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I love this trail

Great for trail running! Mostly shaded by trees and a clear, defined trail. Keep running past big rock towards Rudy’s flat it’s beautiful.

16 days ago

My wife and I did this a couple days ago. It took us about 4 hours round trip, but we kept a pretty decent pace the entire way. It is straight up just about the entire way - bring lots of water! It is beautiful hiking with mixtures of pine and aspen trees, wildflower meadows and steep canyons. The view of SLC in the pictures is from the very beginning, not the top (we found that out on our way down after no view of the city at the top). At the top you can continue right or left on further trails that will take you up to the peaks. That was about 3.5+ miles in, so we turned around. Overall hike ended up more around 8.0 miles round trip. As others said, keep right at the first few Y-intersections.

Waterfalls are low right now. Either I’m getting old or I forgot how difficult this hike is. Nonetheless it is a good hike and great workout. I would skip the “pretty valley” portion if we were to do it again. It’s not that pretty.

How are you peeps finding this trail head? I followed Google maps in my F150 yesterday and the road just turns into an impassible four wheeler trail. I had to turn around and go to silver lake with the rest of Utah county.

Super fun pack light

Thus trail is beautiful and well maintained.
ylThe path is worn and easy yo navigate. I went around 7:30 and it was already busy.
There are a lot of hikers, runners and bikes on the trail. I didn't see any horses.
The elevation gain definitely manageable. There are several ups and downs to give you breaks.
Lots of shade with only a few exposed areas.
Some of the plants are already to starting to change color.

I'll be running this one again.


I love this trail, it's so easy to get to and doesnt take you all day to do it. Trail is fairly easy with a slight incline but doable. The only downside is this trail gets busy, runners, bikers, sometimes even horseback riders, so keep ya eyes out.

I started this trail a little weary of it raining. I started on the north side of the creek and went back on the south side. I was a bit surprised of some ledges I didn't expect, but not a problem for me. Once you hit the 2 mile mark it's really not far to the waterfall. I stopped at the 2 mile point and almost turned back because I heard lightning but went on anyways and it was awesome.

26 days ago

Great trail to get away from the crowds. And the water temp was perfect for a swim.

29 days ago

The trail on the back side of Tibble Fork is no longer a nice hike. The old trail is gone or only partly there.

I love this trail. Trail has slight incline most of the way but I think it's a good trail for everyone. Only downside is its a very busy busy trail, it's best to come early to avoid collisions.

Tough hike. I took my 10 year old daughter on her first overnight backpacking trip. This was definitely a tough hike. Great fishing.

Muy bueno para empezar senderismo

Stick to the south trail. Follows a stream the entire way. There are some trout if you fish the deeper pools. At 1.2 miles there is a fun swing attached to a tree about 20 feet high. Lots of fun for kids. The next 1.5 miles is gorgeous with a waterfall around the 3 mile mark. One of my favorite trails around

I've been hiking this trail for years and i love it.

We followed the AllTrails directions and ended up 1.8 miles from the trail head. We started walking and realized there was a road below the trail we were on - so circled back to the car and followed the map and ended ip at the right trailhead. The hike is hard because it is so steep. Views are beautiful and the lake is Amazing. not a hike for beginners, this one kicked our butts. But now one of our favorites! .

1 month ago

My favorite so far! Very nice!

1 month ago

This trail has been taken over by motorcycles and, particularly on the backside, is terribly worn down. It is not a peaceful hike as it is a very constant, steep descent punctuated by motorcycle traffic.

If you start from the dam and hike to the top, it is more peaceful though we were passed by a group of 3 motorcycles. It was a steady ascent but not uncomfortable uncomfortable.

Ok, so maybe if you only go to the first waterfall it is moderate. We hit that and decided to continue on. We read the sign going along the creek and said no way, went towards pretty valley but didn't read the reviews before going so wasn't sure it made it to waterfall and turned around about 1/4 mile after the big rock. we took the trail to hell hole from there. After several steep sections made it to another waterfall a bit past the campsite. Perhaps on a heavier water year it would have been worth it. On the way back we figured let's see what the other trail is like. It cant be that bad going down. Several super steep sections some with ropes not all. Motto of the story, stop at the first waterfall or prepare for a hard hike.

Great trail- narrow in spots- watch for mountain bikers who are coming down- most are careful but i have had some close calls in narrow bends with mnt bikers- yesterday was almost hit by one who came around a blind curve speeding down the trail- they should consider a bell

Great secluded hike! I will be going back with a fishing pole.

Awesome trail. It’s gorgeous, plenty of water and waterfalls, there are fire pits all along the trail and a nice big waterfall near the end. If you go far enough as well there is a fun swing. Definitely a fun weekend hike.

Good moderate hike, beautiful waterfall and fun swing! I didn’t see the waterfall on the way up the canyon, but found it by accident on the way down. To find it, as you head up the canyon, you’ll notice a steep drop in the trail after you’ve been steadily climbing for some time. The trail naturally veers to the left. If you go right and head down about 20 yards, you’ll find it. Then turn back around and finish the trail where there’s a swing, a bench and a fire pit.

Definitely a lot of uphill especially the first 2 miles but overall a good trail run!!

2 months ago

Did this hike today. Closer to 7.1 miles. Beautiful trail but definitely hard with lots of loose rocks. Suggest taking extra water especially if you have dogs. Took the hammocks up and rested at the top of the trail. Flies and other bugs pretty bad right now. Definitely a challenging hike both the ascent and descent. But so worth it at the top.

This was a beautiful trail. We had 5 kids ages 5-10 and our dog with us, they all handled it beautifully. Everyone wanted lots of water on the way up. The trail is nicely shaded the majority of the time. Cons: the amount of dog poop on this trail is ridiculous, why the heck can’t people just pick up their dog’s poop?! Pretty soon dogs won’t be allowed in such beautiful places. Not cool.

I don’t think I’ve ever made it to the top...but it is beautiful! Especially in the winter. Gets incredibly slippery with ice during winter so I suggest not wearing nikes during the winter. Would go again and my dog loves the hike!

2 months ago

The trail starts out very rocky with sections that nothing but loose rock. Fortunately this disappears after roughly a mile and half in. Be sure to keep right as you come to the first few trail junctions as these will put you on the loop or on some trail.

It doesn't take long for the grade to increase and is more or less sustained throughout the hike. There is plenty of shade and some opportunities for water as of June 1.

At the end is a trail junction marked by a large cairn. Left will take you to Desolation Trail and right will put you on the Wildcat Ridge trail. If you go right, it isn't long before you will reach a saddle overlooking Big Cottonwood Canyon - a spectacular view. If you plan to climb the peak to the left, do not follow the trail over the saddle, it will only make the endeavor much more difficult. Other peaks are nearby if you're interested in bagging a few.

Overall the hike is worth the effort if you decide to capture the view from the saddle or bag a few peaks. The trail is accurately rated as difficult.

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