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I started at the visitor center and hiked down South Kaibab. I had lunch at Phantom overlook and hiked Bright Angel back up, with a detour to check out Plateu Point. The mile closest to the rim was icy, but the trail conditions were good otherwise. A lot of action for one day!

À Nice trail along the river with smooth but certain slope. No difficulty. A nice falls at arrival

I have a question... do I have to get any special permission to hike this trail? Do I hv to buy any permit or contact any special tour?

Can someone tell me if south kaibab trail would be safe to hike with a 8 month old? Thanks

The views give it five stars!! Plus a visit with a mule parade at Cedar Ridge. For me being out of shape, going back up was tough and long, but I slept well that night! Also, the head of the trail has real spring water. Fill your bottles there! Hiked in late October. Beautiful weather!

We did this trail on Dec 29th. A bit chilly with some snow and just a bit of ice at the top. It took us about 2-2.5 hours with stopping to take pictures at the oh ah point and taking a snack break at cedar ridge.

23 days ago

Stunning views! Not overly crowded on Dec. 28th and once you pass Ooh-Aah Point there are not too many people. The way up is challenging, but not too bad if you keep a slow and steady pace. Took 2 hours to go down and back. Taking the Rim trail back to the Visitor Center is a great way to end the hike.

Great hike with the best views! Seemed more like a moderate hike than hard, at least during the winter. There was only a bit of ice in the first few yards of the trail and dry the rest of the way down.

Amazing views and as my wife put it, a ‘legit’ workout on the way back up. We did it in late December. Bring layers but be prepared to carry them, even at 35 degrees when in the sun the jacket is coming off.

We went on December 17. The trail was icy only at the beginning. We brought crampons but did not really need to use them. It was a moderate and very doable hike for us, we are only occasional hikers and more or less in shape. It took 3 hours for the round trip, but we spent a lot of time chilling and taking pictures. The hike up took around 1 hour 15 minutes. The weather was pleasant, it was a completely cloudy day. The views were excellent though we thought a little more sunshine could make the views and pictures a bit better.

Hiked on December 23rd. The trail was clear but a little icy on the top (but nothing slippery) . Took a little more than 2 hours (including time to stop and click a ton of pics). Amazing views and overall a very doable hike. Coming up could be a little challenging.

Thought this was a moderate hike even with the weather we experienced. Went at the end of Nov. The top of the trail was snow covered while around Ooh Aah point, it was extremely muddy. Lots of opportunities to slip and fall. The weather conditions as we hiked would change from snow showers or windy or sunny and hot within minutes. Overall great hike, can't beat the views! Wish we had the time to go further to Skelton Point.

October 2018- truly stunning views at ooh ah point and at the turn back point. We left early, and had unobstructed views. The fog was really rolling in on our way out. It was chilly when we went- wear layers. A couple dicey spots if you’re scared of heights. Overall we felt safe enough and it was 100% worth it! Took us about 2.5 hours

1 month ago

is this 13.3 miles to river or total? I want to do this hike for my birthday Tuesday.

Amazing views! Ooh Ahh point is incredible, the way back up can be challenging. This was my 1st hike in the canyon and I was not mentally prepared for the struggle coming back up

2 months ago

This was an amazing trip! One day down, two days at Tanner Campground and a day back out. The trail is clear the whole way although a few rock slides near the beginning had us scrambling for several yards. The length from parking lot to river is about 9.6 miles. I see a lot of varying lengths quoted but that was the figure two of us got from very accurate GPS trackers on us. If you plan ahead and avoid the truly hot months, you'll do fine.

Amazing hike! It took close to 3 hours, but I made a lot of stops to take pictures. Take some time to relax and enjoy the view at cedar ridge. It’s not a difficult hike if you’re into hiking. The last bit can be a bit tiring if you’re not accustomed to hiking since it’s steep! Beautiful hike. I had one day in Grand Canyon and hats the one I chose to do, and I’m happy with my selection :)

This was a casual hike compared to the rim ascent/descent. The signs basically say it's a 12 mile RT from Phantom Ranch. We had 3 different GPS watches in our group and they all came in around 18-19 miles round trip. It's a pretty cruise-y trail so there are not a lot of elevation changes, so we were able to maintain a pretty good pace and even then it took us about 6 hours round trip, not including the hour we spent at the falls. 3 mph+ for 6 hours is at least 18 miles RT. Falls were worth it though. Heading north, you come to a sign that says 'Ribbon Falls via Bridge" that points straight/right. It will take you up a decent hill before coming down to the bridge. I guess they purposely steer people that way because you are able to go left at that sign, but there is a water crossing (at least as of 10/21) that required you to take off your shoes or get submerged.

Doable in a single day - it's practical to go back because of transport. I did it in 10.5 hours. It's smart to leave before sunrise. Think about bringing water, not every water source was open when I went.

Anyway, it's a great hike. Going down the canyon is THE thing to do over there. Hiking on the rim isn't the same - you'll get the full experience of the size of the canyon!

Also, if you have to choose south rim vs north rim...I'd vote for south rim because it's closer to the colorado river. You also have more decent choices (hermit, britgth angel, tanner)

3 months ago

Worth the stop

3 months ago

This was our 3rd day on our backpacking trip and assent. We started just above Papago Falls because we lost daylight and didn’t make it to Hance Rapids. It started raining just as we were packing up the tent and continued all day. I would have rated this a nicer hiker if it wasn’t for the weather. The trail was nice and gradual up the creek bed and then an uphill battle. I never felt any of the sections of the trail were dangerous even tho they looked it, it was pretty well marked with cairns. It started snowing heavily as we approached the rim which after being soaked from rain the snow killed our moral and made it difficult and dangerous to see the trail. It seemed like we would never make it to the top and were so happy to see the Trail marker. We parked on the side of the road near the trail head so it wasn’t a far walk out. This is a very difficult uphill do not underestimate the climb or the weather.

Beautiful hike with beautiful views! Took us a little over two hours round trip, with a lunch break at the bottom. Easy going down, so don't let that fool you. Coming up will have your heart pumping and your thighs burning!

We hiked it in 1 day, sunrise to sunset. 10/10 recommend if your in good shape and up for a challenge. Going down is easy but hard on your knees. Going up was the hard part but the views made it worth it.

Relatively easy hike. Climbed down a few rocks to get to a more secluded spot, but there are some great spots out on the ledge to sit and have lunch, very peaceful with nice views.

One of my favorite trails in the park! Hiked it multiple times while at the canyon. Please please if you pan to do it bring water! There is NO water access on this trail. Bring at least a liter per person, more if it’s during the summer. Beautiful views and once you get to the ridge it opens up and you can see all around the canyon. Difficult but doable if you take your time. Wear proper footwear, I don’t recommend sandals.

Rainy day road trip to the North Rim, weather was decent, so we decided to trek below the rim on the Kaibab trail, this was our first experience at the Grand Canyon. We easily made it to the Coconino Overlook and decided to go on to the Supai tunnel, really great views, it’s easy to understand why people get down too deep and have trouble getting back up! Love the quote we heard, “going down is optional, but coming back up is mandatory!“ The canyon keeps calling you to go deeper! We started to get a pretty steady rain but we were prepared, have rain gear and appreciate clothing. We had a snack break under an overhang near the tunnel, and headed back up. We saw many trail runners who were running the entire Kaibab trail South Rim to North Rim then back to the South Rim, all in a day! Made our climb out in the rain and hail seem pretty easy! I failed to do a recording, but took us about three hours or so at a leisurely pace.

Loved this hike! We did it in March, and got up early to do it so it was pretty cool for our whole hike. We did down and back to Cedar Ridge in 2 hours, but it was a challenge! Getting up early to beat the spring break crowds was definitely worth it, and we were able to catch views of some mountain goat hiking the trail next to us!

Bring water. Great scenery and the farther you go, the less people you see.

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