flat shoes falling into you on the ice. After the 1.5 mile resthouse there are a lot less people.

Definately a 10!

Apparently I’m out of shape because it was hard!!! Beautiful hike, wouldn’t do it in summer.

Love this trail! Lots of switchbacks, fabulous views all the way down and back, and a great cardio workout. It took me 3 hours total. I wouldn't want to hike this trail in any of the hot summer months.

My husband and I hiked to the 3 mile rest house and back. I hiked this trail on a December morning (highs in the 50s) and needed 1.5L of water. In my personal opinion, South Kaibab has better sweeping views, but Bright Angel gets you up close to the various layers of rock.

If you are trying to decide whether to hike down the 1.5 or 3 miles, I’d suggest turning around at 1.5. I think the experience from 1.5 to 3 wasn’t much different than the first 1.5 miles. The 6-mile length made this more of a strenuous hike for me.

The BEST bang-for-your-buck hike! An easy walk that leads to panoramic views of the Grand Canyon. No crowds here! Once you get to the picnic benches, continue past them to a narrower trail that leads you out to the canyon. Also, there are bathrooms at the end of the trail.

28 days ago

1 month ago

Amazing views! Great little spots to walk off near the trail and get some great views :)

This hike is a perfect way to get a good work out and take in spectacular and vast views of the canyon without completely tiring yourself out or eating up your entire day. There was still some ice at the beginning of the trail. Those parts were quite slick, but they were less than 25 ft. I was wearing hiking boots, but my partner did just fine in treaded sneakers.

1 month ago

Unreal abd surreal. So many just stop at the visitor center lookout and miss so much. Take the short .6 mile hike from the visitor center to the geology museum or take the free buses to each viewpoint if you don't have time. if you have time hike the rim or even venture into the canyon on Bright Angel Trail as far as you are comfortable. this is one place that you are robbing yourself if you don't get out and take the hikes

1 month ago

Beautiful views of Grand Canyon, but very crowded.

this is the best hidden gem in the park! an easy forested walk leads to a picnic area, and then if you follow the trail to the viewpoint beyond you are almost instantly rewarded with panoramic views. this is a solitary, quiet place that would be amazing at sunrise or sunset! don’t miss it!

Lots of ice/snow and people with tennis shoes on, I slipped many times in good hiking boots. A hike not for the faint of heart right now. But absolutely breathtaking and beautiful.


Great place to walk. swim if you can. views spectacular!

made it to the 2nd tunnel. amazing views the further you hike down into the canyon! loads of people and even mules. watch out for the mule poop!

made it to the 2nd tunnel. amazing views the further you hike down into the canyon! loads of people and even mules. watch out for the mule poop!

TOTALLY WORTH IT. Being a dog mom it is so important that my “kids” come with me on every road trip. Most National Parks are not dog friendly which is a huge bummer. However, this trail is 12 frickin’ miles long and it’s views are truly breathtaking. It’s a paved trail which makes it easy to cover lots of ground in a short amount of time. We got up close and personal with at least 8 elk on our 7 mile hike. We were on the trail by 8:30 on a Tuesday and basically spent the whole first half of the hike by ourselves, which was such a peaceful vibe. To get to the trail we had to park in the campground across the street from the Wiki/Kuibab Point Trail. There you will come to a lookout and look for the only paved trail across from the mule stables. We drove 22 hrs from Kansas to see it and I don’t regret the drive at all.

Great but definitely full of people. For a more quiet trail go to the end near where the Lodge is.

2 months ago

Perfect stroll along the Canyon rim with my dog. She enjoyed all the attention she received along the way and I was able to appreciate the views.

2 months ago

If you start very early parking is easy and the trail is perfect if you’re not able to take on the steep trails. Lots to learn along the way from signage.

Great hike! Superb views. Made to mile and a half outpost with a super intrepid 3 1/2 year old and 7 year old.

Great hike, though the hike back up can be a little challenging. Good views of the inside of the canyon though.

3 months ago

Pictures do not do it justice

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A very nice place to explore with the family. Fairly easy hike. Water is still rather cold even in the summer months. However, it is tolerable. Very cold during winter. Crowds are ridiculous during the warmer months and almost unenjoyable with all the loud ruckus and disrespect for the land by visitors. But the off season crowds are much smaller and make the experience so much more lovely. Grab a hotel in Sedona and visit Slide Rock. You won't be disappointed.

Great trail to experience part of the canyon below the rim. Bring water! No ice on the trail mid-December. Mild weather

3 months ago

Not really a hike. A small park with a short path. Of course, the attraction is the slide rock, but too cold during winter, except for the polar bear folks. Off season, the reduced $10 entry fee seems excessive, especially because all the amenities are closed. Major bummer is that dogs can’t accompany you to the most interesting parts of the area

Great hike and great way to see the canyon from inside. Only went to the 1.5 mile resthouse as we didn't have time to go all the way to the 3 mile. Glad we turned around! Being from the East Coast, not quite used to the higher elevation so coming back up was quite the test! Take many breaks and you'll be okay! It was mid-November so much cooler than it will be in the summer, we had quite a few layers to begin but shed as we went along.

Did this on Wednesday 11/22/17 starting down at 9 am. Weather was freezing at rim and we shed our layers by 1.5 stop. Took plenty of water including BCAA powder and taped heels, calves and lower back with KT tape. My husband and I actually went all the way to Plateau Point but when we got to 3 mile rest house, i was ready to stop. This is pretty steep and my legs were wobbly from the hike down!! I conditioned my legs (incline) for several months in preparation for the climb out but i was not prepared for the descent. I recommend you do a lot of lunges to prepare your legs! View is awesome but I spent a lot of time looking down at the trail to watch my step....rocks, mule droppings, etc. Stop to look up! :) There was NO WATER at the 1.5 or the 3 mile rest house! Indian Garden (1.5 mile further) was only place with water. Going up was a little easier on me but not my husband. The last half mile gong up was much harder than I thought it would be. Pace yourself and take lots of breaks! Stay hydrated! 4 days later, my legs are still sore...but...it was awesome!!

This was particularly tough due to the steep drop offs on the sides. This made the hike a bit less enjoyable as i have a healthy fear of heights and have two kiddos with me.

Not one of my favorite hikes.

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