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First time to the Grand Canyon and the views were gorgeous! Definitely would recommend microspikes for the trail right now, as it was pretty packed with snow. Took about 3hrs round trip for me to get to the three mile house and back. Stopped quite a few times on the way back up to rest + enjoy the views.

did the trail first weekend of 2019. camped at hermit rapids. close to 11-12 miles each way to the Rapids from the trail we took. Just over 8 to hermit creek per my garmin. great himed. huge snowstorm the night we camped by the river. very challenging hike out through very deep snow. However snow was already melting a couple of miles from reaching the top. Another week or so and trail should be relatively clear of snow as long as more snow doesn't fall

7 days ago

Great trail. Did the section down to Breezy Point late December 2018, no ice in sight. Did this one the day after Grandview, and found it to be slightly less difficult but more varied in view and terrain, and also with more potential stop points early on to take a break. Once you get down the initial descent, the trail is nice and flat up until the Cathedral Stairs, which we voted against descending. Overall, even without going all the way down, the views are stunning, the trail is well-maintained, and the hike is much more off the beaten path than many others (though we still saw about 15-20 people, compared with 2 the day before). Overall, you can’t go wrong with this trail, and the solitude was welcome given the chaos up at the rim!

Can someone tell me if south kaibab trail would be safe to hike with a 8 month old? Thanks

This was an easy trail. Most of the trail is through the woods. The end of the trails brings you to the canyon and then to the end at Shoshone Point. My husband and I thought this was a terrific beginner feeling/experience to Angel's Landing in Zion, as you make your way past the rock to the end of Shoshone Point. The views were magnificent and the trail was so quite! This is a must do!

We did this trail yesterday. A group on their way up said it took them 5 hours to do, which was a little daunting to us at first. The descent down was a breeze. It's quite snowy, and given the snow storm that just came through today, cramp ons were/are highly advised for this. We are mountain hikers, so hiking the descent first was very abnormal to us. It was such a cool experience. The hike back up was incredibly challenging, but it was worth it!

The views give it five stars!! Plus a visit with a mule parade at Cedar Ridge. For me being out of shape, going back up was tough and long, but I slept well that night! Also, the head of the trail has real spring water. Fill your bottles there! Hiked in late October. Beautiful weather!

One of favorite hikes. We took our extended family ages 9 to 63 and everyone had an amazing time.

We did this early on the morning of Thursday, January 3 to catch the sunrise. The trail is very simple, and short. The end is beyond the camping area and stretches into the canyon so you will have views of the canyon all around you.

We got there moments before the sun came over the horizon and stayed for the duration of the sunrise. It was called “The best kept secret in Grand Canyon” in this thread and I absolutely second that. We did 3 hikes on our stay and it was hands down the beat view of the canyon we got. And NO ONE was there.

Do yourself a favor and wake up a little early to get out there, it’s worth it. I also imagine it’s a great place for a sunset as well.

We did this trail on Dec 29th. A bit chilly with some snow and just a bit of ice at the top. It took us about 2-2.5 hours with stopping to take pictures at the oh ah point and taking a snack break at cedar ridge.

16 days ago

Stunning views! Not overly crowded on Dec. 28th and once you pass Ooh-Aah Point there are not too many people. The way up is challenging, but not too bad if you keep a slow and steady pace. Took 2 hours to go down and back. Taking the Rim trail back to the Visitor Center is a great way to end the hike.

Not as scenic and S.Kaibab but great nonetheless

on Hermit Trail

17 days ago

Tough as it gets. Unforgettable experience.

Not much of a challenge on this hike other than the constant incline/decline along this distance. Was deterred from going further given all the warning signs on the trail and online.

Wish we had went down to Indian Garden, given available sunlight and it was a cold day.

The best part of the hike was that it started snowing for the last .5 mile coming out onto the rim. Gorgeous sight.

Great hike with the best views! Seemed more like a moderate hike than hard, at least during the winter. There was only a bit of ice in the first few yards of the trail and dry the rest of the way down.

Amazing views and as my wife put it, a ‘legit’ workout on the way back up. We did it in late December. Bring layers but be prepared to carry them, even at 35 degrees when in the sun the jacket is coming off.

We went on December 17. The trail was icy only at the beginning. We brought crampons but did not really need to use them. It was a moderate and very doable hike for us, we are only occasional hikers and more or less in shape. It took 3 hours for the round trip, but we spent a lot of time chilling and taking pictures. The hike up took around 1 hour 15 minutes. The weather was pleasant, it was a completely cloudy day. The views were excellent though we thought a little more sunshine could make the views and pictures a bit better.

Hiked on December 23rd. The trail was clear but a little icy on the top (but nothing slippery) . Took a little more than 2 hours (including time to stop and click a ton of pics). Amazing views and overall a very doable hike. Coming up could be a little challenging.

I’ve seen nothing else like the Grand Canyon. There was no ‘bad views’ on this trail. The first 1.5 miles down you’re sifting through foot traffic. Going Thanksgiving weekend there were some ice patches. The decent down was almost too easy. Getting back up you definitely feel the altitude. The traffic lessens the further you go and the rest areas had bathrooms if you needed to make a pit stop. Overall, I would recommend! If the right season, I’d go again with a permit to backpack down towards the river. Next time!

Thought this was a moderate hike even with the weather we experienced. Went at the end of Nov. The top of the trail was snow covered while around Ooh Aah point, it was extremely muddy. Lots of opportunities to slip and fall. The weather conditions as we hiked would change from snow showers or windy or sunny and hot within minutes. Overall great hike, can't beat the views! Wish we had the time to go further to Skelton Point.

We enjoyed this hike to 3 mile and it was a good workout for our fitness level. We are both 63 and workout regularly,... several younger hikers told us we did well, very pleased we chose this trail.

October 2018- truly stunning views at ooh ah point and at the turn back point. We left early, and had unobstructed views. The fog was really rolling in on our way out. It was chilly when we went- wear layers. A couple dicey spots if you’re scared of heights. Overall we felt safe enough and it was 100% worth it! Took us about 2.5 hours

Amazing views! Ooh Ahh point is incredible, the way back up can be challenging. This was my 1st hike in the canyon and I was not mentally prepared for the struggle coming back up

1 month ago

Did this over Thanksgiving weekend, so you can imagine the amount of foot traffic there was. Regardless, incredible hike. Made it down to the rest house and it took about an hour to get back up from there. It’ll make you break a sweat, but nothing that’ll cause any crazy huffing and puffing. A couple of short breaks should be enough to get you through it. Lots of families with kids on the trail.

1 month ago

Hiked in August 2017 in about 3 hours. It took one hour to hike down to the 3-mile rest house, 30 minutes to eat lunch, and 1.5 hours hike up. Highly congested at midday. With more time, we would have loved to hike to the river. Bring lots of water and dress appropriately.

Great views, but get on the trail early if you want to avoid the hordes of tourists when you hike back at the top. We took about two hours going down stopping for photos along the way and about one hour forty minutes going back up with short breaks (2 women, 40s, in reasonably good shape). Don’t underestimate the climb back up — you will be sweating. Hiked nov 2018, 40-50 degrees, partly cloudy.

Great for sunset

Great, short hike with memorable views. The google map directions took us straight to parking lot. No bathroom at parking lot, but there is at the picnic grounds at end of trail. As mentioned, most of the hike is through a beautiful forested area. The path is fairly even and flat. If you have small or rowdy children with you, you may want to skip the end of the hike and just enjoy the view from picnic grounds. The last bit of the trail is a mini version of Angel’s Landing in Zions NP. There aren’t any chains required along the trail and no crowds to compete with for footing, but there were steep drop offs on both sides. With that being said, our 4 kids (12,9,6 &3) though a little nervous, wanted to say they’d done it.

The trail is actually 6 miles, 3 miles down to the 3 mile rest house and back up. The trail was a nice mix of easy areas to moderate areas. The hike was great with awesome views. Lots of people even in mid November.

This was a lovely hike down and back. Hiking in November is the best for this trail, as we never became uncomfortably warm. We are older than most reviewers, and in reasonable shape , took 3.5 hours in total.

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