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Go early on a weekday to avoid crowds and be sure to do the Lake Hiyaha trail if you don’t mind an extra few miles! (Its worth it). Fairly easy trail with amazing views throughout.

beautiful trail, and an easy hike for all skill levels.

Beautiful! Pretty easy hike with some incredible views.

Walked this on 9/20. We hadn’t researched it so we didn’t know what to expect, but it was probably the highlight of our day on the Trail Ridge. It was incredibly windy and cold. We got to the top and enjoyed climbing over the rocks up to the Memorial index. On the way down we saw a snow storm roll in. I thought it was rain coming towards us but it was snow pellets. Near white out conditions for about 15 mins. On our way back down a coyote crossed the path in front us, which was a surprise. We waited out the snow storm in the car. Really recommend, but prepare for the wind!!

Loved it. Had to take the shuttle to the trailhead due to crowds. Definitely had some people on the trail but it didn’t impede the hike. Emerald Lake felt good on tired feet!

My wife and I arrived about 2:20 pm and found parking that Sunday at the trail head (9/16/18). It was a little packed on the trail, but as the hike continued the crowds thinned out. I think dream lake would be a better place to sit and have lunch rather than at nymph lake or emerald lake. Nymph lake had a lot of people while emerald lake didn’t have much room. This is a great fast hike with a very well built trail.

Gorgeous trail once you get past Nymph Lake.

een prachtige wandeling. geweldige vergezichten. wel veel klimmen maar het is het zeker waard.

The actual hiking trail is short but spending a few hours at the Alluvial fan is worth it!

This is a great place to scramble around rocks all afternoon! Kids and teens will love this too. In early Summer the river will be roaring making it tough to cross to the other side without walking to the road. In the fall the water is generally low which allows you to hike wayyy far up the canyon.

I recommend wearing sturdy shoes for walking along the rocks but it is nice to bring water shoes if you plan on wading in the river. We always climb up on top of the huge boulders on the left side of the river and have lunch overlooking the valley. Beautiful views and a fun afternoon.

3 days ago

Although this is definitely a crowded hike, the magnificent views around every turn made it worth it! All three lakes were beautiful. We made it to the Park & Ride area (on a Tuesday) about 10am and luckily found one of the last parking spots.

I do see everyone saying this is an easy hike. It is easy in that it has a well maintained path and is easy to follow. However, it is mostly stairs and uphill! So if you have bad knees or are out of shape, keep that in mind. This is not a “stroll along a path” type of easy. If you are a flat lander or from sea level, be mindful that stairs plus elevation will tire you out quickly. We saw all ages and shapes and sizes of people taking this hike and a lot were struggling. Take rests on the way up - no harm in resting and taking in the views! I recommend plenty of water and hiking shoes. Leave the flips flops at home and be prepared for high winds at Emerald Lake.

on Emerald Lake Trail

4 days ago

Gorgeous trail! The leaves are changing! Beautiful views along the way, it was very peaceful. Went today with my husband. I think it helped (as far as foot traffic) to be here on a weekday and also that we started a little after 5 pm—we only saw a handful of people. It was an awesome early evening hike for our first day here at RNMP!

We had a great time on this relatively easy trek. Trail mix fell into the Lake but we were able to retrieve it, and stayed dry in the smoothie container. But soooo many people in rmnp we will look for other places or maybe go once the weather detours most

Probably the most rewarding easy hike suitable for the entire family in the park. My 3 year old daughter was able to do the majority of the hike on her own short of a few steep stretches towards the end. With about 0.9 miles between each of the three lakes on the trail, it makes for regular breaks and helps keep everyone motivated for the next stop. Each lake offers something a bit different with all having a slightly different appeal. Great hike to share with new visitors of all abilities and a perfect entry level hike to RMNP.

5 days ago

Great trails and views on the way to Dream Lake and then Emerald Lake... get there early as I had to use the park and ride at 7:00 am but it was very quick and free.

Beautiful trail, well maintained and gorgeous views throughout the whole hike. I would say it is more of an easy hike than a moderate, although the altitude coupled with a lot of stair climbing towards the end did take my breath away a few times (as someone who is used to 800ft above sea level, this is a big change for me).

We arrived to the trail head around 7:30am on a Friday morning and the parking lot was only about 25% full. The hike up was not crowded at all but it was getting significantly busier on the way down. I would suggest starting at 7.

Easy and short hike. A lot of people in the trail, but the trail is large enough to make your way in front of others. Nice lakes.

Was a fun hike with a beautiful lake! At the time I went the water was cold but clear!

Beautiful and easy hike. Amazing in the fall.

7 days ago

I loved this trail; I was there with the GirlTrek StressProtest weekend. Took awhile to get used to the altitude.... I’m from Southeastern PA.... but it was worth it for the gorgeous scenery & wonderful fresh air.

Beautiful hike with amazing aspen colors (went 9/14). The hike to Dream Lake was really mild, then it’s just lots of stairs to get to Emerald Lake, completely worth it! Definitely the best lake you pass of the four. The only reason this is getting 4/5 is because of the crowds. Even on a weekend it’s super busy, not everyone knows Trail etiquette so some people never let anyone pass. Finding parking can also be a hassle. There is a shuttle available from other lots.
The hike itself is awesome, the popularity while understandable is not ideal.

The first attempt to hike this trail was Monday afternoon but we were asked to turn around because the parking was full. The second attempt was more successful . We went Tuesday morning at 6:30am. We had parking a plenty. The trail was lovely and the grand finale, Emerald Lake, was spectacular. It took at 3.5 hours at a brisk 33 min/mile pace keeping in mind the down is faster than the up.

10 days ago

Wonderful trail with breath taking views and easily trekked as my 79 year old mother in law had no problem hiking from trail head to Emerald Lake and back.

11 days ago

This is not a real hike. Good for those with little kids. I went super early to catch the sunrise and ended up seeing two moose (cow and calf). That was amazing, but before that I ran into a loud and obnoxious group of college kids there for the "gram". That was very annoying. If you go be respectful of the stillness especially in the early morning hours.

11 days ago

Love this trail! Really beautiful the whole way along Dream Lake, and a great introduction to hiking for kids, because it's not too difficult. We added a side trip to Lake Haiyaha on the way back to make it about 5 miles, and that makes it a really nice little day hike. Lake Haiyaha was also beautiful, and different, with a steeper assent, so you get a little more exercise. Loved it!

great hike for acclimating. lots of solitude.

Great trail for any age, well maintained & beautiful views of mountains!

13 days ago

Beautiful hike! I’d say it’s closer to an easy-moderate then a moderate-hard hike. The trail is paved almost the entire way. Heavily trafficked hike.

13 days ago

shuttle to bear lake very convenient. trail is well maintained and paved. enchanting views!

13 days ago

My wife and I enjoyed a late afternoon (5 PM start) hike to all three lakes. Aspens were changing color and no wind made reflection pictures on the lakes great. Fortunately, Ranger Marie recommended we drive the park for several hours when we arrived at 10 AM. All lots were full due to Estes Park events. Really enjoyed Old Fall River Road bypass towards Grand Lake.

15 days ago

My wife and I hiked it this morning. Amazing views at all 3 lakes and the hike was not bad at all. We both haven’t hiked in over 10 years and we didn’t run into any issues. Would definitely recommend to anyone visiting the area.

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