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nice trail..great pics to come

I love Neversink, run or hike it frequently. But holy poison ivy! After the real steep incline on the long/orange loop it is unavoidable .

Should be marked as moderate/difficult. In some spots it was challenging.

2 days ago

Beautiful Trail with plenty of water and sights. Pretty busy and the trails are pretty tight.

on Hawk Falls Trail

3 days ago

This is a busy park, so all of the attractions are usually populated, but it is still a very cool place to take the family. Check out my full write up with directions and things to look out for.

Good level of challenging, some steep parts but such a well made path it was no problem. Ample parking (with video security), free (with donations recommended), great views and different path options. Overall great hike!

5 days ago

Beautiful waterfall at the end of the trail. The trail was muddy after rainfall the day before. We were able to dip our feet in the water by the falls. It was crowded (we went at 11am on an August Sunday) and there was some empty bottles but overall a beautiful and relaxing hike. Definitely will do it again but earlier in the day to avoid the crowd.

6 days ago

Best done in the early spring or late fall. Expect some overgrowth in less frequently traveled sections. Some sections pretty sloppy from unusually heavy rainfall over the last several weeks.

6 days ago

My go to favorite.

Great hike. Fairly easy, but White Rocks( north and south) has scenic views. I will agree some of the markings(blazes) were difficult to see. My wife and I did lose the trail at one point. However, given this property is part of a foundation, I am very thankful we have access to it. Worth the hike.

Beautiful trail and waterfall. Great for kids! But watch out where you step we had a rattlesnake on the trail 2 feet in front of us before we saw it.

I’m 72 years old and in excellent shape. AllTrails rates this hike as “easy” but my own observations mixed with comments I solicited from other hikers were: “challenging “, “dicey”, “treacherous” and “more moderate” . The path follows a rushing stream with falls and ponds. It’s beautiful but the path itself is often narrow, rock and root filled, and slippery. Hickory Run State park considers this hike the “most difficult “ in the park. Be cautious.

Had a great hike. Lots to see at every turn. some roots on the trails but no worries. Our dogs had no troubles either. We are marking this one as one of our favorites

Fun hike, not too challenging. Lots of cool sights.

12 days ago

A nice 6 mile hike, water was high. Enjoyed doing this one with my son.

great for small kids, easy to navigate. Main reason I would hesistate to return was it was crowded with people. if we return, I'll take a trash bag and pick up the litter that was strewn around.

Great place to hike during the hot summer!

I think I just saw a bald eagle flying over the river

The blue trail is beautiful and rugged. It is poorly marked in one spot. We took the wrong path and had to back track. We came across a Timber Rattlesnake on the trail.

17 days ago

Lots of little outlooks to view the falls and river. *Be advised, if you are using the NE extension of the PA Tpk, this is an EZ Pass only exit. I split the day up with a hike up Glen Onoko Falls, just a short drive down 209.

20 days ago

Short hike to beautiful streams and a waterfall. Lots of folks complain that it is tricky. The only tricky part is the section between the upper and lower falls. You can avoid this portion though. Hike out and take the side trail on the right to the top of the waterfalls. Then double back to the main trail, take it all the way down to Mud Creek, turn right and follow the creek to the base of the falls. Easy Peasy. Go early to avoid crowds.

Nice easy walk to falls.

25 days ago

Packs a lot of great river and water fall views in a short hike. The surrounding forest is also really nice and you can easily get lost exploring thinking your in another country. P

Great hike with phenomenal views... not much wildlife until you get to parts with less people.
We saw a wild turkey after we crossed over the dam to the other side.
We're going back in the fall.

The Blue Trail was an enjoyable but challenging walk in the woods. I found myself going up and down a lot. The trail markings were a bit confusing at first and it can be pretty easy to go off the trail if you're not careful. It wasn't too hot considering it was mid July when I did this. I had fun spotting all the different granite intrusions in the rocks. The summit at White Rocks was breathtaking.

Beautiful trail and a fairly easy march for my wife and I as well as our kids aged 6,8,10,12,14, and 16. Stay off the flat rocks before the second dam. They were a little slick. I fell hard and broke my shoulder. Completely on me... Learn from my mistake.

1 month ago

Nice trail with a great variety of things to look at and picturesque spots.

1 month ago

Hiked on a humid Sunday evening. The trail was empty with only a few people at the falls. The trail to the falls is easy, but getting to the pools below is definitely challenging. Not sure if there’s an easier way to get to the bottom. The water is very cold but refreshing and the scenery is fantastic.

1 month ago

We did the Great Oak Nature Trail. This was a Ranger guided night time hike in search of owls. We saw and heard five of them. So exciting. This was a nice trail.

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