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this was an amazing hike!

This was my favorite trail at South Rim—gorgeous views at every step. Cedar Ridge was a perfect spot to reenergize before the trek back up. There are bathrooms at Cedar Ridge. The hike back up is tough—I needed some breaks and consider myself to be in good shape—but the experience is well-worth it.

Perfect for a day hike! 3 points/landmarks on the trail to keep you motivated to keep going! We went down to skeleton point and back up which is 6 miles. You can’t see the river but it is beautiful! It took us all day but we took our sweet time. We parked down the road at one of the overlooks and walked on the paved trail to the trail head.

Hiked this the other day. Perfect weather. I found it the hardest on the way up as it got hotter. Beautiful scenery made it worth it. Probably one of the harder hikes I’ve done due to the elevation the whole way back up to the top.

Fantastic hike. Really gives you a sense of the scale of Grand Canyon when you hike down into it and the views on this hike do not disappoint. Fairly strenuous but not super long. Wife and I finished down and back in just over two hours with some stops to take in the views.

1 month ago

This was pretty hard for us! Well worth it tho. The hike took us about 6 hours. We took our time, rested as needed and did stop to eat twice. Give yourself time and bring plenty of water. Lots of traffic although people are courteous of one another. Hiking sticks are recommended. Be sure to wear the right boots and equipment. Enjoy and remember to stop and take it all in. Be safe.

This was hard, but there were kids doing it. And it was totally worth the trek. It was cold when we started, warmed up half way through. Pretty traffickied, but everyone was accommodating to each other.

2 months ago

Easy trail. Lots of animal tracks was a little disconcerting. Views at the end were ++

Beautiful hike! Not easy.

A wonderful and beautiful trail well maintained. Make sure to bring water and sun protection.

My husband and I hiked this trail today. We are experienced hikers, so this trail was not hard for us. We finished the hike in about 3.5 hours, with a break for lunch at Skeleton Point and many photo ops throughout . The view is gorgeous! I would say the last mile up was probably the toughest just because of the altitude gain. The temperature in mid December was about low 50s at mid day. I started and finished with my gloves on, but quickly warmed up during the middle of the hike. Pretty heavily trafficked until Cedar Ridge. You CANNOT drive to the trail head. We parked at a picnic shelter nearby and walked. Highly recommend this trail. Enjoy!!

This is beautiful hike. If you hike regularly or are in decent shape, it's not a difficult trail to hike. I recommend it in the morning so you can see the shades and colors of the Canyon changing as you come back up. Obviously bring plenty of water, salty and some sweet snacks and take your time coming back up.

I know it says it's best used in March- November, but would I be able to do it in mid-February? Is the trail closed, or what are the risks? Any info will help thanks!

Challenging but worth it. Non stop awesome views.

3 months ago

Our last hike in Grand Canyon. We did it as a day hike, but it was november so probably easier. We were a bit tired from two previous day hikes down the river but it was very manageable. Unlike South-Kaibab-to-bright-angel and Hermit-trail, we were exposed to the sun for most of the hike. Still, being november and having planned accordingly, that was not a big problem. You see the tower for almost all the hike which is funny. The view on the river is very different than closer to the village - it's worth going. Also, I suggest you try to find some vintage point as you go back up - the best views were actually not from down at the beach but before (close to the end on a butte, and also about halfway - sorry it's hard to describe where exactly). At the trailhead, it said you need to do some pathfinding, that the trail is not well marked and not well maintained. I have no clue why they say that - sure it's not a "highway" like bright angel, but it is very easy to follow.
Despite doing these other hikes that I mentionned, I felt this was still worth it!

3 months ago

Excellent views. Doable in a few hours.

One of the most beautiful hikes! Unforgettable experience and views. Bring lots of water and layer clothing. It gets really warm as you hike down. Allow time to take pictures and soak the unparrareled scenery.

One of my favorite hikes ever. Warning #1 There is a reason this hike is listed as hard - a beast coming back up Warning #2 Once you experience this hike - seeing the GC from the rim is a complete let down. Pretty crowded at the start and really windy. Brings lots of water

I hiked this with my husband yesterday. We are in our 50’s and pretty decent shape...although I do have very bad knees.

It was a beautiful hike into the canyon! Great views everywhere! It was a little tough on my bad knees but not near as bad as I anticipated...I did have poles and a good knee sleeve. There isn’t a lot of shade on the trail, but there are a few trees here and there. I really wanted to make it down to Skeleton but I had to be realistic...basically husband talked me out of it and glad he did.

Even though it was Oct, it was still very warm. We took 2-3 liters of water each. I think we drank it all. I could not imagine doing this trail in the summer!! It can reach temps of over 120 degrees in the canyon in summer.

Breathtaking views. Fun trail. Stay hydrated!! suggest hiking boots and packing snacks when you reach the bottom for a quick energy lunch!

4 months ago

I'm an intermediate hiker, so this is the most intense hike I've done. The views are insanely gorgeous. Going downhill really took a toll on my knees because I thought I was too cool to pull them out. Cold at the top, much warmer at the bottom. First steep section is very shady, once it flattens out is pretty much continual exposure nearly all the way to the end. One really cool thing is that you're able to see the desert tower for the majority of the hike, it's a great land mark to see how far you have gotten.

The second day we went up on the escalante trail in search for the "Indian fort ruins" we had heard about from passerbys. I believe we missed it we went too far into the hills when the trail to it splits off early into the hills. I've tried my best googling pictures of it and now I know it might just be the most ruined ruin I've ever seen. If you look at it you can be forgiven for thinking it's just a pile of rocks.

Heading back up was a strong lesson teaching me about my in experience. With just 1 day of rest my body had not fully recovered from the trek down. (You'll want to get more than a days rest while down there). We got an incredibly late start. 10am at the entrance to the trailhead at the river. Like I said there's no shade anywhere in the lower parts which is why you want to get this done really early if you're going up. At noon we crawled under a rock for lunch. Any shade you do see you'll probably find someone else resting there because they are so few and far in-between.

We reached the final flat area before the final steep segment at the top at 5pm. I unfortunately was the one slowing our group down with my breaks. If you are going up you should reach this area much much earlier. It was getting dark (sun gets blocked from our position much earlier than dusk due to being the canyon ) so we decided (against park rules) to camp a little ways off trail.

The next day we up and ready at 6am to finish off the last leg of the trail but my exhaustion was really getting to me. The climb up was so slow that I really feel it was the correct decision to camp midway. We had 3/4th of a mile left on the trail when a park ranger caught up to us was able to immediately deduce that we camped on the trail. We were chastised for our overly aggressive hiking plan (listed as against recommendation in our file) and then properly fined for the extra day camping.

Reaching the top felt really great. You see tourists all over by the desert tower but they'll never to get the views that you get on the tanner trail. There's nothing like that first time we climbed around one the cliffs and then suddenly the Colorado river comes into view in its full glory. So stunning. Stop by the binoculars on the desert tower and take a look at trail you just finished and check out where the hikers who are going down hill while you are ascending are now.

A great quick trail doable within 2 hours at a good pace. The views are amazing. The only downside is the crowd. If you have a bit more time I would recommend to push to Skeleton point a bit further down after Cedar Ridge.

North Kaibab is the only North Rim trail that actually goes down into the Grand Canyon, so it was on my “must hike” list. The trail goes all the way down but Supai Tunnel is a good stopping point for a half day hike. There is a restroom and water at the tunnel making it an ideal resting place before beginning the strenuous hike back up.

The views were gorgeous, of course, and i loved watching the birds, chipmunks, and squirrels. There isn’t much shade so bring sunscreen, hats, and water. Also, it is hotter in the canyon than on the plateau. The path is wide and well defined, but not railed. This trail was more heavily trafficked than the others that I visited during my stay. The trail is also used by people taking mule rides down into the canyon, so watch out for mule poop.

So overall: great hike, observable wildlife, very strenuous return hike, beautiful views (but not the best), moderate traffic, and mule poop.

Spectacular scenery, but the trip out is tough. Plan your hike around the temps. You share this trail with the mule/riders too, so they add a little to the hike. We went to the tunnel and turned back. Wife and I are 40's son is 17 and daughter is 12. Pack enough water.

Great views fun trail

This trail offers amazing views of the canyon as you descend. It's a moderate hike and you'll enjoy it if you go at your own pace. Remember it's easier to descend than come back up, so make sure to bring lots of water and rest when you get to Cedar Ridge before coming back up. I'd recommend getting there pretty early to avoid coming back up in the Arizona heat! It also gets pretty busy and some people take mule rides so arriving earlier is better.

It's breathtaking. We went about halfway down...the hike is as hard as you make it. If you're at the GC and want to hike downwards...it's absolutely perfect. Just remember that the easy part is hiking down...it's much harder when you decide to turn around

This was my first hike in the Grand Canyon and it did not disappoint! The views are spectacular, but this is definitely a hard hike. The trail is steep and the way up is a real workout! Take plenty of water.

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