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Super easy. The people at the visitor center are very helpful and have lots of maps. We did 3 miles. You could add the old golf course and turn it into 5.

Excellent walk in the woods, quiet contemplative; fairly well marked trails. There are some small hills so would classify it as moderate. Also trails can be muddy.

Our hiking group has been here a few times- good signage; would like to check this out in the spring

Wasn’t able to find a clear trailhead or path. There was a note on the board about seasonal hunting taking place but it looked like the trail has been shut down completely.

Good hike; a moderate workout. Poorly marked; got lost. Too many power lines made it seem less like an escape to nature.

Nice trail! Weird turn style at the end though.

Trail is very very poorly marked. Not recommended at all.

Great hills; I would call this trail more moderate than easy. Some trails were poorly marked, but overall a great place to hike.

1 month ago

A short, very wet, but very calm walk. My walk today was a little cold for bugs, but with all of the standing water, I'd reckon the bugs are awful. The clearing areas are amazing for bird watching, and there are some great overlooks and educational areas.

A pleasant walk, very flat with mostly meadow views. The path is primarily paved, with some areas of mowed grass. There are also some nice views of the river.

Beautiful hike in Ada Witch country! The trails are marked well at intersections and haven’t been too crowded when I’ve been out. The most recent hike, we saw a giant owl which was pretty awesome.

Beautiful! Easy hike that’s well marked. Saw lots of deer running about, along with other wildlife. The colors changing make it even that much prettier of a hike. Highly recommend it. I’ll definitely be back!

lots of deer. Easy and peaceful. We did have a problem with someone on a motor bike when signs are specifically posted.

1 month ago

A perfect easy stroll in the woods to catch up with a friend. No need to catch your breath while walking and talking. Looking forward to coming back to this as a snowshoe. Please have snow in December.

1 month ago

Lovely easy hike around a pretty, unspoiled lake. We took a couple of the extra loops and were rewarded with two heron sightings.

nice variety with field, woods, river, ravine, steps, hanging bridge. Somewhat limited size.

Excellent for hiking and snow shoes. I found it very difficult to cross country ski here.

2 months ago

Great trails and beautiful scenery

2 months ago

I loved this trail. You’re in the Deepwoods about 95% of the time. It is a little bit dominated by mountain bikers but my experience was that they were all very pleasant and let you know as they were coming how many of them to expect. Made it very easy to just get out of the way momentarily. Good elevation changes and great distance. I’ll definitely do it again the next time I travel here

Beautiful with varied scenery.

A beauty! Some slightly muddy areas but easy to navigate around. Good incline and decline. Spectacular wooded views and creek. Gonna be gorgeous in the fall!

Easy, pretty views. Dog loved it. Not at all strenuous but an enjoyable walk.

great for teaching kids how to ride a bike. flat and paved.

first time here. loved it

First time running this trail. Will not be the last!

trail running
3 months ago

GPS tracking app I used showed 7.45miles around the loop. Fun trail to run! It includes gradual inclines, and nice downhills to keep it interesting. All the bikers we came across were nice about telling us how many they had in their group coming, so nice community to run around.

3 months ago

For the location in the middle of a very populated area, it doesn’t get much better....I hit this trail on lunch often

Great trail, we walked opposite bike path and had no issue walking...bikers always courteous

3 months ago

Great trail for a hike. Very few people but you do have to make sure to watch for mountain bikers - they come at you fast! The trail connects with dirt roads a few times and there are no markers or indications which way to go so download the map before you go so you can track your progress. The trail in general is not well marked and having the map as backup was helpful. I walked counter clockwise based on recommendations here - you start at the back/right of the parking lot. 8.12 miles according to Map My Run app. Beautiful scenery!

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