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The GR11, also known as the Transpirenaica, runs along the Pyrenees Mountains in Spain. For a short distance, it crosses into France and through Andorra. Depending on which direction you travel, the trail begins in Cap de Creus and ends in Cape Higuer in Basque Country. The entire trail is broken up into 46 stages, each meant to be completed in one day of hiking. The route is commonly compared to the GR10, which travels along the Pyrenees on the French side of the border and generally follows a route that is higher in elevation. Each stage of the route ends at a camping area, hostel, or town to accommodate sleeping arrangements. Be aware that food and supplies will generally need to be carried for a few days at a time. The route's total distance varies depending on which variants are taken, but the entire length measures around 800 km. The trail is marked with red and white stripes. Along the way, visitors can enjoy the magnificent views of the Pyrenees mountain range and surrounding geological formations.

GR11 (Transpirenaica) Map