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8 days ago

Such a beautiful trail! Really peaceful, you can’t hear road traffic and I didn’t run into many people. The main trail isn’t super well marked so it’s easy to go off on side trails rather than the main loop, but it’s also easy to find your way back. After one hike it’s easily become one of my favourite trails in the area.

trails are poorly marked. there really isnt much of a trail that goes around the lake. not quiet. city noises and loud hum of highway traffic. not really "out in nature." city trail

Great hike overlooking the Flat River, and one can literally go for a couple thousand miles if you wanted, or just an afternoon stroll. We went for a Christmas day hike with family while it was snowing...which was a real treat as we were in from Hawaii, and really miss the snow.

This trail is a part of the North Country Trail (NCT) stretching approximately 4,600 miles from Crown Point in eastern New York to Lake Sakakawea State Park in central North Dakota.

The trails headquarters is right in Lowell at the North Country Trail Association (Lowell is the half-way mark for the trail), and while the trail itself is new it is constantly being updated, so getting wider and easier to follow.

The markings are all easy to follow as the NCT is primarily marked with blue paint blazes on trees / posts and by Carsonite posts that display the official trail emblem and a regulatory strip that defines allowable uses.


The trail is OK but when you get to the end of it you have to turn around and walk back on the exact same trail it dies not exactly loop to the same place. You are also walking fairly close to people‘s backyards and lose the feeling of being out in the woods.

Fun trail! Not well marked and there are a bunch of side trails, so make sure you have a map. It’s late fall now, so there was a dusting of snow and I saw no people the whole time. Very nice day hike!

Great trail in an urban setting. Some elevation changes. Nice wetlands and a small lake. Many alternative routes winding through a biological preserve.

Wasn’t able to find a clear trailhead or path. There was a note on the board about seasonal hunting taking place but it looked like the trail has been shut down completely.

3 months ago

it was a beautiful easy hike with alot of flowers and birds. I took my 90 year grandma to do it and she loved it. would definitely recommend.

4 months ago

I loved this trail. You’re in the Deepwoods about 95% of the time. It is a little bit dominated by mountain bikers but my experience was that they were all very pleasant and let you know as they were coming how many of them to expect. Made it very easy to just get out of the way momentarily. Good elevation changes and great distance. I’ll definitely do it again the next time I travel here

first time here. loved it

trail running
5 months ago

GPS tracking app I used showed 7.45miles around the loop. Fun trail to run! It includes gradual inclines, and nice downhills to keep it interesting. All the bikers we came across were nice about telling us how many they had in their group coming, so nice community to run around.

poorly groomed and weak GPS signal

Great trail, we walked opposite bike path and had no issue walking...bikers always courteous

5 months ago

Great trail for a hike. Very few people but you do have to make sure to watch for mountain bikers - they come at you fast! The trail connects with dirt roads a few times and there are no markers or indications which way to go so download the map before you go so you can track your progress. The trail in general is not well marked and having the map as backup was helpful. I walked counter clockwise based on recommendations here - you start at the back/right of the parking lot. 8.12 miles according to Map My Run app. Beautiful scenery!

Not my favorite...easy park start with well groomed trial, then a lot of “road.” Not my favorite but a nice walk if you need a quick one.

on Asylum Lake Trail

6 months ago

I really liked this trail! Lots of wildlife and black raspberries bushes along the North side of the lake.

If you actually want to do the loop around the lake, stick with the smaller trail that hugs the shoreline. Parts of it are a little overgrown and the last bit before you hit the road was really muddy. You have to walk along the road for just a bit but then you can cut back in to the trails.

great, short hike in Kalamazoo

7 months ago

Really cool trail, but much too narrow of a single track for mixed use. The mountain bikes come at you pretty quickly. The lack of signage is frustrating too. If you’re hiking this trail, download the map ahead of time. I won’t hike it again, but think it’s a really nice, challenging trail for mountain biking.

Love this trail! Full of wildflowers following the river, just beautiful.

Need to go back another day to complete the whole hike. Great hike in the woods on a single file trail. A bit buggy.

Stroller friendly. Bathrooms available. Kid friendly. Great walk.

8 months ago

Awesome trail to hike. It took me about 3.5 hours to finish, but now I can say I hiked an 8 mile trail. I took my dog with me and he loved it. However, you should probably be a bit more prepared than I was. Bring bug stray and a water bottle. I would hike this trail again!

8 months ago

The tail head is a bit illusive. Drive into the Snug Harbor entrance,turn left after entering,drive approx. 100 yards,park, walk across Memorial Drive, trail head is between the corner of Peterson and the park offices, more toward Peterson.
It's a nice walk, Lost Lake is pretty, and the frogs are happy to see you judging by their serenade.

8 months ago

Nice quiet long loop with decent elevation change and all wooded which is nice on a hot day. Cons are mostly bike traffic, make sure to hike counter clockwise, and bring your insect repellent.

8 months ago

Great trail mostly flat mostly sunny beautiful lake consider it unmarked. Without the app I don't believe I could have made it back to the car lol. #truth

8 months ago

Although the All Trails app implies that the trailhead is behind the State Park office; it's actually east of it, a few yards short of the intersection of Peterson and Memorial. It's virtually impossible to spot as you're driving by. It's a beautiful hike and I'm looking to going again!

Great Trail. Easy to find. Well maintained and easy to follow. Other than 2 very short stretches on a dirt road it’s completely through the woods. Will be going back here many times.

Beautiful place for a hike! There’s the main trial around the lake and many other small trails off of that if you want to explore a bit more. Will definitely go back.

8 months ago

A great area in Kalamazoo to go stretch your legs and soak up nature. Visit the lake or meander through the woods. We used to live across the street and walk this daily. Our dog loved it! Off the main trail of you stick to the north side of the lake there is another small beach that not as many people stop at. Perfect for letting your dog enjoy the water.

9 months ago

Another beautiful West Michigan trail.

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